Perennially one of the best small cars, the 2001 Civic was improved in an evolutionary way. It's well designed and economical, handles well, meets Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle standards, and has good crash-test results.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Has lots of get-up-&-go, no hesitation when you want to get on the freeway or out of someone's way. Going up hills is not a problem."

RUTH M., WA (2002 Honda Civic)

"Lots of fun to drive. Very nimble, great acceleration, corners very well, ride is not harsh. Incredible value in performance per dollar."

JEFFREY F., CA (2002 Honda Civic)

"Acceleration is horrible."

Anonymous, CO (2002 Honda Civic)

"There's a mysterious "popping" sound that occurs while turning. Previous trip to mechanic did not reveal anything, but will know more at a future visit."

Anonymous, DC (2002 Honda Civic)

"The Civic is used for city. I like the way the Civic is great for bopping around in town. It's great for getting in and out of parking places"

FRITZ F., NC (2002 Honda Civic)

"Manual transmission helps it get off of the line quickly. Unfortunately the suspension has not aged well and is very rough."

Anonymous, MI (2002 Honda Civic)

"Low cost, economical to run but for me the ride, comfort and roise noise outway the economy. Was very dissapoointed in the (high cost) repair cost for the front end after 55K, especially since is was rarely driven on poor roads or high speeds. Not what I expected for Honda."

Anonymous, NJ (2002 Honda Civic)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Seats could have been a bit more comfortable, they were a bit stiff. The ride was also a bit stiff but handled well."

BETTY E., WI (2002 Honda Civic)

"Seats are uncomfortable on long trips."

RUTH M., WA (2002 Honda Civic)

"The car has quite a bit of road noise."

JONATHAN G., IN (2002 Honda Civic)

"Not so quiet in the cab when driving. With hearing difficulty, this presents somewhat of a hazard with other traffic."

Anonymous, AR (2002 Honda Civic)

"Ride is poor -- jigglly, noisy, seating is fair at best, especially on distance trips."

Anonymous, NJ (2002 Honda Civic)

"Drivers seat could be more comfortable."

Anonymous, MO (2002 Honda Civic)

"Comfort level low, interior appointments began falling apart before car was ten years old."

HARRY W., NM (2002 Honda Civic)

"Road noise is loud."

Anonymous, WA (2002 Honda Civic)

"This Civic has a harsh & noisy ride."

Anonymous, CA (2002 Honda Civic)

"The noise inside car when driving on hwy is too loud, this will be a factor in buying my next car, as it is difficult to talk on phone, etc. the ride could be more comfy, but I've driven all over the U.S. & hauled everything from hay bales for my garden, 15 -20 lg. concrete blocks at a time, dressers, & floor trim, & it has handled it all! No major problems except for a water pump, battery, brake pads, & had head lts shaved because of clouding. I'm almost nervous to get another car, this one has"

Anonymous, ND (2002 Honda Civic)

"It's not the best ride. Then again most of the driving is in town. Seats are pretty comfortable"

FRITZ F., NC (2002 Honda Civic)

"They are some of the most comfortable seats I've ever had in a car. It is the Honda DOHC Vtec, so I know they jazzed up the seats. They have held up well."

ERIK S., TN (2002 Honda Civic)

"lower back support is lacking"

Anonymous, PA (2002 Honda Civic)

"I live in Reno, NV and the air conditioning has a hard time cooling down the car if it has been sitting in the sun. It does ok if it has been sitting in the garage but once the interior heats up all bets are off."

Anonymous, NV (2002 Honda Civic)

"I hear too much noise outside when driving"

STEFFANIE G., OH (2002 Honda Civic)

"Unfortunately this older model does not come with a seat-height adjuster, which is a problem for a short, short-waisted driver. Otherwise, climate control & noise are excellent. The ride (now that ball joints replaced & all 4 wheels aligned) is better, but it needs a new clutch & motor mounts so there is a lot of shaking/vibrating, esp. when idling."

Anonymous, NY (2002 Honda Civic)

"Climate control hose failed at 200,000 plus km so can't complain too much. Otherwise system was working fine."

Anonymous, NB (2002 Honda Civic)

"noise level high"

FOREST N., OR (2002 Honda Civic)

"GREAT car but: rides hard/stiff and is quite loud inside. When I put new tires on it, made sure to get some that handled some of that road noise a little better."

