Somehow the Ford Taurus manages to be a rather large sedan with a tight and cramped interior. Poor packaging efficiency, led by a center console resembling the Great Wall of China and not much rear-seat room results in an interior that feels smaller than many midsized sedans. Small windows and thick pillars add to the claustrophobic feel, making it difficult for the driver to see out.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Power and handling are both excellent as they should be on a SHO"

MICHAEL G., AZ (2014 Ford Taurus)

"This is my perfect car. I love everything about it. I couldn't be happier."

NANCY S., AL (2014 Ford Taurus)

"Out standing acceleration, Great handling for such a large vehicle."

RANDALL M., KY (2014 Ford Taurus)

"Amazing passing power with the 3.5 and 6 speed auto! Unbelievable for a passenger car."

Anonymous, AB (2014 Ford Taurus)

"This is a special car. Ultra bright back up camera, collision avoidance, adaptive cruise control, collision warning, self parking and outstanding electronics it even has a power rear shade for back seat passengers comfort,"

GERALD A., IL (2014 Ford Taurus)

"Model SHO, Great acceleration and handling"

DENNIS B., MA (2014 Ford Taurus)

"strong acceleration. very quiet, smooth ride, handles well."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Ford Taurus)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Climate control always wants to go where it is bringing in outside air so the car fills with the fumes of other cars when setting at stop lights, and you don't even want to pass by a hog farm. you con set it to recirculate inside air but it changes back so you have watch it all the time which is a big distraction when driving.This needs to be changed unless the put a HEPA filter in the cars."

DAVID K., NC (2014 Ford Taurus)

"The Taurus has a creamy ride and is as quiet as many luxury cars. The trunk is huge!"

Anonymous, IL (2014 Ford Taurus)

"I am short; The adjustment of the seat is more forward and at the highest level posible; I have to duck to get into the car; The first time I slammed my head on the the side of the car; I Never did that again. There is no memory to keep my seat adjusted to a certain position when I get into and out of the car"

Anonymous, FL (2014 Ford Taurus)

"The over all comfort of the Taurus is good but it is hard to get in and out of and this can be bother some at times."

DENNIS H., WI (2014 Ford Taurus)

"The car is quite quiet, and the ride is solid. A nice feature are the cooled seats - I didn't think I would like them but it has been a hot summer and they work well."

Anonymous, MI (2014 Ford Taurus)

"Very little back seat room between the front and rear seats"

SYDNEY C., NC (2014 Ford Taurus)

"All passengers have fell asleep after 30 minutes. Best ride."

Anonymous, MD (2014 Ford Taurus)

"Massaging seats wonderful on long drive. All systems work pretty well. Ride very good. Has squeaks and rattles in the dash"

MICHAEL G., AZ (2014 Ford Taurus)

"The most comfortable drivers seat I have ever had."

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Ford Taurus)

"The driver's seat doesn't automatically go back & down to the extent possible so the 'additional' adjustments have to be made manually. Aggravating when it should be automatic!"

PEG O., TX (2014 Ford Taurus)

"For a big sedan the front seats seem cramped, and the storage compartments and drink holders are almost useless."

THOMAS S., OH (2014 Ford Taurus)

"Has to be one of the hardest suspension systems of any vehicle I have driven in. Every bump (many on NJ roads) is a jar to the body. I suffer from chronic pain due to a car accident, every bump is a jolt to my back. My wife (who drives), is happy with the car. Me, never again!!!"

BILL W., NJ (2014 Ford Taurus)

"Both front seats sag in center back of seat."

Anonymous, WA (2014 Ford Taurus)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Bought the car when it was about a year old with less than 20000 miles. Cost a lot less, but looks and feels New."

ROBERT M., KS (2014 Ford Taurus)

"Very nice car"

JAMES K., TX (2014 Ford Taurus)

"We bought the car as a certified used vehicle. We compared the price with multiple sources and it appears we got a good buy. The car has had no problems in our first year of ownership - I was a bit concerned about the relatively high mileage but it has been a good car to date."

Anonymous, MI (2014 Ford Taurus)


Anonymous, MN (2014 Ford Taurus)

"Great car for the price. Smooth driving on the highway, with cruise control set, even at 70+ mph. Great gas mileage, wonderfully comfortable seats, huge truck area. The only bad thing is the cost to update the maps on the navigation system. I have switched to my iPhone Waze app and will not pay for an update again."

ELISE H., VA (2014 Ford Taurus)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Very stylish and easy to manage interior"

OSCAR P., FL (2014 Ford Taurus)

"It's style draws many favorable comments"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Ford Taurus)


KENNETH K., VA (2014 Ford Taurus)

"While the styling is excellent, the cup holder in the center console is a major pain. It is lacking in room and functionality. Cups don't fit well and fall over. There's only one space that even has a round shape and cups fit poorly there as well. That is my only complaint about this car."

SHEEN B., AK (2014 Ford Taurus)
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