The Civic, long one of our top-scoring small cars, slipped substantially with this redesign, and no longer scored high enough to be recommended. Blame sits with so-so interior quality, a choppy ride and more pronounced road noise. Vague steering robs the Civic of its fun-to-drive feel. On the up side, the Civic provides decent rear-seat room and great fuel economy.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say


M M., QC (2012 Honda Civic)

"Quick acceleration from low speeds and cat-like handling make it an ideal city car. It does well on the freeway, but really shines in traffic."

KENNETH N., OH (2012 Honda Civic)

"Excellent pickup, lots of merging speed,very responsive steering. A total blast to drive, and gets great milage to boot."

Anonymous, MS (2012 Honda Civic)

"Lacks power"

DENNIS H., PA (2012 Honda Civic)

"Extremely poor acceleration."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Honda Civic)

"I love this car in spite of both the known paint problems and the transmission squeal. It's extremely reliable, very comfortable, gets great gas mileage (even for a car that uses premium gas), and is more fun than I should be allowed to have.Other than the two problems I've listed I've had absolutely no trouble with this car. Plus it's the best-looking car of the popular teardrop style."

ROBERT C., IA (2012 Honda Civic)

"The cruise control carries by 5 mph going up a hill. Honda says the motor is underpowered for the size of the car. I weigh 185 and my wife is 110 so I don't feel we have overloaded the car. I have to shove the gas peddle to the floor more times than I'd like to do it."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Honda Civic)

"The cars ride is too noisy. too much road noise"

LARRY P., CA (2012 Honda Civic)

"Most miles on it are road trips and this smaller car keeps up with the big boys but we don't stop for gas as often. It even does great in a few mountain areas we have gone through!"

Anonymous, IA (2012 Honda Civic)

"It has all the acceleration and handling a 63yr, young person could want or handled."

GREGORY G., FL (2012 Honda Civic)

"I have gotten used to how the car handles, so it doesn't happen to me too often, but my husband often has an issue with hesitation when he accelerates."

DENNIS C., NY (2012 Honda Civic)

"Slow pickup"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Honda Civic)

"On the environmental setting acceleration is pretty slow. We do mostly city driving which keeps mileage low. Highway driving mileage is close to 40 mpg."

Anonymous, MN (2012 Honda Civic)

"This engine would be better with a turbo. Handling is fine. The acceleration is not that good. Almost all 4cycl engines should have a turbo."

Anonymous, MN (2012 Honda Civic)

"Wish there was a turbo option back then"

JAKE W., AB (2012 Honda Civic)

"Not much zip when i punch it for acceleration but like gas mileage...when put in Ecoboast been able to repeatedly get 40 mpg so because of good lileage can accept poor acceleration at times."

Anonymous, IA (2012 Honda Civic)

"Poor acceleration. Engine shifts are rough and noisy. Very underpowered."

HARPER M., CA (2012 Honda Civic)

"Any slight touch of the brake pedal causes a complete loss of acceleration for several seconds which sometimes causes dangerous situations."

KENNETH P., OR (2012 Honda Civic)

"Acceleration is poor. When entering a freeway which has a short merge lane it is difficult to reach merging speed and hazardous when you often cannot. Cruise control does not take over until speed decreases 4 or more mph or increases 3 or more mph. This means the vehicle is continually slowing down and speeding up creating at best, a nuisance and at worst, a driving hazard."

PAUL B., NM (2012 Honda Civic)

"1.8 engine provides more power than expected."

TERRY L., GA (2012 Honda Civic)


Anonymous, GA (2012 Honda Civic)

"I love the back seat option. Cruise controll doesnt stay at the mileage capability difficult to work while driving. I dont understand when someone calls there are two options. Answer or avoid. Both these options too closed together so very easy to hit the wrong option."

ELAINE S., MD (2012 Honda Civic)

"It does not accelerate rapidly on the highway, but I've never taken it out of "Eco" mode (better gas mileage). My 34 mpg is mixed highway-city; it's 40 mpg on the highway."

NANCIANN K., MN (2012 Honda Civic)

"This is a nice car. However, with the Air Conditioner on it kills acceleration in the hills and small mountains around Birmingham AL. I know it is a small engine, but I would much prefer the next size up 4 cylinder. You really have to be careful when pulling out into traffic."

