The Honda Civic is refined and economical, with fairly nimble handling and a relatively comfortable ride. The aerodynamic styling of the Civic looks futuristic, but sacrifices ease of access. Pronounced road noise remains a complaint. Stability control is standard only on the EX-L, Hybrid, and Si models.
There are 8 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

“In general, acceleration and handling are good. Maybe it's a trade-off for the mileage, but I find myself turning off the AC before I need to accelerate to pass, for example. Just for the extra oomph. Otherwise there's more of a lag.”

Anonymous, IL (2009 Honda Civic)

“Poor acceleration”

Anonymous, OH (2009 Honda Civic)

“Acceleration is OK based on the size of the engine and vehicle weight. It turns into a dog at elevations higher than 3,000 feet. Handling is OK/Neutral.”

BILL A., VA (2009 Honda Civic)

“It has a small engine with a lot of get-up and go. The manual transmission helps. Need more? Downshift. The car goes where you point it and you can feel the road unlike many today that feel like you are stirring in air.”

Anonymous, GA (2009 Honda Civic)

“Still drives and handles great.”

Anonymous, MO (2009 Honda Civic)


Anonymous, PA (2009 Honda Civic)

“At 100,000 mile the civic rides and handles like a new car. I never had a repair since I purchased the civic. Standard dealer maintenance keeps it running like new.Excellent value for the money. People offer to purchase the vehicle knowing it has 100,000 mile.”

ANTHONY K., MI (2009 Honda Civic)

“Definitely good acceleration and handling”

JILL S., NC (2009 Honda Civic)

“Driving experience is superb. This is my 3rd Civic Si. They keep getting better and I look forward to my 4th.”

RAYMOND F., CT (2009 Honda Civic)

“If I kick down the accelerator for merging or passing the auto transmission drops down dramatically with high revs and noise but little or no acceleration”

WILLIAM E., NJ (2009 Honda Civic)

“The acceleration is not quick and the low seating position makes long drives rather uncomfortable, The interior is roomy and, even though it's 7 years old, it looks terrific still.”

Anonymous, OH (2009 Honda Civic)

“Poor acceleration. Lousy feel with drive-by-wire throttle and clutch. Cable in prior cars felt better, more connected.”

ROBERT L., CA (2009 Honda Civic)

“Fun to drive. Love that it's manual only”

JOHN A., CA (2009 Honda Civic)

“Brakes are not as good as I would like. Not as good as those on my 1993 Accord that I sold in 2003.”

JOAN H., NM (2009 Honda Civic)

“The handling is good as well as the acceleration it handle the road as well as the CRV.”

N C., ON (2009 Honda Civic)

“Compared to my 1996 Civic, this car has lots of pickup and handles really well both in the city and on the highway.”

SUZIE S., ON (2009 Honda Civic)

“Brakes aren't terribly great, acceleration could be better, handling is fine”

NICHOLAS W., KS (2009 Honda Civic)

“sporty responsive steering and handling, adequate, but not impressive power, rather noisy though.”

DAMIAN C., CA (2009 Honda Civic)

“Size and shape of car body and windshields make for relatively large blind spots and tricky parking and tight manoeuvring compared to other cars I've owned. Not an ideal urban car.”

Anonymous, ON (2009 Honda Civic)

“Steering is very precise.”

GRAHAME J., ON (2009 Honda Civic)

“Accelerating onto a high speed beltway can be difficult if there aren't traffic gaps to allow time or on ramps to allow speed.”

Anonymous, MD (2009 Honda Civic)

“Especially w/o passengers, this car accelerates like the proverbial bat out of hell.”

EDMUND D., WA (2009 Honda Civic)

“Feels underpowered especially when passing”

MARGOT S., CA (2009 Honda Civic)

“It has decent acceleration but also has poor gas mileage for a small car.”

Anonymous, GA (2009 Honda Civic)

“0 to 60 is not that quick”

Anonymous, QC (2009 Honda Civic)

“Acceleration is somewhat average and handling is good.”

