General Motors might not build minivans anymore, but that doesn't mean they're out of the big family-vehicle market, as three-row SUVs such as the GMC Acadia demonstrates. The large SUV is very spacious inside, comfortably seating up to eight adults, while leaving some cargo space behind the third row. Drivers and passengers should appreciate the quiet cabin, comfortable seats, and well-finished interior.
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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "Great family vehicle"

    Anonymous, WI (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "This vehicle just feels heavy. The large engine can get it moving quickly, but breaking and cornering it still feels heavy."

    Sam H., MO (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "The acceleration is excellent, I can move in and out of traffic with no problem."

    - L., PA (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "Great engine performance and smooth transmission feel!"

    Anonymous, MI (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "Driving around town and parking it handles like a small vehicle. out on the road passing and driving country roads and freeways it drives like a large sedan with lots of power."

    Anonymous, WA (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "Best vehicle I have ever had for highway travel in all types of weather."

    Anonymous, WA (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "engine has high whine when gunning from dead stop."

    Anonymous, VA (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "Has a very large "turning area" - always have to repark in parking place because can't turn sharp enough first time"

    LAURA N., OR (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "4wheel independent suspension is very accommodating on rough rides or over curbs. All wheel drive is awesome on icy, snowy roads. Acceleration is greatly improved with direct injection and still with reasonable mpg readings. Runs on regular fuel. Turning radius is acceptable and the brakes are sure and not spongy. Above attributes notable with such a large SUV."

    HAROULD C., WY (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "on the dash -the red lighting and glare it creates is awful Initial acceleration is lacking. Once you reach a speed(which takes too long for such a big engine) it drives great-it's the getting to that speed which is timely and problematic Also car is just large and bulky feeling and the turning radius is very poor-makes for more difficult parking and maneuverability"

    ROBIN S., NC (2013 GMC Acadia)


    DAVID P., OH (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "Execution of acceleration input is delayed. Very annoying."

    MICHAEL L., CT (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "The V6 is adequate for most driving tasks but when you really need to make some power (passing or towing a boat up a hill) it has to work pretty hard and that is obvious in the cabin."

    GREGG P., CA (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "drivers seat uncomfordable to sit on"

    Anonymous, FL (2013 GMC Acadia)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "For an SUV, it rides like a luxury car and the seats are so very comfortable."

    Anonymous, MN (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "This vehicle is just so comfy and cool."

    Stuart S., CA (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "Ride is smooth and the seats are very comfortable."

    Anonymous, CO (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "Very quiet and comfortable ride could not ask for a better vehicle"

    Anonymous, MN (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "Very comfortable car. Can drive long distances and not feel tired."

    Anonymous, TN (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "The seats are great! Even our fabric ones. They show little wear after 75k with an active family. Struts and shocks are starting to wear, we load up frequently and have towed several thousand miles and given Michigan roads I’m not shocked. The struts and shocks only feel worn if with load up with more than the four of us. I’m probably more sensitive to it than 95% of the population though. We plan on trading it in next spring so I’m not sure I’ll address it. Overall ride is pretty good minus some squeaks and small rattles."

    Phillip W., MI (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "The Acadia has stood up well to our constant use. The interior has held up well and the seats are still comfortable for local driving or long trips. The road noise isn't that bad, tire choice plays a large part in the noise levels. Overall a very nice vehicle that has held up well to 5 years of constant use. A good car that I am glad that we purchased."

    Damon B., TX (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "Heated and cooled seats are great. Seats can get a little uncomfortable after a few hours. Can ride a little rough at times"

    Sam H., MO (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "Rides like a truck! Lots of cabin noise. Had to replace struts @ 51000 miles."

    Anonymous, IL (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "Ride, seats and ride."

    Anonymous, CO (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "seating is very comfortable for a tall (6ft3in) guy. The dual climate control is very easy in use and very effective..Plus it is easy to control the Rear climate control."

    STEVE B., NV (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "The climate system has had to be repaired every summer since bought it and not just lost of fluids. All repairs were under warranty even after warranty had expired due to repairs history. First GM vehicle to have such serious AC problems."

    Anonymous, CA (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "Overall it's a great family vehicle. We have towed up to 3000lbs with it. Pros; space, handling, intellilink, good mirror and backup camera/sensors, power points/cup holders storage. Zero reliably issues and zero extra maintenance other than oil and cabin filters after 46,000 miles. Tires, brakes and air filter will be due before winter. Cons; interior rattles, transmission tuning, lack of low end torque, passenger side seat bottom not adjustable on $41K vehicle. And as CR knows it's really"

    PHILLIP W., MI (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "Vehicle is very comfortable.Especially on long trips."

    Anonymous, TN (2013 GMC Acadia)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say

    "Great for hauling lots of stuff. Great for hauling lots of family members."

    Anonymous, FL (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "She has all the Safety features I could possibly want. Air bags, back up camera, rear view mirror blind spot warning signals. She is the perfect car for me she is very dependable and has the space is perfect."

    Candace M., GA (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "Extremely great value for this vehicle, especially for a family of 4, with two little children. Lots of space, comfort, security and protection with this vehicle!"

    Anonymous, MI (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "The vehicle has held up well and the 3rd row of seating comes in useful when we need to transport family or kids. We usually have the 3rd row folded and the rear cargo area is huge. We are going to seel it in the next year and we are having a hard time finding something in that class that has the same amount of cargo space. The SUV is engineered well and has held up to more than 6 cross-country road trips and just keeps on ticking. Keep up with the maintenance and it will last for a lot longer."

    Damon B., TX (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "Very dependable Never any issues better than expected and loaded with options handles and driver excellent for a large cross over"

    Anonymous, MN (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "it was a year end model good value for the price, wifes vehicle and she loves it."

    Gerald B., MI (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "since I have owned the Acadia, the navigation system in the car has gone out twice with a cost to repair of over $1000, therefore I now use my iphone. - My alternator, transmission, battery, tires, rotors have all been replaced, it has been a costly vehicle to own"

    Anonymous, OH (2013 GMC Acadia)


    How it looks inside and out

    What Owners Say

    "Very nice styling on outside especially front headlamps and grille."

    Anonymous, CO (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "the time and temp are displayed on the navigation window and are so small they are difficult to see"

    HOLLACE L., FL (2013 GMC Acadia)

    "Front end doesn't have the huge grill like the Ram trucks and the grasshopper head. look of a Ford. Nice body lines and not boxy looking compared to the competitors. Adaquate rubs strips on sides as to prevent most door damage in a parking lot. Big brite tai lamps. Interior layout is simple but elegant and controls are easy to operate. Great room in second seat and the seat is really comfortable."

    HAROULD C., WY (2013 GMC Acadia)

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