Somehow the Ford Taurus manages to be a rather large sedan with a tight and cramped interior. Poor packaging efficiency, led by a center console resembling the Great Wall of China and not much rear-seat room results, in an interior that feels smaller than many midsized sedans. Small windows and thick pillars add to the claustrophobic feel, making it difficult for the driver to see out.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"I live at the 2,200' level in the coastal mountains East of San Diego, so my driving is both freeway and 2 lane mountain roads. When I'm accelerating to get onto the freeway during rush hour I find it has plenty of oomph to get me quickly up to freeway speeds. On the climbing, 2 lane mountain roads, I can push it into corners and find it handles them with ease."

GORDON D., CA (2011 Ford Taurus)

"very impressed with this area"

MARK A., MI (2011 Ford Taurus)

"I grew up in the Muscle Car era, and driving the Taurus SHO is like driving a big block V-8. I LOVE the low speed torque."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Ford Taurus)

"Has tremendous acceleration when needed and fairly good handling"

JIM H., MI (2011 Ford Taurus)

"Car has awful blind spots that make parking/pulling out of parking spaces & switching lanes quite hazardous. Prominent driver's side post can impede visibility when making left hand turns. Car will shift roughly at times (it's an automatic)."

Anonymous, CT (2011 Ford Taurus)

"completely satisfied, very comfortable, good gas mileage.ASSEMBLED IN THE USA.."

Anonymous, MI (2011 Ford Taurus)

"some lag on shifting to accelerate at high speeds. super comfortable. handles well and looks great"

SHARON D., NY (2011 Ford Taurus)

"Acceleration is slightly delayed. However, it handles really well."

KAREN G., CA (2011 Ford Taurus)

"Ford: handles well under most circumstances Volvo: steers well, engine is not powerful enough"

Anonymous, TX (2011 Ford Taurus)

"Very quick off the line, holds the road on the Hwy even at 90 MPH."

RICHARD L., CA (2011 Ford Taurus)

"Lags and then jumps ahead."

Anonymous, DE (2011 Ford Taurus)

"I still have not gotten use to the Immediate acceleration. You barely touch the pedal and you peel rubber."

JOSEPH B., CA (2011 Ford Taurus)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"I'm of average size 5' 11" 170lbs and the drivers seating room is very tight because of the size of the center console. My right leg hits the console."

P M., NY (2011 Ford Taurus)

"Climate control is excellent; no one can heat/cool the interior of a car like Ford. Seats comfortable but front passenger complains that seat is too low."

Anonymous, CT (2011 Ford Taurus)

"I got the massage seats They are also heated. The massage seats are wonderful for long and short trips. It is a must have in any new car I buy."

BUCKWELL B., ON (2011 Ford Taurus)

"Cannot change fan upwards so it doesn't directly blow on you only sideways which is not enough for comfort."

Anonymous, ON (2011 Ford Taurus)

"visibilty is restricted in windows in desire of automaker to make car look sleeker. had to remove some headrests to improve visibility. lack of adjustments on passenger side front seat"

GEORGE R., FL (2011 Ford Taurus)

"I am satisfied with the exception of road noise. It has gotten worse as the vehicle ages although the poor road conditions are a large contributing factor."

STEPHEN L., CA (2011 Ford Taurus)

"I'm 6'2" and 180. There is plenty of leg room and with the telescoping/tilt wheel, I never feel cramped. CR had reported that its testers found the seats narrow and didn't like the high center consoles. I can only assume your auto testers are on the hefty size. I love the high center console. It reminds me of my Jag XK150s I had. The console is a perfect height for my right elbow to rest upon. The Taurus is well sound deadened and rides quietly on the freeway and takes corners on the windy back"

GORDON D., CA (2011 Ford Taurus)

"It's a little noisy. Headrests are awkward."

KAREN G., CA (2011 Ford Taurus)

"Love the full power seat for passenger front. Hate the fact it doesn't have memory like the driver side. Noise level at highway speed is quiet. Ride is quite stiff, wish it was smoother."

CHRIS Z., WI (2011 Ford Taurus)

"Good ride and gas mileage. Reliable."

ROBERT S., KY (2011 Ford Taurus)

"With climate control it is difficult to turn the fan down without turning off the ac. Then the car becomes humid."

PATRICIA H., WA (2011 Ford Taurus)

"I have for years been struggling to find why heat would not assessable to the passenger side of the cabin. Finally a defevice control valve was detected and serviced."

MICHAEL G., FL (2011 Ford Taurus)

"Large back seat"

PATRICK R., CA (2011 Ford Taurus)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I've owned about 5 Taurus', and brakes have been a problem on all but my 2008. My daughter still drives that one with 170,000 miles and still no new brakes! In general I have been happy with the 2011 except the new styling decreased visibility significantly."

ROBERT S., KY (2011 Ford Taurus)

"very good"

CHARLES C., NJ (2011 Ford Taurus)

"I got a daily rental with about 23000 kms on it for around $24000. List price on web site was close to 36000 so I'm happy with cost vs how happy I am with this car. Was going to trade in for new one but can't find a new one I like better than my 2011 Taurus."

BUCKWELL B., ON (2011 Ford Taurus)

"Not overly expensive for what we got"

PATRICK R., CA (2011 Ford Taurus)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Everyone keeps telling me how great the car looks. Especially men- all ages"

GAYLE L., NY (2011 Ford Taurus)
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