MICHAEL D., AL (2012 Honda Civic)

"First automatic in a while. Somewhat dissatisfied with the acceleration and how it automatically changes gears.Tends to race first at a very high rate then backs off. I think that it should be a more smooth transition than it actually is."

Anonymous, MA (2012 Honda Civic)

"Very slow acelleration"

JOHN N., CT (2012 Honda Civic)

"with the Eco system engaged, acceleration for accident avoidance and lane shifting is sluggish. This is generally a problem with cars of this size, as I had similar issues with my old Carolla"

Anonymous, MN (2012 Honda Civic)

"Zero acceleration (Kirk to Scottie "We need more power..." If I gie you any more she'll blow); There is entirely too much play in the steering."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Honda Civic)

"while it is not fast, it is very efficient and easy to handle, and acceleration is plenty for what is needed. It also has the Economy setting that saves on gas mileage while still providing very acceptable performance."

JOHN B., NC (2012 Honda Civic)

"very good acceleration"

Anonymous, MD (2012 Honda Civic)

"acceleration and handling all not good"

HENRY W., CA (2012 Honda Civic)

"takes awhile to get up to speed when getting on interstate"

JANICE T., GA (2012 Honda Civic)

"Acceleration is very poor; driving in hills is laborious. Driving in winter roads (icy) was very difficult in comparison to other FWD vehicles I have owned. I have new tires so hoping for improvement this winter."

SHERRI S., MO (2012 Honda Civic)

"4-cyl engine poor performing on Pennsylvania hills"

Anonymous, PA (2012 Honda Civic)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Road noise is annoying."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Honda Civic)

"Seats are great (heated leather). climate control is good, There is a little more road noise then I like. Car handles well but a little bit rough on bumpy road."

ALLISON D., PA (2012 Honda Civic)

"It has a bit more road noise than I want to hear."

Anonymous, CO (2012 Honda Civic)

"Great comfort"

Anonymous, IL (2012 Honda Civic)

"Seats are uncomfortable for short people (not high enough), back rest only leans back, seat belt made for taller persons (it rests on my neck), not good for back problems. Poor visibility all around."

Anonymous, HI (2012 Honda Civic)

"Very limited acceleration from a stop, especially for small car (as compared to previous 2006 Civic); road noise very annoying"

Anonymous, ON (2012 Honda Civic)

"Headrests are terrible. Painful on long drives."

Anonymous, AL (2012 Honda Civic)

"Noise,hard ride,voice command does not here my wife"

DENNIS H., PA (2012 Honda Civic)

"Inside of car built very cheap and noisy. Outside, car is tinny feels unsafe."

LARRY O., CA (2012 Honda Civic)

"All good but the ride. Very bumpy."

Anonymous, PA (2012 Honda Civic)


JOHN S., BC (2012 Honda Civic)

"Road noise is awful. Can't hear anything if you are on a call and the windows are up."

MARLA N., MA (2012 Honda Civic)

"The seating is not very comfortable for long drives. Road noise is excessive and the ride could be much better - you feel every bump."

Anonymous, PA (2012 Honda Civic)

"Has some road noise"

NELSON B., CA (2012 Honda Civic)

"Seats are not very supportive or cushioned. Could be more comfortable, especially on long trips."

DONALD R., MI (2012 Honda Civic)

"Should have gotten sedan no room in coupe"

JAMES W., PA (2012 Honda Civic)

"very noisey esp on certain pavement, rough ride wind noise"

Anonymous, OH (2012 Honda Civic)

"Vent pushes hot air from the engine compartment unless a/c is on."

MICHAEL D., SC (2012 Honda Civic)

"Good - head and leg room plus ample room in back seat. Negatives - choppy ride and too much cabin/road noise."

Anonymous, BC (2012 Honda Civic)


ELWIN C., NB (2012 Honda Civic)

"Very uncomfortable and so much road noise that cannot hear or be heard when using the hands free Bluetooth for the phone."

CINDY T., FL (2012 Honda Civic)

"Front seats are not comfortable. Low back support is lacking and becomes painfull on a long drive. The ride is good, climate controls work well and noise level is low. I will not take this car on long trips due to the uncomfortable front seats."

