After a hiatus during which it was known as the Five Hundred, the Taurus returned to the marketplace. A new engine made this revised Taurus quicker and more responsive, but fuel economy took a hit. Still, all of the attributes that made the car beloved in the first place returned.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say


Anonymous, SC (2008 Ford Taurus)

"Most comfortable ride of any car I have owned in 66 years of driving."

Anonymous, CO (2008 Ford Taurus)

"Very satisfied."

Anonymous, MB (2008 Ford Taurus)

"Engine somewhat undersized but does go into passing gear when needed so it is adequate. Car is heavy, stable in wind and rain. It is also AWD and I can't remember one slipping or snow issue. Great car in the winter. Not many accident avoid incidents but car was responsive for my driving style, Hard to say if someone was pushing the car a bit."

Kenneth B., MA (2008 Ford Taurus)

"Acceleration sucks, really. It's dangerous when approaching a highway, or to handle an emergency to avoid a collision."

Ricardo M., IN (2008 Ford Taurus)

"Absolutely live this car. Extremely conformable touring vehicle. We have not had repairs on this vehicle, just maintenance and some very minor damage repair. Warning though, I have been ticketed several times because it doesn't feel like your are speeding!"

Anonymous, IL (2008 Ford Taurus)

"excellent gas milage-"

RAY S., WI (2008 Ford Taurus)

"It's all-wheel drive system is preferred in the climate I live within & this one is superb."

Anonymous, MT (2008 Ford Taurus)

"OK - nothing super"

JAMES M., MN (2008 Ford Taurus)

"Excellent !"

Anonymous, SC (2008 Ford Taurus)

"Wide turning radius."

Anonymous, MD (2008 Ford Taurus)

"I have bad knees and the seats are at the correct height to keep my knees from hurting on long distances. Handling and acceleration is fantastic for a car this size."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Ford Taurus)

"Really dislike the transmission, how it shifts is not precise"

BEN Q., WI (2008 Ford Taurus)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Very comfortable on Interstates"

Anonymous, CO (2008 Ford Taurus)

"Quiet smooth ride"

Evan A., TX (2008 Ford Taurus)

"Everything good other than the seat heater gets too hot, have to be conscious about how long they are on high heat."

Anonymous, MB (2008 Ford Taurus)

"For a tall, large driver, this car offers plenty of room."

Barbara W., MN (2008 Ford Taurus)

"Plenty of leg room in the back seat with comfortable seats gives passengers a nice experience."

Anonymous, MO (2008 Ford Taurus)

"Plenty of leg room and cargo space."

Anonymous, MO (2008 Ford Taurus)

"not very quite inside. road noise"

JOSEPH G., CO (2008 Ford Taurus)

"excellent head and leg room front and rear and huge trunk"

Anonymous, MO (2008 Ford Taurus)

"Find the seats and car very comfortable, At a 100K miles is getting a bit more noise at speed."

Anonymous, MO (2008 Ford Taurus)


JAMES B., OH (2008 Ford Taurus)

"It is quiet on the freeway, very little road noise. The seats are comfortable. Acceleration is adequate if you push it. The steering wheel only tilts which means at my 6'2" height I have to hold my arms out straight to grab the steering wheel because the seat is racked all the way back to fit my legs. It leans more in turns than it should. No problems with the climate control."

GORDON D., CA (2008 Ford Taurus)

"Some transmission misses from time to time ( gearing)."

ANDREW C., OH (2008 Ford Taurus)

"Comfort is excellent. Road noise, not wind noise, is somewhat of a problem. I wish it were quieter."

Anonymous, ID (2008 Ford Taurus)

"Overall it is a very comfortable and reliable vehicle. I have yet to experience any significant problems on this vehicle to my knowledge. It is a great car to my family!"

REGINALD R., KY (2008 Ford Taurus)

"The ride in this car is very rough and noisy, which I didn't notice until I rented a car recently."

REBECA H., AZ (2008 Ford Taurus)

"Well designed ergonomically. Easy to get in and out. Good visibility"

JOHN S., ON (2008 Ford Taurus)

"seats are ample size and heated. climate control is OK for heating, but inadequate for cooling, even after installing window tint. noise and ride are adequate. AWD is great on snow."

Anonymous, CO (2008 Ford Taurus)

"Very roomy and comfortable on long rides. Large trunk is great."

SHAWN D., NY (2008 Ford Taurus)

"I'm 6'4" and have plenty of leg room as the driver. Someone can sit behind me and have good legroom . Ride is very comfortable ."

Anonymous, SC (2008 Ford Taurus)

"This year 2008 Model Taurus could have had a little softer suspension for city street. It rides smooth on new paved roads."

THOMAS K., AZ (2008 Ford Taurus)

"This car has a tremendous ride and comfort on long trips. This interior is more comfortable than the newest Taurus. The climate control is very accurate and heated seats are a comfort to my wife."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Ford Taurus)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"dependable, quiet, comfortable, like AWD"

Valerie W., NE (2008 Ford Taurus)

"no maintenance issues, only tire replacement"

Barbara W., MN (2008 Ford Taurus)

"This is my second Taurus, and I have never had any problems with either. I love to travel, and this car has the space and reliability that I need to hit the road with confidence!"

TANYA B., GA (2008 Ford Taurus)

"I bought it late in 2008 when the 2009 models were on the dealer's lot. It was an SEL trim and was well appointed and had been on their lot for several months. I wasn't using a trade in, so the deal I brokered wasn't mixed up with a lowball a trade in."

GORDON D., CA (2008 Ford Taurus)

"Very good car. No problems at 115000 miles."

GENE T., NC (2008 Ford Taurus)

"We purchased the 2008 Taurus new when the 2010 models came out in Mar 2009. Between the recession and difference in model years, we got more than a third off the sticker price. It's been a very good car, but we need AWD and are now looking for a replacement."

Anonymous, OH (2008 Ford Taurus)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"The block color with the chrome trim looks great'"

Anonymous, MO (2008 Ford Taurus)
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