Anonymous, IN (2002 Honda Civic)

"Noisy to a fault , hard to sit in"

DON F., SC (2002 Honda Civic)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Considering my car is 14 years old and still working, I feel it was well worth it. I do take the car in for regular maintenance. I am now considering buying a new car mainly because the computer had to be replaced which cost over $800 and the AC might have a leak, but not sure yet if there is one. Freon was added along with a dye and so far so good, but the car is old, so am considering buying a new car--either another Honda or a Mazda as I like Japanese models."

Anonymous, HI (2002 Honda Civic)

"I have 130,500 miles on this car and it has been relatively reasonable as far as repairs are concerned. It still drives very well and I expect to keep it for another 130,000 miles."

Anonymous, WI (2002 Honda Civic)

"Great mileage and low maintenance."

Anonymous, NM (2002 Honda Civic)

"Currently at 14 years and 162,000 miles with no problems except McPherson Struts replacement and normal maintenance. The car has aged amazingly well."

SCOTT B., IL (2002 Honda Civic)

"Very durable when serviced as recommended."

B C., ON (2002 Honda Civic)

"Many small oil leaks. BMW is giving a rebate on replacing CRAP plastic water pump, ONLY IF DEALER REPLACED IT!"

ROY B., AZ (2002 Honda Civic)

"Mainly, I wish that there was a way for me to purchase another like this one but didn't have to pay for a 2002 as if it were a 2012. The banks are in cahoots with the auto industry regards pricing. The new Civics are upwards of 20K!! That is so much a ripoff--not so long ago, no bank would finance a vehicle that was older than three years. Now, one can buy (in at least one credit union in MD) a vehicle with NO model restriction and (with good credit of course) only pay 1.99% apr---why would"

PATRICIA W., MD (2002 Honda Civic)

"This car has been a complete workhorse and a great value for the money. We purchased this car in October of 2001 (it was a 2002 model) and it is still running strong 15 years later. The value is unparalleled. It's safe, still drives well, and hasn't had major repairs beyond a timing belt replacement. Just a wonderful car, one I would highly recommend."

MICHELLE M., GA (2002 Honda Civic)

"Have had to put very little money into repairs. still running very well."

RONALD A., CA (2002 Honda Civic)

"All in all the best little car I've ever owned. It is OODLES of fun to drive, very nimble and has stellar acceleration for an economy vehicle. This Civic SI Hatchback was purchased used, and was a stellar bargain. I did not attempt to negotiate price, I paid the seller just what he asked, and it has been well worth every penny. Aboput 140,000 miles now and still functioning perfectly."

JEFFREY F., CA (2002 Honda Civic)

"150000 miles before I had a problem"

GERALD S., CA (2002 Honda Civic)

"It's a well built car. Keeps on going."

Anonymous, CA (2002 Honda Civic)

"reliable and fuel efficient car;; I have bought Honda vehicles since 1970 mileage; exceeded highway gas mileage estimate."

RICHARD D., DC (2002 Honda Civic)

"This car was a lemon. It had a lot of problems not normal for the mileage: Early transmission failure; computer failure; rack & pinion steering failure. I had another Civic for 13 years with almost no problems."

Anonymous, WA (2002 Honda Civic)

"Except for an alternator just after the 3 year warranty, no parts have been replaced. Not even brake work. Not inspiring performance; but dependable, high gas mileage commuting and traveling."

CLIFTON D., NC (2002 Honda Civic)

"Couldn't ask for a better value for a car I paid $16,000 for new. The ONLY issue I have is the air conditioner on really hot days doesn't cool down enough in traffic. Has just always been that way."

JEANNE V., IN (2002 Honda Civic)

"2 years ago, when I pulled into a garage, the attendant offered me $6K for what was then a 12 year old car that I paid $13K for originally, used."

RITA H., NY (2002 Honda Civic)

"Best money I have ever spent on a car. Overall, it's the best car I've ever owned."

Anonymous, WI (2002 Honda Civic)

"The car is going on 15 years. I paid only $13,000 for it. It is a beater. It has lasted and got me where I'm going. It is a really boring car, but it is worth every penny because it has been so dependable."

Anonymous, WI (2002 Honda Civic)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"External black trim around power windows has slowly been peeling over the past few years. Looks very unsightly. Not sure if this will cause additional problems later."

Anonymous, DC (2002 Honda Civic)

"I just looks great!"

Anonymous, WI (2002 Honda Civic)

"The rear spoiler could have looked like it was part of the car instead of an attachment."

BETTY E., WI (2002 Honda Civic)

"Model upgrade including "spoiler"; and "moonroof"."

Anonymous, AZ (2002 Honda Civic)

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