General Motors might not build minivans anymore, but that doesn't mean they're out of the big family-vehicle market, as three-row SUVs such as the GMC Acadia demonstrates. The large SUV is very spacious inside, comfortably seating up to eight adults, while leaving some cargo space behind the third row. Drivers and passengers should appreciate the quiet cabin, comfortable seats, and well-finished interior.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Bigger vehicle that handles like a small one"

Larry I., ON (2014 GMC Acadia)

"I love the car the ride, how quickly it accelerates."

Anonymous, MO (2014 GMC Acadia)

"had 4 Cadillac's rides better than all"

Anonymous, VA (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Easy to turn steering wheel"

Ed N., MI (2014 GMC Acadia)

"No zip, awful mileage (10mpg on a good day) makes this car not fun to drive. It is large enough for large dogs and lots of cargo...a good thing."

WHEELING B., FL (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Slow response time on acceleration but once it kicks in, it performs well."

MAUREEN R., TX (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Acceleration is uneven and weak"

Anonymous, NY (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Shift points under low to modest acceleration seem too high. It is an irritation listening to the engine whining away."

RUDOLPH B., WI (2014 GMC Acadia)

"I have told the dealer that my transmission pauses around 18mph when I accelerate. I fear the transmission is shoddy. They couldn't duplicate my issue so they said no worries. I will trade-in before I get to 100k miles."

BRUCE G., FL (2014 GMC Acadia)

"I drive in the mountains and can set the cruse at my comfortable (above speed limit about 5mph) and if no one gets in the way I can use cruse all the way without loosing speed and around the corners fine."

DENNIS O., AZ (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Hard ride"

ANTHONY D., NY (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Sluggish acceleration, transmission does not shift correctly, at times will not kick down when accelerator pushed all the way. Vehicle tends to rock when cornering creating a swaying sensation even if the steering wheel is held steady in a corner, worse at highway speeds"

MARK W., BC (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Engine undersized for this truck. Got better gas mileage on my 2002 Suburban! It can't get out of its own way!!"

MARK F., NY (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Should have a V-8 option"

Anonymous, AZ (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Under powered, need to floor the gas pedal for acceleration, handles well"

JARRETH S., CA (2014 GMC Acadia)

"The vehicle would be better at acceleration if it had a small V-8 or a turbo on the 6 cylinder."

Anonymous, NJ (2014 GMC Acadia)

"good acceleration, carrying capacity would like to see better gas mileage"

J M., GA (2014 GMC Acadia)

"If you enjoy driving, this not your car. It's like driving a brick"

MICHAEL B., FL (2014 GMC Acadia)

"This car has pick up when I need it"

Tom M., CA (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Hesitates on acceleration due to downshifting."

Anonymous, NC (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Outstanding acceleration for passing cars and corners as well as my last car."

Anonymous, NY (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Very smooth drive, with good acceleration & passing speeds. A very quiet vehicle on the road."

Anonymous, OR (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Very good excelleration is very good. Easy to park and drive"

Jerry J., TX (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Drives great, handles great, good mileage, brakes are poor"

Westley H., OR (2014 GMC Acadia)

"The turning radius is not as good as previous vehicles I've owned. It's difficult to get into and out of tight spots. It takes more maneuvering."

Anonymous, MI (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Solid feel. Plenty of acceleration."

Anonymous, IN (2014 GMC Acadia)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Very comfortable vehicle with vented seats which are fantastic in Florida. Some road noise but possibly the result of the factory tires."

Norman W., FL (2014 GMC Acadia)


Ed N., MI (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Large, soft seats"

Larry I., ON (2014 GMC Acadia)

"The Acadia is very quiet and comfortable for a mid-size SUV. I am comfortable on long trips. Overall a enjoyable vehicle on long trips."

Wayne W., NE (2014 GMC Acadia)

"The head rests tend to be too far forward."

Anonymous, CA (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Second row seats cannot recline enough for comfort to relax and nap on a long trip. After 2 years I still struggle to move the seats to allow access to the 3rd row. They are still too stiff and hard to get moving. Ride noise is good and front seats are very comfortable due to multiple power adjustments."

Anonymous, NC (2014 GMC Acadia)

"A noise under the frame at highway speeds happens that the dealership has not been able to eliminate. Also the road noise on highway is a little higher than I like."

LARRY B., OK (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Very quiet ride. Very comfortable seats"

Anonymous, PA (2014 GMC Acadia)

"It is very comfortable on trips. Heated and cooled seats are great. There is not much road noise."

