The Honda Civic is refined and economical, with fairly nimble handling and a relatively comfortable ride. The aerodynamic styling of the Civic looks futuristic, but sacrifices ease of access. Pronounced road noise remains a complaint. Stability control is standard only on the EX-L, Hybrid, and Si models.
There are 7 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"This car is more fun to drive than my 1986 Prelude. Acceleration throughout is awesome. I typically drive this car @ 80 mph on the Interstates, although I often go faster is wide open spaces. Still, my gas mileage remains at 30 mpg per tank. Handling is superb."

Anonymous, AL (2008 Honda Civic)

"My 2008 Honda Civic is good for a teenager, however, I am now 66 yrs old and it is not comfortable, especially for someone who has a bad back! The Civic is great, accelerates well, easy to park and comfortable when you're young!"

CAROLINE R., TX (2008 Honda Civic)

"Drive like stick car on a automatic engine,fun to drve"

Anonymous, ON (2008 Honda Civic)

"Steering and handling are excellent, better than average."

STEPHEN B., NH (2008 Honda Civic)

"The civic feels like you are driving a go cart. The steering is so fast that the car is constantly swerving down the road."

M S., CA (2008 Honda Civic)

"The initial pick-up has been poor"

RICHARD S., CT (2008 Honda Civic)

"Great handling. Fast steering."

Anonymous, IL (2008 Honda Civic)

"The drive is great! Handles very well."

Anonymous, MO (2008 Honda Civic)

"Excellent. Fast acceleration and hsndling."

Anonymous, FL (2008 Honda Civic)

"The honda civic, has good handling and excellent acceleration performance, but has required more maintenance than my earlier model honda cars.I have had to replace the starter, major work on air conditioner compressor, numerouse ooil leaks and wheel realignments. No major issues with engine or transmission."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Honda Civic)

"Standard transmission gives semi-sport drive feel, heads up digital speedometer should be standard"

WILLIAM S., MA (2008 Honda Civic)

"The handling is poor and the acceleration is poor. But this is to be expected for such an economical car."

Anonymous, IL (2008 Honda Civic)

"This car although 8 years old still drives like a dream. Acceleration of course isn't its strong point but it wasn't bought for racing. Handling, even with 80,000+ miles on it is still tight and precise."

Anonymous, NC (2008 Honda Civic)

"Handles well and has good acceleration. Quick to respond in acceleration and breaking."

KATHLEEN L., DE (2008 Honda Civic)

"It handles corners well and has a lot of pep for a 4-cylinder."

CINDY P., CA (2008 Honda Civic)

"Very peppy. Handles very nicely."

Anonymous, PA (2008 Honda Civic)

"Acceleration is good for an economy car. Handling is good. Steering feels positive and is not too soft or easy."

Anonymous, CT (2008 Honda Civic)

"Excellent engine, is fast and handles well in curves"

Anonymous, CA (2008 Honda Civic)

"Good acceleration"

WALTER S., IL (2008 Honda Civic)

"good car overall but noise level is very high and it comes from the drive line. i complained from the very start and i was told it was normal. thats why i purchased the accord"

ROGER W., SC (2008 Honda Civic)

"The acceleration has been poor on this car since I purchased it. I know it has a small engine but I have to downshift on hulls (not major hills) to maintain speed. I had the car looked at by the dealership and was told that everything is fine. It is a manual transmission but my previous cars were as well with a similar engine size. I don't think I would buy again because of this."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Honda Civic)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Very noisy,uncomfortable on trips of longer duration"

Anonymous, MN (2008 Honda Civic)

"Air conditioning does not work that good during in town stop and go traffic. I've had it checked at the Honda dealer and they assure me it is working fine. Also, road noise is a problem due to inadequate interior insulation."

Anonymous, OK (2008 Honda Civic)

"Wish the seats didn't tilt back and wish they could be set higher (I'm short)"

Anonymous, IL (2008 Honda Civic)

"The noise level is higher than I would expect from a Honda product. Seats are a little thin, long trips sometimes get a little uncomfortable."

JAMES H., OK (2008 Honda Civic)

"Very reliable, but very uncomfortable ride for an older person on lower back and for anyone over 6 feet tall. Also, the 2-door styling makes it difficult to get in and out of the car."