Anonymous, PA (2012 Honda Civic)

"High road noise."

SHERRI S., MO (2012 Honda Civic)

"It's somewhat noisy in terms of road noise."

Anonymous, GA (2012 Honda Civic)

"The seat is very low and the dash is quite high which makes it hard to see out of if you are short. Also it is next to impossible for anyone to get in the back seat and no one wants to ride in the back seat so I end up renting or borrowing a car when I have more than one person w me"

SUSAN K., FL (2012 Honda Civic)

"This is a basic car with a moderately high noise level and seat comfort"

BRUCE H., AL (2012 Honda Civic)

"Very low; to get in and out of the car requires more effort than other similar sedans"

Anonymous, NB (2012 Honda Civic)

"Road noise is a little much sometimes."

CHARLES Z., GA (2012 Honda Civic)

"Very noisy vehicle. Driver window control is irritating that it is different from other window operation and inconsistent. Unable to lock doors when car is running (Minnesota winters can be cold and passengers like to be warm when driver runs an errand) as well as unable to use remote to open trunk when car is running (again, Minnesota winters are cold and passengers may want to be warm while driver runs to get a few items at the store)."

SCOTT-MARY R., MN (2012 Honda Civic)

"The car is very difficult to get in and out of. My only complaint."

Anonymous, MS (2012 Honda Civic)

"The headrest on the front seats pushes one's head too far forward, making the seating a bit uncomfortable. There is no way to adjust it to a better position."

DONALD S., MA (2012 Honda Civic)

"love the heated seats! ride is typical of a smaller, light weight car - rough at times."

WILLIAM D., NC (2012 Honda Civic)

"noise above average on rough surfaces (which covers most streets) rides like a small truck. even small ruts are very noticiable."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Honda Civic)

"Just completed a 7400 km road trip from eastern Ontario to Newfoundland and back. The car performed great. Comfortable seating, great l/100km, and very reliable, took three weeks worth of our travel stuff easily."

ALAN P., ON (2012 Honda Civic)

"Nice car but a lot of road noise. Bluetooth is terrible, people can hardly hear us so we don't use it. Low to the ground, feel like I need a crane to lower me in and get me out. When the payments are up in a few months will trade it or sell it and get something nicer."

FRANK R., NC (2012 Honda Civic)

"There is quite a bit of road noise"

CLIFF S., ON (2012 Honda Civic)

"It is somewhat hard to get in and out of the front seats as it sits so low to the ground. I sometimes bump my head on the ceiling when changing driver settings; I am 5'6" anilot. There is sometimes a lack of power with acceleration if using economy setting."

LINDA C., IA (2012 Honda Civic)

"The seats are uncomfortable and cause pane and pain in the buttocks. AC does not cool the car over 95 outside even if we are on a trip."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Honda Civic)

"Road noise is loud."

Anonymous, WA (2012 Honda Civic)

"Very noisy inside. Ride is comfortable"

Anonymous, AZ (2012 Honda Civic)

"From day one, the ride has been somewhat noisy. This has been exacerbated overtime by: [a] a failing bearing (since replaced), [b] a failing cabin fan (not yet replaced). This makes the overall ambient noise somewhat significant. I even made it a factor in purchasing my last replacement tires -- finding the quietest tires I could (it helped some)."

BRIAN S., OH (2012 Honda Civic)

"Seats are narrow and road noise at highway speed is as loud as the radio."

Anonymous, MS (2012 Honda Civic)

"Lots of road noise"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Honda Civic)

"Seats are not very comfortable for long trips. Great commuter car, but that's about it."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Honda Civic)

"Very noisy in the cab. The road noise is very poor. Needing to turn the audio up to a higher level to be able to hear it clearer."

ANDREW H., IL (2012 Honda Civic)

"if you are tall, there is not a lot of space between your head and the top of the car. I sometimes really have to scrunch up to get into the car without hitting my head and I am 5 foot 6 inches. My daughter is 5 foot 7 inches and her head touches the ceiling in the back seat. Definitely not for tall people."

Anonymous, VA (2012 Honda Civic)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Good looking car Dependable Low cost of maintenance Good mileage"

Anonymous, PA (2012 Honda Civic)

"Good mileage"

RICHARD-LES A., CA (2012 Honda Civic)

"Safety, reliability, size"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Honda Civic)

"Get what you pay for, skip this model."

