The Sierra, and its twin the Chevrolet Silverado, has been a good choice for years, and the redesigned 2014 model is an even better performer. With its overhaul, this new model has landed some solid punches in the ongoing pickup wars. Handling is more carlike than in most others. The cabin is as quiet as a luxury car's.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Surprisingly good acceleration from the 5.3L V8 for a vehicle of it's size."

Anonymous, OH (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"The vehicle has a poor turning radius."

Anonymous, NJ (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Acceleration is brisk from a standing stop. Acceleration for merging into highway traffic is more than adequate. The vehicle handles remarkably well for such a large and heavy truck."

Bill L., TX (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Lots of power (5.3 V8). Rear end seems a little less controlled than some competitors. Standard cab 8’ box."

Robert B., NM (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Truck seemed to react sluggishly to accelerator input and transmission acted spastically at lower speeds with heavy input. Battery failed at 36300 miles. After replacing battery with none GMC battery, truck now runs far better. Better acceleration and better shift results in all cases."

Troy T., NC (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Excellent acceleration!"

Robert H., CA (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"smooth acceleration, good handling"

Lorraine S., FL (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"V6 engine is very responsive, I don't like having to move the gearshift lever to Manual in order to downshift for engine breaking on downhills. I wish I could directly manually shift using the selector button on the gearshift lever."

Paul B., VT (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"GMC drives great and pulls my travel trailer effortlessly."

Todd A., TX (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Transmission does not work good on slow takeoff and it clunk hard on slowing down"

Alejandro N., CA (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"The 8 speed transmission is very smooth and helps to accelerate easily. LOVE the safety features, forward collision alert, active lane departure feature, backup camera, auto high beams. The low beams need improving though."

Consumer H., OK (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"It could ride much smoother and take bumps in the road better."

Anonymous, OR (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Exceeds expectations regarding handling, especially for a truck."

Anonymous, WI (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Just love it!! Driving is relaxing."

Mary L., MN (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"The handling and driving of this truck is great. The steering wheel is very reactive and the pickup to pass is great"

Denise K., SK (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"It has 4, 6 & 8 cylinder engine, depends on oil pressure & speed, very good"

Janie M., TX (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Good handeling and acceleration."

Craig B., ON (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Enormous amount of power, safe and confident handling."

KYLE S., MN (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Not as responsive as 2010 version of same truck - softer ride but seems awkward, has "bigger' feel"

BLAIR M., ON (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"It tows my 5,000 pound boat like it isn't there. Great fuel economy. Best truck I have ever had."

Anonymous, IL (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Very smooth"

Anonymous, MI (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"passenger seat very uncomfortable. Since I cannot change the tilt or lower it enough for my short legs, I do not ride in it unless I have to."

Elizabeth C., AL (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Comfortable Seats Quiet ride Great Visibility"

Anonymous, TX (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"The seats are the most comfortable and supportive of any vehicle I have ever owned. The noise level at highway speeds is lower than previous luxury vehicles I have owned. The ride, while somewhat stiff (which I prefer anyway) is very smooth and controlled over most all surfaces."

Bill L., TX (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Very comfortable. Can ride for a long time and not want to get out."

Mary L., MN (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Most comfortable, best riding vehicle I've owned."

Anonymous, WI (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Very comfortable seats, very limited road noise, best ride of any truck i've been in because of magnetic ride control in the Denali"

Anonymous, LA (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Big cushy seats have multiple adjustments with ventilation and heat. There is a very low amount of road and wind noise, especially at highway speeds."

Anonymous, OH (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Overall driving experience and in cab quietness."

Anonymous, OK (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"The seat comfort for me is the most important with the miles I drive in this vehicle. This 2016 is very comfortable. The ride is also very comfortable. The back seat is also very comfortable, however, noise is greater somewhat in the back seat. The Bose sound system is fantastic."

Anonymous, NM (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Very comfortable"

Robert H., CA (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"For a heavy duty truck the ride is quiet and comfortable. There is minimal highway noise and it provides safety."

Anonymous, NJ (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Squeaks have developed behind the instruments cluster."

Anonymous, LA (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"quiet ride..tight handling..seats comfortable"

Ricky W., MS (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Great ride for a truck, much like an Escalade"

Anonymous, NC (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Standard cab seems smaller than some of the competition."

Robert B., NM (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Best ride I’ve had in a 1/2 ton PU."

Nathan W., TX (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Rides better than most very expensive cars"

William D., MA (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"very quiet, good seats, smooth rude"

Lorraine S., FL (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Very comfortable inside, nice quite ride. Looked at Ford's, Toyota an rams, and thought the GMC was the most stylised looking."

Anonymous, FL (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Very smooth ride (for a truck) and very quiet."

Anonymous, KS (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"The seats are very comfortable and the noise inside is non existent. Conversation with my slightly hard of hearing spouse is easy in this vehicle. The ride is smooth and the handling is easy even on the smaller farm roads that we travel ."

Nancy C., NC (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Comfortable ride considering it's a 4x4 truck. Seats are very comfortable and very quiet inside"

Craig B., ON (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Great riding vehicle"

Shannon C., MO (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Very comfortable. Very quiet."

Anonymous, FL (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"I like the air conditioned seats even though on high they don't seem to move much air."

J S., FL (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Suspension on the Denali version is amazing. Air cooled seats has been a great addition"

ALLISON L., TN (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"It is by far the quietest vehicle I have ever owned. Hands down"

KYLE S., MN (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Very quiet vehicle, minimal road noise and engine noise."

LARRY S., AL (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Seats too big and soft compared to support in 2010 version same truck"

BLAIR M., ON (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)


ALLEN S., OH (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)


ROBERT H., AL (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Premium vehicle, still got what I judged to be a fair price"

Anonymous, NC (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"This is a great truck and the level of safety we have while transporting our grandchildren is worth the money we paid for it. It’s safe and very reliable and we would get another truck just like it i"

Denise K., SK (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"We've owned Rams and Tundras and this truck has given us the best ride and comfort while delivering the best MPGs"

John A., TX (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"GMC provided excellent pricing with no money down for my lease. Vehicle had most available options included for safety and comfort"

Anonymous, NJ (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"The value was great, i got a price better than ford with added technology (android auto). However, the cost was quality. The transmission failed on a major highway and could have created a huge accident. The wipers failed. There was an inconsistent issue with interior electronics that they couldn't resolve as well."

Mike F., MO (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"After comparing the different manufacture,GMC was giving the deals on quality and price."

Anonymous, FL (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"this is a lease on the elevation package,12000miles per year for less then 300.00 amonth"

Anonymous, ME (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"I purchased it at 20% off msrp"

MIKE H., WA (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"A real good truck and Drive good"

ALLEN S., OH (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)


Anonymous, RI (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Do not like the styling as well as my previous Ram"

MIKE B., MI (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"the look"

B T., ON (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"One of things I really like is that it has LED interior lighting, however it seems that it could be brighter. Overall, I love the styling and I even get compliments on it, which is unusual with a mass-produced vehicle."

FREDERICK T., MD (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"I like the looks of the front and the LED lighting."

Anonymous, MI (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"This replace a 2013 Toyota Tundra. This GMC's interior is much more stylish and pleasant looking."

ROBERT N., CO (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Very comfortable. Handles good. Like the overall look."

Anonymous, AR (2016 GMC Sierra 1500)

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