VITO P., OH (2009 Honda Civic)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

“Not comfortable sitting. Legs almost straight out. My back gets sore too soon. Road noise unacceptable, turn music off at highway speeds. Searbelt chime and tone excessively loud and irritating.”

ELLIOTT D., TX (2009 Honda Civic)

“The ride is somewhat stiff and bumpy, and the road noise level in the car is very high.”

Anonymous, TX (2009 Honda Civic)

“Seats are comfortable. Climate control, air conditioning in hot weather is slow. The fact that the heater core does not actually shut off water flow, allows warm air to flow out when heat and air conditioning are turned off.. Ride is better with non-original Goodyear Assurance Tripletred instead of Bridgestone tires. Turning steering wheel at very low speed yields a strange buzzing noise.”

VITO P., OH (2009 Honda Civic)

“Noisy on the highway. A bit bumpy and uncomfortable over long distances. Love houndstooth upholstery and easy in and out and elevated driving height.”

Anonymous, WI (2009 Honda Civic)

“The head rests are very uncomfortable. It has a lot of road noise”

Anonymous, OH (2009 Honda Civic)

“Climate control is great. Little noisy especially in the rear seat area.”

Anonymous, NJ (2009 Honda Civic)

“Road noise.”

MICHAEL R., CA (2009 Honda Civic)

“road noise has increased with use on long trip seats becomes uncomfortable”

JOHN D., CT (2009 Honda Civic)

“Great car, but is a bit too low to get in and out of”

Anonymous, NY (2009 Honda Civic)

“hate the angle of the accelerator and proximity to central console. Knee rubs on console and foot at awkward angle. Long trips are extremely uncomfortable.”

Anonymous, BC (2009 Honda Civic)

“I don't think it was a good value. It is very noisy and rides "rough". The seats are too hard and uncomfortable. The brakes are constantly wearing out. I would not choose this vehicle again.”

Anonymous, GA (2009 Honda Civic)

“too much road noise”

DEMOSTHENES P., CA (2009 Honda Civic)

“Driving position is low. Seats are uncomfortable”

Anonymous, NJ (2009 Honda Civic)

“Acceleration is poor when the AC is on”

Anonymous, NY (2009 Honda Civic)

“I have a hard time getting in and out of car. It is also noisy.”

E M., PA (2009 Honda Civic)

“The car is very low to the ground making ingress, egress difficult. The seats themselves are uncomfortably low with legs forced into a semi-straight position rather than a bent-knee seated position.”

LINDSEY M., CA (2009 Honda Civic)

“The ride is choppy and bumpy. It feels insubstantial. It handles rough road surfaces poorly.”

ALLEN K., NY (2009 Honda Civic)

“At 71 years of age I find it a little more difficult entering and getting seated.”

Anonymous, SK (2009 Honda Civic)

“* seats are uncomfortable for longer trips * fan is loud/noisy * interior noise is pronounced”

RICHARD I., PA (2009 Honda Civic)

“Not too thrilled with the famous "Honda" road noise.”

RICHARD H., TX (2009 Honda Civic)

“The air conditioning system stopped working about 2 years ago and due to the high cost estimate for repair I haven't done it. This seems to be a common problem with the Civic so I would have thought it would have been corrected by warranty or recall.”

Anonymous, NS (2009 Honda Civic)

“The front seats are not as comfortabe as they shoul be.”

KENNETH W., CA (2009 Honda Civic)

“The Si front seats are very comfortable and suitable for long distances. The back seat is also comfortable for those passengers.”

MARK T., OK (2009 Honda Civic)

“Noisy ride”

CARL T., TX (2009 Honda Civic)

“In general, the ride is comfortable. My complaint is that there needs to be a fan setting one lower than the lowest one available.”

