The Honda Civic is refined and economical, with fairly nimble handling and a relatively comfortable ride. The aerodynamic styling of the Civic looks futuristic, but sacrifices ease of access. Pronounced road noise remains a complaint. Stability control is standard only on the EX-L, Hybrid, and Si models.
There are 15 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"It was great the first few years. Now at 134,000 miles, it has lost its pickup. Kind of like trying to get a mule to move."

Anonymous, NY (2006 Honda Civic)

"Fun to drive. good acceleration. Too low to ground. My husband hits every curb when parking and gets stuck in 4" of snow."

Anonymous, SC (2006 Honda Civic)

"Acceleration is not too good. Handling is OK at best."

Anonymous, NJ (2006 Honda Civic)

"I have a manual transmission and this car has power, it grips the road fabulously and it handles incredible in the snow. Repairs have all been preventive maintenance and breaks. I will buy another Honda for sure,"

BARBARA B., OH (2006 Honda Civic)

"Acceleration is quick, I'm usually ahead of other cars when the light turns green. I can easily go in and out of highway lanes."

Anonymous, MA (2006 Honda Civic)

"good around town"

DAN S., PA (2006 Honda Civic)

"The car feels nice n tight. It handles well. Acceleration is fine for this type of car. The body feels strong and solid after all these years."

ZENON S., VA (2006 Honda Civic)

"Coming from a 1995 Accord ex, the 06 Civic's acceleration leaves a little to be desired, but when factoring in the significant increase in fuel economy, it seems like a somewhat acceptable trade off. I bought the civic primarily for fuel economy. The unrecalled factory defective rear upper control arms had wasted the initial tires I put on it, and having not much tread depth left, I have not pushed the civic in handling, but it seems very capable. Response and cornering reminds me of the old vw"

JESSE P., PA (2006 Honda Civic)

"Poor power and acceleration. New engine at 100K. Does not handle well, rear of vehicle hops out in hard cornering."

DWIGHT D., AB (2006 Honda Civic)

"Engine power is low, but sufficient, handling is superb, very responsive steering, excellent anti-lock 4 wheel discs."

SANDER S., CA (2006 Honda Civic)

"The acceleration and deceleration feels delayed"

Anonymous, NY (2006 Honda Civic)

"Good, solid car with minimal frills. Engine is losing some power in uphill driving."

VANCE M., AZ (2006 Honda Civic)

"My first set of tires only lasted for 3000 miles but Honda did prorated them and fixed a problem that they knew about on a service bulletin. I also had to get winter tires on if I wanted to drive it in the snow. This was all eight years ago, been great since."

DERICK D., ME (2006 Honda Civic)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"This model has a lot of road noise, it's a basic older model so not surprised."

KAREN N., IN (2006 Honda Civic)

"Road noise is above average."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Honda Civic)

"The civic is a great little car, except that it is very loud. As i get older and my hearing its getting worse, i am more sensitive to car noise."

GORDON J., VA (2006 Honda Civic)

"seats are comfortable enough but the car is pretty low to the ground and getting out is more difficult as I get older. the ride has always been rather firm and the noise level somewhat high but mechanically, except for having to replace the starter motor, the car has been sound."

S S., CA (2006 Honda Civic)

"it is a noisy bumpy ride"

Anonymous, MO (2006 Honda Civic)

"Drivers seat pump which controls altitude of seat leaks so you must every third day pump it up to proper level. General ride is not as comfortable as I would like and road noise is too loud."

A B., IL (2006 Honda Civic)

"Says are much too low."

B R., QC (2006 Honda Civic)

"The seats should have a lumbar support. The head rest is at a very uncomfortable angle and is not adjustable. I pulled it out and turned it around."

TERRYLYNNE M., AR (2006 Honda Civic)


Anonymous, MS (2006 Honda Civic)

"I am just under 6 feet tall. I find the ergonomics of this vehicle marginal, especially for my back and feet."

TERRY T., VA (2006 Honda Civic)

"Both the seats and the ride are comfortable and will hold 4 people with plenty of leg room and can fit a fifth person on back. The heat and air both work pretty well. Some noise is the worst problem."

DON F., WI (2006 Honda Civic)

"very noisy, road noise a little less with windows closed, but not much"

S A., PA (2006 Honda Civic)

"Civic has an unreasonable amount of road and engine noise."

