The Taurus tested out reasonably well. The car is roomy, plus it rides and handles soundly. However, even the upgrade 200-hp engine lacks real punch and isn't particularly frugal. The wagon was one of the few inexpensive seven-passenger vehicles of its time.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"I very much appreciate the excellent acceleration delivered by the V6 in this vehicle."

Barton C., ID (2001 Ford Taurus)

"Good accelleration and handling."

Ted G., OH (2001 Ford Taurus)

"It drives nicely in all respects. I just had to put new tires on because the previous tires were starting to separate tread from body and it caused a shimmy. Also, it became susceptible to blowouts and other tire issues. I use it so little that the old tires still had about 60% tread left."

James R., NM (2001 Ford Taurus)

"Car does not do mountains well (interstate or state roads) - no acceleration. Great on highways with little to no hills"

Anonymous, GA (2001 Ford Taurus)

"Acceleration is very good for the age of this car."

JOSE O., CT (2001 Ford Taurus)

"It doesn't accelerate very quickly without really revving the engine, and it doesn't slow down very quickly without really slamming on the brakes."

Anonymous, MN (2001 Ford Taurus)

"I have loved this car more than any in my whole life. I hate that Ford doesn't make this motor anymore. It has more power to accelerate than any I've ever owned. Great mileage on highway... 27.., for a motor this size. I hated that the newer Taurus became more of a luxury car that I couldn't afford. The size of my 2001 is perfect... there is no comparison to the newer models for style, cost and efficiency."

Anonymous, OH (2001 Ford Taurus)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"large comfortable seats and ride."

Ted G., OH (2001 Ford Taurus)

"Quiet, comfortable, firm, but not harsh ride, crisp handling, feels substantial and safe. big trunk, easy to drive long distances for long periods, powerful heat and A/C system. It's so old I can play both casetts and CD's."

William M., CA (2001 Ford Taurus)

"This Taurus has a good "big car" ride. It rides smoothly during highway driving. Interior is large and comfortable."

Anonymous, NC (2001 Ford Taurus)

"At 5'-9", 172 lbs and 90 years young, it is difficult to get all anatomical parts to cooperate during entry; once seated, the riving position and comfort are great, except that my eyes are on the level of the fuel tank cover of an adjacent pickup truck when parked at a mall or market a situation that makes it necessary to back out "blind" until the window passes the rear of the "offending" vehicle. A final unpleasantness is the reflection of the top of the grey instrument cowl on the inside of t"

WILLIAM K., CA (2001 Ford Taurus)

"Smooth ride during long trips"

G E., WA (2001 Ford Taurus)

"excellent simple climate control with rotary knobs. easy intuitive controls. ride quite good with good driving qualities."

J P., MI (2001 Ford Taurus)

"Consistently good over 16 years of use"

Anonymous, AZ (2001 Ford Taurus)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Great running vehicle and has served me well. I have maintained this vehicle regularly and, as a result, it's running fine and I'm totally satisfied."

Anonymous, NJ (2001 Ford Taurus)

"I have had no major problems with this vehicle only regular maintenance"

BERLEY R., VA (2001 Ford Taurus)

"looks ok, minimal problems, drives fine but a little sluggish, grandma car"

JONATHAN M., WA (2001 Ford Taurus)

"Absolutely, hands down, the very BEST value I have ever received when buying a new car!"

Anonymous, GA (2001 Ford Taurus)

"I bought this car used and in very good condition. Take good care of it, but around 95,0000 the transmission began slipping from 1st to 2nd and apparently this is a problem with many Taurus"

Anonymous, NY (2001 Ford Taurus)

"The Ford Taurus has gone 1/2 the miles of my Toyota Camry. The Camry has had none of the problems of the Taurus."

DIANA B., CA (2001 Ford Taurus)

"Yes, there were some big expenses over the years, but it has been a good, reliable vehicle"

Anonymous, AZ (2001 Ford Taurus)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"The paint is blistering and coming off in sheets... no bond with the primer"

DAVID C., FL (2001 Ford Taurus)

"Except for the unexpected consequences of styling (see previous complaint), the styling is what sold me the car."

WILLIAM K., CA (2001 Ford Taurus)

"I like the fact that this wagen is long enaugh to make the cargo area big."

JOSE O., CT (2001 Ford Taurus)
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