KATHLEEN S., MD (2008 Honda Civic)

"Very loud. Lot of road noise. Very uncomfortable seats and ride.AC is fine."

MICHAEL S., GA (2008 Honda Civic)

"The ride is such that it is not a good car for long trips. Hard ride and a bit cramped."

JOY R., OH (2008 Honda Civic)

"There are intermittent rattling sounds inside; one loud rattle from below the rear window had to be fixed by the dealer. Also, the leg area under the dash for the driver is very narrow, and I sometimes end up hitting the gas and the break at the same time with my right foot."

SCOTT N., OR (2008 Honda Civic)

"seats are very comfortable. climate control works very well and is not noisy."

Anonymous, MO (2008 Honda Civic)

"The ride is not the best; feel every little bump in the road. Road noise is more than what I care for."

DAVID M., MI (2008 Honda Civic)

"I'm 6ft tall so it's a little tight getting in"

RICHARD C., IL (2008 Honda Civic)

"I wish it had heated side view mirrors to defrost the mirrors in the winter."

STEVE P., ON (2008 Honda Civic)

"Headrests on Front seat tilt too far forward, pushing neck forward uncomforatably on long rides if you like to keep the seat very upright."

Anonymous, MA (2008 Honda Civic)

"Climate control is very good. Cabin noise is high at highway speeds. Seats could be more comfortable."

Anonymous, CT (2008 Honda Civic)

"The only complaint I have about this car is that the seats are not very comfortable."

Anonymous, OR (2008 Honda Civic)

"not comfotable"

MEL D., ON (2008 Honda Civic)

"Air conditioner is just adequate for a car this size. It takes quite a while for it to cool down a car left out in the sun on a warm day."

E K., IL (2008 Honda Civic)

"Seats black lumbar support."

RAYMOND W., CO (2008 Honda Civic)

"Poor visability"

Anonymous, NC (2008 Honda Civic)

"The sun visor broke on its own 2 winters ago. Not repairable. Put 3 large binder clips on it and removed the wire handles. Works like new."

LARRY B., PA (2008 Honda Civic)

"I'm 6-2 and find the seating -- both driver and passenger -- some what tight and uncomfortable."

SCOTT S., TX (2008 Honda Civic)

"Ride is a little bumpy, so I would likely not drive it on long trips."

JUDITH W., WI (2008 Honda Civic)

"low to get into, hit my head alot"

Anonymous, GA (2008 Honda Civic)

"Noisy and harsh ride"

Anonymous, OH (2008 Honda Civic)

"The sun visors broke and hang down( in your way) all the time. The dealer wanted close to $200.00 to replace them. I looked on line and found this has been a problem for years. I also found an inexpensive way to fix them."

JAMES V., CA (2008 Honda Civic)

"I can hear a lot of road noise in this car and I have difficulty adjusting the vents for cool air."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Honda Civic)

"There is too much road noise on older freeway surfaces."

WILL S., OR (2008 Honda Civic)

"MY one and only complaint about the vehicle is the "road noise" level. If Honda could make it as quite as say the Accord then it would be perfect."

JAMES M., OR (2008 Honda Civic)

"AC is a bit weak for cool-down Noise level is a bit too high for our comfort"

Anonymous, ON (2008 Honda Civic)

"It's fine when you're the driver, but not comfortable for the passenger. No arm rests and a pretty firm seat. The driver is comfortable because he/she is hanging onto the steering wheel."

NANCY B., KS (2008 Honda Civic)

"Seats are very comfortable and fabric is soft and durable. I was disappointed that the model did not have floor mats. The noise and ride are very acceptable - I have plenty of room as a driver and it seems people are comfortable in the back seat too."

KATHLEEN L., DE (2008 Honda Civic)

"This car has poor visibility when trying to navigate through traffic. Also very poor lumbar support, if any, and overall uncomfortable seats. Also the road noise is so loud, you cannot listen to the radio or have a conversation without raising your voice."

DEBORAH B., TX (2008 Honda Civic)

"Noisy and A/C went out twice. Tire sensors act up when it's cold."