Anonymous, VA (2006 Honda Civic)

"Car is very noisy ride. Sometimes it is difficult to accelerate into merging traffic. Too low in front donut scrapes in parking spaces. Can't see over the hood to gauge distance"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Honda Civic)

"Driver seat is noticeably less comfortable than the passenger-side front seat due to less support from the foam in the seat."

MARK P., FL (2006 Honda Civic)

"road noise is a bit loud"

STUART N., CA (2006 Honda Civic)

"If I adjust the seat to a comfortable height, the sunvisor barely clears my head and is difficult to move to the best position."

Anonymous, WA (2006 Honda Civic)

"I am tall. It is difficult to get my head into the car because of the slant of the door frame. Once inside the vehicle I am very comfortable."

ROBERT M., CA (2006 Honda Civic)

"don't like the riding position, not comfortable and not good viewing"

Anonymous, IL (2006 Honda Civic)


DMITRIY K., CA (2006 Honda Civic)

"Good: Seats are reasonably comfortable and adjustable over a sufficient range. Bad: Head support for seats is not great (but that seems to be true of about all cars)"

Anonymous, MD (2006 Honda Civic)

"Honda Civic seats are good but ride is somewhat bumpy. But this is a sporty sedan so can't complain too much."

RICHARD H., PA (2006 Honda Civic)

"noise, hard ride"

Anonymous, FL (2006 Honda Civic)

"This is an LX model that is 10 years old. The climate control is very basic, but it works. I have snow tires installed and the road noise is very high. The ride is very much "sporty.""

RICHARD C., MA (2006 Honda Civic)

"I would love this car except for two factors. Its horrible uncomfortable seats. The back and headrest do not fit average women. I can put a cushion on the seat but it is still a bad angle for my back. Also the car's fan is very noisy. Not sure why"

SOURAYAN M., AB (2006 Honda Civic)

"Dash controls are intuitive and easy to use while driving."

Anonymous, MA (2006 Honda Civic)

"I often use the cruise control, when I do I pull my foot away from the accelerator and relax. This causes my knee to always have to rest against the center console forward of the gear shift selector. Makes it uncomfortable for any length of time."

MARC S., WA (2006 Honda Civic)

"Acceleration could be somewhat better, with our without the air conditioner on, but especially with ac on. I generally turn off the ac when entering a highway, then turn it on again when I get up to speed. Seats could use more lumbar support and headrests could be straighter. Without a pillow in the lumbar area, lower back is too far back and head feels pushed forward."

Anonymous, MA (2006 Honda Civic)

"My wife and I were 10 years younger when we purchased the Civic. At that time we were in our 50s and getting in/out of a vehicle was not an issue for us. Now that were are in our mod to late 60s getting in/out of the Civic is a bit more challenging. The Civic has been a great car for us but our next purchase will probably be something that is easier for us to get in and out of like an SUV."

KENNETH F., IL (2006 Honda Civic)

"On long rides the seats offer really good lumbar support and the driving position is excellent. Good all around visibility."

ZENON S., VA (2006 Honda Civic)

"The seats are not comfortable. I have to use an obus form but find the Toyota Corolla seats more comfortable. Cooling and heating has always been slow in the Civic."

Anonymous, ON (2006 Honda Civic)

"Compressor is a known issue as being faulty and going bad with theses vehicles. AC has been out for 3 years now and it's not worth fixing. Though this vehicle did its job as a commuter, I will be glad to get rid of it."

AARON O., VA (2006 Honda Civic)

"very comfortable seats all around, quiet ride"

SABATINO P., ON (2006 Honda Civic)

"As I get older the low seats in the civic are less enjoyable. Need a change"

CRAIG M., KY (2006 Honda Civic)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"You get a reliable vehicle for a good price. No major problems. Even though 10 years old, I would not consider replacing it."

BILL Y., CA (2006 Honda Civic)

"Excellent vehicle for the money. This car is fun o drive and has not cost anything for repairs."

JAMES U., PA (2006 Honda Civic)

"Reasonable price and very low up-keep"

SPENCE M., PA (2006 Honda Civic)

"originaly bought a 2006 Civic Hybrid that I was not happy with. When I returned it approximately 5 weeks later for the present Civic I was not told that I would be paying $6,000.00 to pay off the loan. I was led to believe that it was a simple trade since the Hybrid was new. Will never use that dealer again."

