The Sierra, and its Chevrolet Silverado twin, is a well-rounded pickup with an available full-time 4WD system and generous payload capacity. Ride quality is decent with the Z85 suspension, and handling is secure. High-end models have very good interior fit and finish, but all have simple controls. The crew cab is roomy, with easy access.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Fast, fast, and fast,"

Anonymous, TX (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Large turning radius. Hard to tell where the bumpers are."

Anonymous, TX (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Decent acceleration and handling is good for a truck."

Brian O., NM (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Cruise control when accelerating uphill does not change smoothly."

Anonymous, GA (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"When it upshifts at lower speeds, the transmission makes clunking noises. It tends to buck. Not very smooth."

Scott H., NJ (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"smooth ride powerful"

Tom W., NY (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"rides great lots of power comfortable Great looking"

Kenneth W., OH (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Engine works great and has been very reliable. Cylinder deactivation is abrupt and rough at slow speeds."

Michael P., VA (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"It has a good turning radius and it has good acceleration to get out on the interstate highway."

Anonymous, VA (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Acceleration, handling,and 4W drive."

Louise G., IN (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"For a truck, good acceleration. All wheel drive promotes good handling"

Douglas M., AL (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"V8 1500 Seirra. Good acceleration. Good towing ability. Good payload. Poor gas mileage. Has a vibration that I'm told is prevalent in this truck. GMC has done nothing."

Stanley L., CT (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Terrible turning radius. Difficult to park in tight places"

HAROLD C., MI (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"The acceleration lags sometimes."

Anonymous, TX (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"the acceleration is very good and the handling is better than most"

S R., WA (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Traction control sensor went out on a number of people I know."

Anonymous, CA (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The seats are very comfortable and adjust in many ways. They are just very good."

S R., WA (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"The seats in my 2012 are very comfortable however the fabric GMC uses is very difficult to get dog hair out of."

Anonymous, CT (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"leather seats quiet ride"

Anonymous, NY (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Very noisy"

Anonymous, ME (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Comfortable, reliable, dependable and reasonably priced. Same features as Ford and Chevrolet at a better price. Not as technically advanced in engine or chassis development as Ford, but is a solid bargain for my driving needs. It delivers 22 mpg on the road and does not need any oil top up between annual oil changes. So good I am not tempted to replace it any time soon."

Steve B., NC (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Too much road noise as well as air noise"

Anonymous, AL (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Seats re very saggy and poor support after just few years of hwy driving. Performance and acceleration could be better too."

THOMAS H., AB (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"The Sierra has to much wind noise coming through the doors and windows - very noisy at highway speeds. Rides great very comfortable ride, but terrible turning and acceleration is lacking."

Anonymous, MI (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Cloth seats are hard to clean dog hair"

Anonymous, BC (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Great quiet comfortable ride, better than most sedans"

Anonymous, MN (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"The wind roars in under the back Sears causing a very loud roar Warranty work to fix this recall was a joke did very little good"

CARL S., CO (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Had seats recovered In leather"

Anonymous, KY (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"This car has seats that are both heated and cooled"

Anonymous, ME (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"the seats are very comfortable, it rides better than most cars-drives excellent"

S R., WA (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"In 2012 this vehicle was very affordable for this extremely reliable and efficient truck. Although today's trucks seem just as reliable and perhaps more efficient the prices seem to be out of reach for most consumers"

Victor M., CT (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Meets and exceeds my expectations at a more competitive price than competitive trucks. Never needed any warranty work or repairs of any kind other than routine maintenance over 6 years of ownership."

Steve B., NC (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Love driving the truck and the present resale is very high"

Monte B., TN (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Well built, comfortable."

Anonymous, MD (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"We need a truck that is economical and dependent and this truck fits the bill. It also has 4W drive which helps in snowy weather."

Louise G., IN (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"The truck looks good and is not expensive to maintain."

Anonymous, VA (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Just that you get what you pay for in a Denali! If I had any complaint it would be paint color choices. If I pay this much money(50000 plus) for a vehicle, I should get any color I want! Just saying!!"

TIMOTHY B., AR (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Being a landlord I needed my first new 1/2 ton pickup, and the GMC was the best value I found in my local area."

Anonymous, MA (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Well built truck good ride"

Anonymous, FL (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"The Active Fuel Management system on this truck stinks. You feel and hear the engine shift from 8 cylinders down to 4 constantly. It is not "seamless" as they advertise and very annoying. Nice engine otherwise."

JERRY S., DE (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"The was a good value except that it uses oil. Since it was new it starts needing oil at about 3000 miles. I usually need to add about a half quart.between 3 to 4 thousand miles. I change oil every 4 thousand. This seems to be a problem the engines had between 2006 to 2014. Even though this is deemed acceptable oil loss; in this day and age I feel it is not acceptable. I was told by my salesman this problem had been corrected before I purchased the vehicle. The particular engine drops cylinders"

JOHN P., IN (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Styling is unique."

Anonymous, AR (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Just personal selection"

HENRY A., CA (2012 GMC Sierra 1500)

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