DAVID O., OH (2008 Honda Civic)

"Front windshield too large, A/C is not adequate for the heat load, road noise is terrible, seats too low to the ground."

RICHARD K., NM (2008 Honda Civic)

"Seats are comfortable. Climate control is not great - okay but is uneven. Noise level is a bit high. It is not as smooth a ride as it might be but overall is a comfortable ride."

Anonymous, MO (2008 Honda Civic)

"A/C has been slow cooling - this vehicle is used in Maricopa Co in AZ Sun shades do not stay up. Honda has had ongoing problems Has a good firm ride & steering feel"

Anonymous, AZ (2008 Honda Civic)

"road noise"

Anonymous, CT (2008 Honda Civic)

"a/c struggles in summer heat despite annual service"

Anonymous, SC (2008 Honda Civic)

"Road noise is bad at highway speeds. Driver seat needs more possible adjustments for comfort."

BRIAN L., OR (2008 Honda Civic)

"The car is comfortable but I find the cabin noise to be too great for me. For that reason, I will not choose the same model again."

Anonymous, FL (2008 Honda Civic)

"The seat on this car is not comfortable, and not good quality. I get back ache when sitting in it and getting in and out of it."

KWONG L., MD (2008 Honda Civic)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The 2008 Honda Civic is a very expensive piece of plastic. The auto door lock system is annoying. You will be locked out while doing groceries if you don't have another door open. The transmission second guesses you and won't let you out of overdrive if it think it should stay in it and that's after taking you foot off the throttle. Within 2 years, the interior fan failed, within 4 the magnetic clutch on the air conditioner failed - this should never happen this early."

MARK F., IN (2008 Honda Civic)

"Listed at 21500. I bought it at 17400 no trade on the deal"

ROBERT W., TN (2008 Honda Civic)

"I chose to purchase a 7-year basic extended warranty (Tasha, a company rep, was called in to meet with me, she told me) for $2,500. I used $1,300 to cover the AC problem. I will NEVER purchase an extended warranty again."

Anonymous, FL (2008 Honda Civic)

"Reliable, decent enough but unexceptional. Seat a bit low like my former Civic; not a deal-breaker but not my preference."

BRUCE R., NJ (2008 Honda Civic)

"Keeps running"

JOHN S., NJ (2008 Honda Civic)

"Excellent fuel economy. Unfortunate recurring transmission problem."

Anonymous, PA (2008 Honda Civic)

"Great buy and very reliable car. I am in the market for a new car......a Honda Civic of course!"

PATTY C., FL (2008 Honda Civic)

"It has been low maintenance and highly serviceable, the truck of our family."

WILLIAM S., MA (2008 Honda Civic)

"excellent reliability"

RICHARD C., CA (2008 Honda Civic)

"No extra expenses other then normal oil change Dashboard light for tire pressure light stays on after spending $100 and another one broke. Gave up I just check it myself"

RONNI F., NY (2008 Honda Civic)

"The gas mileage, which I have monitored since 2008, has been consistently around 33 mpg. This is better than advertised."

STEPHEN B., NH (2008 Honda Civic)

"It is a standard transmission so I get better mileage than an automatic. I have been very pleased with the purchase."

BRUCE B., NY (2008 Honda Civic)

"Honda has been extremely reliable with excellent gas mileage. The ride, comfort, quietness is not there. In addition, to oil/filter changes and rotating tires, the only expenses have been for another set of tires, and a another battery. Luckily, no other expenses for maintenance or repair so far."

EDWARD C., OH (2008 Honda Civic)

"Reliability is excellent.Gas mileage is great."

GREGORY E., CT (2008 Honda Civic)

"I bought it at Carmax in 2012. I needed a car and have bad credit, so I probably paid more than if I could have bought it somewhere else. I also needed to finance it with Santander, so I assume I'm paying a higher interest rate than with another company. But, I needed a car and that's what I could afford. The car itself: I LOVE my car. I love Hondas. I've been driving them since 1992. This is my 3rd one and the first car I ever felt confident enough to buy a used one. It had 28,000 miles on it w"

Anonymous, IL (2008 Honda Civic)

"Downgrading from an Accord, I thought the mileage would be better than it is."