Anonymous, IL (2009 Honda Civic)

“Fits me well”

Anonymous, MA (2009 Honda Civic)

“Small parts keep breaking: Both front visors have broken 4 times and middle arm rest console top has broken. I am a very careful user but the parts seem defective and extremely expensive for replacement. Center console cover about $500.”

Anonymous, NV (2009 Honda Civic)

“Slightly dissatisfied with the road noise. And this seems to be an issue with all Hondas I've been in. We always take our other car for long distance travel in particular because the road noise in the Civic is so bad.The road noise makes it difficult to take a phone call on speaker phone. The road noise diminishes the quality of music on the stereo.”

ANDREW W., AZ (2009 Honda Civic)

“Takes forever to cool the cabin. Ride is harsh, lots of road noise. Engine noise sounds like a 1920's sewing machine. Seats are hard as a rock - no more than a 30-minute drive for me.”

BILL A., VA (2009 Honda Civic)

“Height of car is to low.”

M R., MD (2009 Honda Civic)

“Very rough suspension on roads that are not perfect Very noisy inside”

Anonymous, QC (2009 Honda Civic)

“Lots of road noise”

STANLEY P., CA (2009 Honda Civic)

“Seating is not the most comfortable. For regular commutes the seats are good and driver position is also comfortable, but for longer trips, the seats do beat you up. Rear leg room is tight for growing kids in car seats.”

UMAIR K., ON (2009 Honda Civic)

“Too noisy”

MARGOT S., CA (2009 Honda Civic)

“Very noisy. Honda obviously did not make this car as quiet as it could have.”

JULIE F., CA (2009 Honda Civic)

“It is very noisy. Seats aren't that comfortable.”

Anonymous, PA (2009 Honda Civic)

“Seats are great, and the ride is good, but there is a good bit of road noise.”

Anonymous, NC (2009 Honda Civic)

“Seats are not very comfortable”

CHARLES C., CA (2009 Honda Civic)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

“Dependable good mileage”

HENRY N., FL (2009 Honda Civic)

“Bad value, I'm a repeat Honda customer, not anymore. Door and ignition locks failed before 90,000 miles. Interactions between drive-by-wire throttle and clutch not intuitive resulting in occasional stalling.”

CHRIS B., PA (2009 Honda Civic)

“At 50000 my civic and my daughter's had the air conditioning relay fail. Part is less than $15 and is easy to replace.”

RONALD J., MD (2009 Honda Civic)

“Honda Civic Si to be specific. Acceleration and handling is excellent. Naturally aspirated 2.0 L high revving engine is a blast to drive”

Anonymous, MI (2009 Honda Civic)

“Best vehicle in the segment Excellent styling Very reliable Low total cost of ownership”

Anonymous, GA (2009 Honda Civic)

“Bought used with 68,000 miles, currently have 116,000 miles on its and its runs great. Had to replace the battery at 115,000 miles, but that's was the only issue so far. Car is a tank.”

CHARLES G., CA (2009 Honda Civic)

“For the price the Civic is a good car. Maintenance has been minimal. It gets decent mileage and continues to perform satisfactory after 7 years of operation.”

W B., IL (2009 Honda Civic)

“Fun to drive & very economical”

IVAN L., CT (2009 Honda Civic)

“Used car with 148,000 miles that rivals some new cars. Low noise ride for this type of car, quick steering, good gas mileage, fun to drive and it hauls a lot of stuff. I've had it packed to the roof and it just goes. Great car.”

F S., OH (2009 Honda Civic)

“The car was originally bought as a station car because it has four wheels the tires are black and round. using this standard it is exceptional. Yes we traveled with the car it gets great mileage the trunk is quite large AC works fine other than tires a battery (after 6 years) breaks no other items.”

RICHARD J., FL (2009 Honda Civic)

“Great reliability”

Anonymous, WI (2009 Honda Civic)

“Very reliable, great mileage, decent drive ability”

DOUGLAS W., NJ (2009 Honda Civic)

“This has been a great car. Gets great gas mileage 20 in town, 40 on the highway. Totally reliable. Looks good. Rides fairly well. Easy to operate. The AC has been a little under-performing from day one.”