Anonymous, IN (2014 GMC Acadia)

"The automatic climate control is terrible. Minor adjustments are constantly needed to keep passengers warm or cool. I have had automatic climate control in my various vehicles since 1999, and this system is by far the worst I have used."

RODNEY B., DE (2014 GMC Acadia)

"head rests very uncomfortable in front"

ROBERT S., NC (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Road Noises during ride"

MARION B., CA (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Rough ride in rear seating"

Anonymous, OK (2014 GMC Acadia)

"The head rests for the seats are the worst, if you are 6' tall or over the head rest jams in the back of your upper back/lower neck. What is worse is they automatically slide forward at the slightest touch. The seats leave a lot to be desired as well. Like sitting on a bench."

DAVID C., TX (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Ride is noisy poor climate control"

JOE B., NJ (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Seats could be a little more comfortable they seem to be to flat"

TIM C., IL (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Front seats could be softer and head rests need more adjustment range"

JOSEPH C., MI (2014 GMC Acadia)

"I've driven most of the SUV's from rental agencies do to business travel and I chose the GMC Acadia to buy for my family because of styling and comfort."

BILL P., IL (2014 GMC Acadia)

"handling, comfort & carrying capacity"

J M., GA (2014 GMC Acadia)

"No joy in driving this truck. Would have bought a Buick but I wanted Heads Up display which I could only find in Denali model. The Buick Envision that came out after I bought it has everything I wanted. That car has great comfort...amazing seats AND heads up display. Most concerning is that if you have the back drivers side door open and you open the drivers door you can pop off the molding on the middle seat door. I am limited because I need to put a wheelchair lift in the car. The Envision is"

WHEELING B., FL (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Simply a great ride. Very smooth, great handling, with great seating."

Anonymous, OR (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Back seats have a small recline"

Tom M., CA (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Very comfortable to drive. Seats are very comfortable and supportive. Noise level is low and ride is smooth."

Anonymous, NY (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Rides very comfortably with minimal noise. We use this car quite frequently for family travel (vacations, holidays, etc.) and are very satisfied with how comfortable and quiet the ride is."

Kevin C., NH (2014 GMC Acadia)

"The vehicle is basically a big truck. It has large tires, the seats are hard, and it rides very rough. The next year or so this vehicle was downsized, and I expect some/all of these problems were cured in a smaller vehicle."

Larry M., OK (2014 GMC Acadia)

"The ride is just slightly too rough. I suspect this was a trade-off for cargo capacity. I had a very full load in it one time and it did very well both in staying level and ride quality."

John R., WV (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Road noise vehicle could be quieter"

Thomas L., IL (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Head rests very uncomfortable. Unable to adjust for comfort"

Robert S., NC (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Smooth ride very quiet."

Shirley L., FL (2014 GMC Acadia)

"The vehicle has remained rattle free . I've seen where some people have complained. I have the Denali version and I don't know if that makes a difference. The vehicle is four years old and I still enjoy the ride and quietness of the vehicle."

Wayne W., NE (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Excellent ride. Very quiet on the highway! Comfortable seats."

Anonymous, IN (2014 GMC Acadia)

"road noise"

Anonymous, AR (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Ride and compfort is super, brakes have never been smooth, always a chatter like warped rotors ( since new). When going sloe 10 to 15 mph when vehicle shifts down it really slams into gear. Dealer said this is normal, if so then they need to find a remedy tfor it"

Westley H., OR (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Bucket seats are not wide enough nor that comfortable. Not as quiet as I would like."

Jerry J., TX (2014 GMC Acadia)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"This is our 2nd Acadia and we love it. It is easy to handle and is comfortable to drive. I like the use of technology in it and plan on getting another Acadia. We purchased it late in the year and got a special sound package for free."

C E., MI (2014 GMC Acadia)

"we got a great car for a great price, no hassle deal"

Anonymous, MO (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Comfort for the money and a great riding vehicles."

Barbara R., IN (2014 GMC Acadia)

"Expensive!Uses a lot of gas"

Anonymous, SK (2014 GMC Acadia)

"I got the best deal I could, but cars are too expensive now a days"

TIM C., IL (2014 GMC Acadia)

"I think I over paid for what I got, its under powered and the front seats are uncomfortable on long trips of 1 hour or more"

JARRETH S., CA (2014 GMC Acadia)

"We just feel it is a good value. A very comfortable vehicle, lots of room for cargo, luggage."

Anonymous, IN (2014 GMC Acadia)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Excellent styling and appearance"

Anonymous, AZ (2014 GMC Acadia)

Would you buy this car again?

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