Just how serious is Hyundai at tackling the luxury market? Very. Not only have the Koreans created an entire Genesis sub-brand, they also built a world-class luxury sedan with the G90. Reconciling upscale luxury with the Hyundai brand's budget-minded origin is a tough sell to consumers. The solution is a separate brand, a-la Toyota's Lexus division.
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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "It is not a sports car, so it doesn't have that type of handling. However, it does have a controlled handling. Acceleration is great. I had occasion to test it on a road trip...at a stoplight. I was in the right lane but needed to turn left in the next block. I jumped out front and over with ease. I was sort of surprised by the acceleration of this luxury car."

    Robert C., CA (2018 Genesis G90)

    "Perfect combination of comfort and responsiveness. Handles curves really well. Feels well connected to the road yet you are sheltered from road imperfections,Fantastic automobile!!"

    Chris A., CO (2018 Genesis G90)

    "Combined with Reactive cruise control, handling with lane keeper is great. Reactive cruise control is very useful in heavy rain."

    Anonymous, FL (2018 Genesis G90)

    "For a vehicle this big its quick and agile."

    David O., NC (2018 Genesis G90)

    "Extreme comfort and response"

    George M., FL (2018 Genesis G90)

    "For such a big vehicle it handles and accelerates at a high level. I have not a single complaint about it. Sometimes it feels like you a flying, not driving."

    Anonymous, FL (2018 Genesis G90)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "Its like riding in a vault. Amazingly quiet."

    David O., NC (2018 Genesis G90)

    "Quiet smooth ride, glides over road imperfections. This is the perfect road car and as you can see from the miles we have put on it in the past eight (8) months it is a pleasure to drive."

    Edward P., TX (2018 Genesis G90)

    "Everything,this is by far the most comfortable,quiet,best riding car I have ever been in. The seats are adjustable to the point of perfection to each driver. The ride is incredible and very quiet,road noise is almost nonexistent"

    Chris A., CO (2018 Genesis G90)

    "Seats are outstanding. It was one of the top things we wanted in a new car/"

    Anonymous, AZ (2018 Genesis G90)

    "This is an extremely quiet car with comfortable seats and a great ride."

    Anonymous, CA (2018 Genesis G90)

    "The seats are very supportive and comfortable. The ride is very smooth. The suspension handles road imperfections very well. The most impressive thing is the quietness inside the cabin."

    Robert C., CA (2018 Genesis G90)

    "Very quiet. Seats are very comfortable and can be adjusted to suit any driver. Ride is smooth."

    Bob J., FL (2018 Genesis G90)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say

    "Car comes fully equipt. There aren't many options."

    Martin S., FL (2018 Genesis G90)

    "Got a big safe supper luxury vehicle for a price of upgraded compact luxury brand vehicle. I enjoy my car for myself, not to pay almost double so somebody would be jealous what I drive."

    Anonymous, FL (2018 Genesis G90)

    "Although more than I thought I would ever spend on a car, the G90 was an outstanding value. It has features that, if available on other vehicles, would have brought the price of those vehicles well beyond what I paid for my car. Also, overall, the features have been executed exceptionally well, save for the center display. A feature rich car, with out the feature rich price!"

    Timothy C., NY (2018 Genesis G90)

    "Great value. Competes well with autos costing thousands more, (Lexus--Mercedes--BMW)"

    Fred C., CO (2018 Genesis G90)

    "Nice pricing compared to similar autos"

    Anonymous, IL (2018 Genesis G90)

    "The G90 is on par with the Mercedes S-class for about $30,000 less. Excellent fit and finish and build quality. Materials in the interior are top notch."

    Bob J., FL (2018 Genesis G90)

    "I’ve owned Mercedes and Lexus. The G90 compares well with both and the price is significantly lower."

    Anonymous, IL (2018 Genesis G90)
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