Anonymous, NC (2009 Honda Civic)

“Excellent value. Still runs like new after 120,000 miles! 40 mpg on highway.”

THOMAS M., FL (2009 Honda Civic)

“93k still running strong”

PAUL F., LA (2009 Honda Civic)

“The 2009 is my wife car ,I have adjust the seat and mirror,as the head room is a problem but it is her car and she is happy am happy.”

N C., ON (2009 Honda Civic)

“great reliability”

Anonymous, OK (2009 Honda Civic)

“Very high value. I expect to get 400,000 miles and then will buy another Honda or put a rebuilt Honda engine in the same car.”

LYDIA D., AZ (2009 Honda Civic)

“Got my moneys worth. Has been a very reliable car. I have over 180,000 miles on car and for the most part have only had to do regular maintanence”

DAVID M., KS (2009 Honda Civic)

“lack of headroom”

Anonymous, MA (2009 Honda Civic)

“Extremely reliable. Has had no repairs other than standard maintenance. Cost as much or more than the Mazda we own (the Civic is an EX), more expensive to maintain BUT it does the job day in and day out. It's the right size for my wife.”

Anonymous, OH (2009 Honda Civic)

“I have put 145K miles on this car in 7 years and have had no issues, no repairs.”

TIM S., OH (2009 Honda Civic)

“reliable easy to drive”

Anonymous, MA (2009 Honda Civic)

“It's Honda. Darn good car, if a bit noisy. It's ready to go for another 7 years if I keep it. I'd buy another tomorrow.”

Anonymous, GA (2009 Honda Civic)

“I should have negotiated the price, but the dealer offered me the price that Kelly Blue Book etc. recommended. A local Toyota dealer quoted me a price $2K over Blue Book....and I didn't buy there.”

Anonymous, CT (2009 Honda Civic)

“For an old car I have had no serious problems. For the first three years I commuted 50 miles to work. After that I drove much less. I have had Hondas for years and my positive experiences with these cars led me to choose this vehicle secure in knowing that it would be paid off, would last and perform well beyond my retirement. It still performs well and I have not felt the need to trade it.”

E J., MA (2009 Honda Civic)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

“Sporty styling”

Anonymous, GA (2009 Honda Civic)

“It is my favorite shade of blue and even though it is 7 years old, it still looks new.”

JEAN K., NY (2009 Honda Civic)

“Nice lines”

ROBERT F., NY (2009 Honda Civic)

“Great color and easy to see out of all windows”

SHERRI B., NC (2009 Honda Civic)

“I don't like the way the the frame arc over the front windshield so that it interferes with line of vision to the side, especially going around curves. Got into pedestrian -related accident & a number of closes calls.”

Anonymous, CA (2009 Honda Civic)

“Attractive car”

JILL S., NC (2009 Honda Civic)

“The car looks good.”

Anonymous, NY (2009 Honda Civic)

“1. Front interior lights above the driver and passenger seat are well-placed and useful. 2. My model has a feature that has since been dropped: a sliding cover over the beverage holders between the front seats. Enormously useful; a small design element but one that I consider to be one of the best, and which I love. 3. I also like the two-tier control panel and its digital numbering. Very easy to use.”

Anonymous, GA (2009 Honda Civic)

“I don't like the spoiler.”

RAYMOND F., CT (2009 Honda Civic)

“Paint started coming off after about 5 years or less. . . or rather the coating on the paint. Either way it looks like it's peeling from a bad sunburn. Have not experienced something like that previously.”

Anonymous, CA (2009 Honda Civic)

“My daughter hits curb following GPS directions and the seat belts locked . Very expensive to replace and repair.”

Anonymous, NJ (2009 Honda Civic)

“Paint around the door windows has deteriorated badly.”

JOAN H., NM (2009 Honda Civic)

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