Anonymous, MD (2008 Honda Civic)

"best car I ever bought. Very reliable despite being almost 9 years old. Minimal maintenance cost."

JOHN T., HI (2008 Honda Civic)

"Bought it as a commute car and it has been a great, reliable and cost effective vehicle. It is comfortable and fun to drive."

G S., WA (2008 Honda Civic)

"Used AAA Auto Club and got a great deal."

Anonymous, FL (2008 Honda Civic)

"Gas mileage is greater than predicted Have gotten up to 42 mpg highway. Reliability is excellent as well."

BRUCE S., MD (2008 Honda Civic)

"These cars are better than their competitors (e.g., Toyota corolla) but are significantly cheaper, making them a great value."

Anonymous, NY (2008 Honda Civic)

"My wife drives the car and she likes it a lot. The styling is great, MPG is good, and the trouble free driving is good as usual like every Honda I have owned previously. The only problem has been the front bumper got loose and was about to fall off this year; 2016. One other problem that last several years which is the result of poor diagnosis by Honda technicians and collision repair people. My was hit from behind which damaged the bumper and fender. When repaired, the car had a terrible vi"

DAVID M., MI (2008 Honda Civic)

"This car has been an excellent value. It s comfortable and gets excellent mpg for typical driving (30) and highway (38-39). This is a stick manual and is fun to drive."

RAPHAEL W., OH (2008 Honda Civic)

"High road noise, always something to fix. This time cv joint need replacement. Last month it was the broken motor mount, nonfunctioning third brake light and ac didnt work. Just got a recall on airbags. Who knows when parts will be available."

FERNANDO S., TX (2008 Honda Civic)

"The 2008 Honda Civic EX I bought was exactly what I wanted at the time, however, now that I am retired, I would prefer a bit larger car that is more comfortable and has more bells & whistles! I would love to have heated/cooled leather seats!"

CAROLINE R., TX (2008 Honda Civic)

"have had the car over 8 years now with relatively few repair expenses - great value!"

WILLIAM F., VA (2008 Honda Civic)

"I hardly have spent any money on this car in 8 years. And the repairs I have had have all been quite inexpensive."

Anonymous, IL (2008 Honda Civic)

"$12,000 for 124,000 miles of service with only $180 in repairs (other than normal maintenance)."

Anonymous, SC (2008 Honda Civic)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"If it wasn't for the fading paint, it wouldn't look like an 8-year-old car. I LOVE the digital speedometer and the two-tier dashboard."

CINDY P., CA (2008 Honda Civic)

"previous owner added a spoiler on the back of the trunk. The style was a definite improvement over my previous 1996."

BRUCE B., NY (2008 Honda Civic)

"Very disappointed with Honda usa with the paint chalking and not owning the defect in their paint pigments. I have babied this car since I bought it and my roof did not start fading and chalking till after the warrenty ran out. 2008 car with 71000 original miles, garaged, etc. I take care of my 2nd biggest investment, I expect Honda to take care of quality."

Anonymous, AL (2008 Honda Civic)


Anonymous, CA (2008 Honda Civic)

"Engine vibration, as I have been told, is a factory defect of 2008 Honda Civics."

GEORGE T., DC (2008 Honda Civic)


Anonymous, NJ (2008 Honda Civic)

"Paint cracked and faded and Honda wouldn't fix it"

M P., NJ (2008 Honda Civic)

"IN my opinion, the single best looking car I've ever owned."

RANDALL P., MN (2008 Honda Civic)

"Great lines much better then all the other years other then the new 2017"

RONNI F., NY (2008 Honda Civic)

"The lines are simple, which I like."

Anonymous, MO (2008 Honda Civic)

"Looks sporty"

FERNANDO S., TX (2008 Honda Civic)

"The driver visor broke and was expensive to fix. I was told by my mechanic that this is a common weakness. The front window trim on both sides has cracked and had to be replaced at a cost of $500.00. All of the external black trim has faded and cracked and my car is only parked outside for work. It will be a cost of $600.00 to fix. I have never owned a car which has had needed so much cosmetic repairs. The mechanic and the dealership said that this is common and not covered. I have list co"

Anonymous, CA (2008 Honda Civic)

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