The Sierra, and its twin the Chevrolet Silverado, has been a good choice for years, and the redesigned 2014 model is an even better performer. With its overhaul, this new model has landed some solid punches in the ongoing pickup wars. Handling is more carlike than in most others. The cabin is as quiet as a luxury car's.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say


Anonymous, BC (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Acceleration is excellent even when using minimal throttle to preserve gas milage. Handling is secure and confident."

Anonymous, MT (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Handles like a (nice) truck. Surprisingly slow on acceleration makes it seem more ponderous than it really needs to be. With a V8, would expect a snappier/more torque-rich launch. Some odd engagement points when pulling a trailer. Feels like the transmission and/or trailer package are quarreling. Also, feels a light trailer more than I had anticipated with 4WD and the tow package. Turning radius is tolerable, but barely."

Anonymous, CA (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Compared to my 2008 with the same 5.3 V 8, the acceleration from a stop is significantly better. Gas millage is also improved. A recent 90 mile freeway trip at 65 to 70 mph gave 22.5 mph. Even with the Z71 package, the ride and handling are very good. Stopping distance is acceptable."

Anonymous, CA (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"The drive train seems to be very juttery when slowly accelerating away from a stop. I asked the GM service department about this and they claim that it is normal. I was told the vehicle will learn my driving style and adjust itself to my particular habits/driving style and smooth out the juttery takeoffs. However I find it difficult to believe, while stuck in traffic, that it will "learn" my driving style and not the driving style of the vehicle that is ahead of me."

Jamie L., ON (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Very pleased with quick acceleration and handling is smooth and easy."

Randy L., GA (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)


L A., GA (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"The 8-speed transmission seems to "hunt" for the proper gear. This is especially annoying when the vehicle slows to under 5 MPH. The transmission is very slow to respond when again trying to accelerate."

Anonymous, FL (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"A pleasure to drive long distances."

Anonymous, CA (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"acceleration is good with eight speed transmission. Steering wheel is off center to the right not noticeable at first but gets tiresome after a little while."

Anonymous, TN (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Great acceleration (I love the way it uses 4 or 8 cylinders) and it handles great."

Duane S., IN (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Comfortable with the cooling feature in Florida,seat, very little road noise and very stable ride"

Anonymous, FL (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Perforated seats allow cooling in the seat and seat back - provides great comfort on hot days."

Ken M., GA (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Rear seats are very uncomfortable."

John M., TX (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Best truck ever! Bucket Seats are comfortable, and the overall ride of the truck is more like a car than a truck. Handles fairly well for being a truck as well..."

Brian C., OH (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Leather buckets are very comfortable over long trips. Cab is extremely quiet."

Anonymous, BC (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"The vehicle rides smooth and quiet. Upgraded seats are worth it"

Roger M., GA (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Heated driver seat is great since I have lower back pain. Very quiet on the highway. RIde is smooth for a heavy 4WD truck."

Randy L., GA (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Rides better than most other vehicles I’ve owned. Quiet, smooth, comfortable"

L A., GA (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"cant adjust the height of the seat"

Anonymous, MI (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Very Comfortable & Quiet"

Anonymous, WA (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Over all it is a great truck"

Leonard B., SD (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"This is the most comfortable and quietest vehicle I've ever driven or owned. We took it on a 6,500 mile vacation and it was great. Also got great fuel mileage, especially for a full size crew cab 4wd pickup truck."

Jessie P., MS (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"very comfortable, leg room, heated and cooled"

Cris M., NY (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"What is irritating is the seat returns to a neutral position when the engine is turned off rather than remaining at the selected position. I have a bad back and the process is painful."

Anonymous, MT (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The SLT package is pricy, but the value is there. Up graded seats, navigation package and interior trim are worth the price."

Anonymous, CA (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"Big discount off MSRP with the new 2019 models coming."

Gary B., MN (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"I received a large discount on this vehicle and like the looks and comfort it provides"

Anonymous, MO (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"great trade in value, GM discounts and incentives, were high for trucks the month I bought the vehicle."

Cris M., NY (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"A lot of money for a vehicle that gets only 17 MPG. Had to return to dealer twice in first two weeks: A/C repair (was delivered that way); leaking seals on fuel injectors. I expect better for $54,000!"

Anonymous, NH (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)


B T., ON (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"My vehicle has the SLT premium plus package and has all the bells & whistles I care about. I do enjoy the level of brightness of the LED headlights. Truck was discounted just over $16,000 from the MSRP."

Anonymous, GA (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

"I bought this truck to tow and handle work loads - so far it's performed perfectly. I feel like I'm certainly getting a good value with this truck. It was expensive, but so far seems worth the money."

Brian C., OH (2018 GMC Sierra 1500)

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