The Civic is a very good small sedan. Its refined and responsive engine and transmission combination yields impressive fuel economy. The relatively roomy cabin has high-quality materials and construction. The Civic handles securely, but a stiff ride and road noise are drawbacks.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Very smooth. Great handling"

DAN K., IL (2005 Honda Civic)

"Accelerates appropriately and promptly from stopped position and to get into the flow of traffic."

Anonymous, OK (2005 Honda Civic)

"After I got the head gasket replaced a few years ago, it accelerates and holds the speed much better. I can get into and out of tight parking places very well. So far it has been a very reliable car."

C J., KS (2005 Honda Civic)

"Because my car has a manual transmission, acceleration is on my terms and in spite of the small engine size, my car is responsive in my care, so I feel like I'm driving a sports car! :) Also the four-prong steering wheel is better than the three-prong (T shape) on today's cars. The four-prong lets me rest my hands in a more relaxed way so my shoulders don't get tight. Makes for a comfortable and still effective driving experience."

Anonymous, VA (2005 Honda Civic)

"The brakes grab in a somewhat startling way when going down steep hills."

Anonymous, NY (2005 Honda Civic)

"very poor traction on wet roads."

SUZANNE B., NJ (2005 Honda Civic)

"i prefer to drive a stick shift. My Honda is a Civic SI. There was no place to note that previously."

NANCY L., FL (2005 Honda Civic)

"Accelerator and brake pedals too close together. When stepping on the brake, you can, with little trouble be pushing on the accelerator at the same time."

HAROLD G., OH (2005 Honda Civic)

"Very poor acceleration to freeway speeds"

Anonymous, OR (2005 Honda Civic)

"handling ! i have always been in control."

Anonymous, NJ (2005 Honda Civic)

"Good acceleration for most people. Very drivable, corners well, easy to steer, brakes easily and quickly, fun to drive, good for short trips and long drives."

ROBERT A., CA (2005 Honda Civic)

"The handling and fun factor of the car stand out. The car does what the driver tells it to do."

DOUGLAS M., NY (2005 Honda Civic)

"(1) Handling is good; no emergency maneuvers to date; (2) acceleration is not strong; (3) gas mileage is good but not great."

Anonymous, VA (2005 Honda Civic)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Road noise is bad."

DONALD S., MD (2005 Honda Civic)

"The AC has never been that great. It works ok. Not great."

GORDON A., CT (2005 Honda Civic)

"I have to use a cushion on top of a flat board pieces to keep my back straight. bucket seats don't support my hips and also the seats are not thick enough and have no lumbar support."

C J., KS (2005 Honda Civic)

"A/C works great, Getting great fuel economy, Got about 112,000 miles so far and only needed oil changes, brake pads and tires. Never had alignments done or needed it done in spite of driving on the famous terrible Michigan roads. Extremely reliable and it likes to stay away from the repair shops."

ALAN S., MI (2005 Honda Civic)

"i find the seat comfortable. driving is easy to see road (windows wide), heat is good in winter, cooling is ok in summer. I don't notice the road noise and the ride is ok."

Anonymous, NJ (2005 Honda Civic)

"a buzzy little car. Works just fine, gets great mileage and is reasonably priced, but entry level, so every thing that can be made cheaper or cheaply is. I understand this, but for me/us its more important to have a safe car, and a little nicer ride/driving experience. Its noisy and the ride is not that great. The worst "comfort" issue - the back seat gets really hot - and won't cool down. Not fun to ride back there."

ROBERT A., CA (2005 Honda Civic)

"Smelly air conditioning system"

Anonymous, GA (2005 Honda Civic)

"When driving for any long distance, I noticed the seats are not very comfortable."

Anonymous, VA (2005 Honda Civic)

"good car just not big enough for us. Not enough head and leg room."

KATHRYN T., CA (2005 Honda Civic)

"Too noisy"

Anonymous, CA (2005 Honda Civic)

"(1) Good, comfortable seat; (2) Plenty of room over my head - I'm 6'2"; (3) the AC is not very strong."

Anonymous, VA (2005 Honda Civic)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The car just keeps going. It's 11 years old. Bought used and only little issue. Alternator went out and the chip for regulating gas use. My wife's brother fixed. Probably about 400 bucks total. Still runs great"

DAN K., IL (2005 Honda Civic)

"For the money that I spent, I got a good deal."

HELENE D., CA (2005 Honda Civic)

"The 2005 Civic is a nice, sporty, car with very predictable handling. It is fun to drive, economical and reliable. Over the long term, the reliability and quality make it an exceptional value. In 130,000 miles, I have done routine maintenance but nothing has failed."

DOUGLAS M., NY (2005 Honda Civic)

"It is a reliable, low cost operation grocery getter. Easy to drive, cheap spare parts, when needed."

Anonymous, BC (2005 Honda Civic)

"This vehicle has ran for almost 260K miles and I have only replaced the timing belt and radiator. I also replaced the water pump but that was preventive maintenance only."

WILLIAM E., NC (2005 Honda Civic)

"My price was approximately $17,160 for this vehicle in 2005. I purchased it at the end of the 2005 sales year, and it was the last of this particular line of Civics. I felt that getting a later model year in the series was a plus, in that the bugs from previous years would be worked out. The car handles very well, the engine appears to be well-built, has adequate power for my needs, but very good fuel economy. I prefer a manual-transmission on a 4-cylinder engine, since the vehicle also has"

JOSEPH C., OH (2005 Honda Civic)

"I have had my car for over 10 years now and it has been very reliable. The visibility (all windows, rear view, blinds spots, side windows) make me feel confident when driving. The functional layout of the dash is straight-forward, simple and intuitive. I've driven some new rentals that tell me stupid things like "remember to straighten out your wheels before driving." I'm glad my car doesn't have such useless functions!"

Anonymous, VA (2005 Honda Civic)

"It was a good value given the reliability and fuel efficiency of the Honda Civic."

Anonymous, NJ (2005 Honda Civic)

"Although I bought this used (certified used car), it has been highly reliable and very efficient."

DARWIN P., OH (2005 Honda Civic)

"Great reliability and mechanical quality means no repair expense and save money."

ALAN S., MI (2005 Honda Civic)

"I purchased this vehicle from a private part in January of 2013 for $5000. It was an original ownerand had 97,350 original miles on the odometer. Kelly Blue Book value at the time was $6500-$7100."

REGIS C., CA (2005 Honda Civic)

"The good - The car has been very dependable. The ugly - This car was equipped with a timing belt."

CLARENCE S., KS (2005 Honda Civic)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Nice basic model. Would have preferred more bells and whistles but could not afford more at that time of purchase."

ROBERT H., MO (2005 Honda Civic)

"I am comparing it to my old Saturn which had better vision all round"

JANE E., NJ (2005 Honda Civic)

"The styling, both inside and out, is modern but not ostentatious."

Anonymous, NJ (2005 Honda Civic)

"11 years old & looks good"

BRUCE S., WA (2005 Honda Civic)

"Bland styling, unattractive paint color (bright blue)."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Honda Civic)

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