LARRY O., CA (2012 Honda Civic)

"I love this car in spite of both the known paint problems and the transmission squeal. It's extremely reliable, very comfortable, gets great gas mileage (even for a car that uses premium gas), and is more fun than I should be allowed to have.Other than the two problems I've listed I've had absolutely no trouble with this car. Plus it's the best-looking car of the popular teardrop style."

ROBERT C., IA (2012 Honda Civic)

"I was unimpressed with the quality of the interior materials used; cheap"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Honda Civic)

"I own a 1991 Honda Accord. I still drive it today. If a product meets my satisfaction, I will continue to purchase from the same company. Burn me once, I will never buy from the company again, and I will make the point known to all my friends."

Anonymous, TN (2012 Honda Civic)

"We got this car from my daughter who no longer needs it. So the price etc. are not relevant for others. The questions should be viewed with this in mind. While our situation is not typical, you may want to make provisions in your survey for this situation."

Anonymous, WA (2012 Honda Civic)

"I think the 2012 Honda Civic sedan LX automatic is good value for the money. It's reliable and cost effective in terms of repairs and maintenance. The gas consumption is not what was advertised usually. I can get 5.9 per Litre or better on a longer highway trip but mostly I get 7 or less. After driving a manual Honda Civic for years, it's hard to get used or feel satisfied with the slow acceleration of the automatic."

KATHLEEN C., ON (2012 Honda Civic)

"Dealer provided good trade in"

Anonymous, OK (2012 Honda Civic)

"I bought this used from a new car dealer as a certified used car. I paid $16,000 for it and it only had 12,000 miles on it."

Anonymous, NC (2012 Honda Civic)

"happy with the car especially mpg"

E S., CT (2012 Honda Civic)

"good acceleration and very good gas mileage"

Anonymous, MD (2012 Honda Civic)


ROBERT R., FL (2012 Honda Civic)

"Was purchased used for 18 year old daughter, reasonable value."

PETER S., NJ (2012 Honda Civic)

"Gas mileage is amazing as well as low price for a reliable, reputable and nice looking car."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Honda Civic)

"Gas mileage was my main concern, get almost 33 in the city and have got as much as 43 on the road."

DONALD D., IL (2012 Honda Civic)

"Since it is a NG vehicle, we get the carpool benefit and the cost to operate is excellent for an otherwise fairly boring car."

RICHARD O., CA (2012 Honda Civic)

"The car is trouble free, economical to operate and was priced aggressively. Resale value is high."

DAN G., MA (2012 Honda Civic)

"practical, goof looking, good performance"

WILLIS S., FL (2012 Honda Civic)

"I have only had to replace the battery & tires so far in 4 years of ownership. I get regular oil changes & tire rotations. There are 51,100 miles on the car"

Anonymous, OH (2012 Honda Civic)

"Very economical and easy to drive"

TED F., CA (2012 Honda Civic)

"Comfortable drive even on long trips"

Anonymous, OH (2012 Honda Civic)

"Other than a couple of minor recalls and maintenance I have spent nothing on the car in 95,000 K. Had the same experience with the 2005 I had before this one. Good real world mileage. Made in Canada by tax paying Canadians."

ROBERT H., ON (2012 Honda Civic)

"There is no negatives up to now on this vehicle."

ELWIN C., NB (2012 Honda Civic)

"very good reliability, comfortable car,"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Honda Civic)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I purchased my car off the lot, new, civic coupe, blue, a sort of deep rich royal blue and as far as I know, a stock color. three years later I still have people stop me to tell me how good the car looks"

Anonymous, OH (2012 Honda Civic)

"I love the looks of the car"

ALLISON D., PA (2012 Honda Civic)

"The paint job is excellent Easy to clean"

Anonymous, PA (2012 Honda Civic)

"Paint job is awful. Car full of scratches especially around door handles, but all over."

MIKI S., AZ (2012 Honda Civic)

"The styling on this 2 dr. was what I wanted, and it looks very clean and aero looking."

GREGORY G., FL (2012 Honda Civic)

"Bad materials."

JON N., PA (2012 Honda Civic)
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