Anonymous, MO (2006 Honda Civic)

"Relatively inexpensive, handles long trips easily, great for running around town. Very reliable."

Anonymous, MI (2006 Honda Civic)

"Have had ten years, 117000 miles, nothing major has gone wrong. Will buy another when time comes."

Anonymous, OH (2006 Honda Civic)

"Very low maintenance costs, replacement parts are cheap, and all major problems (which were still minimal) have been covered by recalls so hardly any expenses on my part. Excellent on gas."

Anonymous, ON (2006 Honda Civic)

"This is exactly why people buy used Hondas. It still drives well, is inexpensive to maintain, and is a great value for the money."

Anonymous, MA (2006 Honda Civic)

"Good gas mileage. Good around town. Would like larger trunk (I'm a golfer) Seats sit too low."

Anonymous, BC (2006 Honda Civic)

"Very dependable. Durable. No repairs. Even the brake pads are original. Regular inspections have been performed by a mechanic."

Anonymous, MB (2006 Honda Civic)

"Maintenance on this car has been incredibly low. I have followed the manufacturer's guidelines, and the car still performs almost as new."

MICHAEL C., GA (2006 Honda Civic)

"I purchased the car used. Six and a half years later, it still runs fine."

Anonymous, MD (2006 Honda Civic)

"I have owned since new and have only replaced tires, battery and windshield wipers"

Anonymous, IN (2006 Honda Civic)

"A great value for this Honda. Because it never breaks down. I do not have to worry about putting more money on repairs"

Anonymous, VA (2006 Honda Civic)

"Excellent mpg, very reliable."

J L., CA (2006 Honda Civic)

"Completely dependable"

Anonymous, GA (2006 Honda Civic)

"Pretty good value for what it is -- an economy vehicle."

Anonymous, NJ (2006 Honda Civic)

"Strong reliability meaning the Civic will last a long time before you need to repair and/or replace it."

Anonymous, ON (2006 Honda Civic)

"Way too much money for what you get, resale price is way too high"

Anonymous, AZ (2006 Honda Civic)

"The paint is stripping off making the car ugly. Honda will not tell you about the paint recall. It is only Honda with paint fading off. Why cannot Honda get the paint right? I am not informed of recalls and warranties"

Anonymous, SC (2006 Honda Civic)

"Driving cross country I have gotten as high as 42 mpg."

Anonymous, OH (2006 Honda Civic)

"Many recalls on this model and several uncompensated defects and need for premature repairs."

Anonymous, NY (2006 Honda Civic)

"Best $20,500 vehicle I have ever bought. Terrific value. Nothing has ever gone wrong with it since I bought it about 10 years ago."

ART L., NC (2006 Honda Civic)

"45 mpg highway. No maint needs."

PAUL D., FL (2006 Honda Civic)

"good price, good quality, runs forever a little too low to get in comfortably"

DANIEL R., CA (2006 Honda Civic)

"Even after 134,000 miles, it drives just as well as the day I purchased it. His car has really maintained its value with no loss in performance and handling."

SCOTT L., VA (2006 Honda Civic)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Very clean simple styling,minimal chrome,nice wheels."

SANDER S., CA (2006 Honda Civic)


Anonymous, SC (2006 Honda Civic)

"The body style does not look like it is 10 years old. Still looks modern."

STEPHEN H., OH (2006 Honda Civic)

"it was an innovator and I still appreciate the styling"

Anonymous, AB (2006 Honda Civic)

"Body lines are the most pleasing feature of the Civic Coupe. The dark blue paint was also a selling factor, however a Honda recall on that color which addressed the "chalking" problem of the uppermost areas had expired after we purchased it and we were unable to get any compensation from Honda to repaint it."

DAVID C., NJ (2006 Honda Civic)

"The A pillars get in the way of good visibility, especially when looking for pedestrians when looking to make a right or left turn. I find I have to move around a lot in my seat in order to look around the A pillar."

MAMORU N., CA (2006 Honda Civic)

"Still, ten years later, a damn fine looking vehicle. The only downside to this vehicle is road noise."

ROBERT M., CA (2006 Honda Civic)

"Still very stylish even after model update."

J L., CA (2006 Honda Civic)

"It is sleek and attractive. I like the split display with the upper level that keeps your eyes close to the road. Visibility is good."

DON F., WI (2006 Honda Civic)

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