Following a hurried revamp, this version of Honda Civic was again competitive, if not class-leading. It rides a lot better, is quieter, has improved steering, and the interior looks much nicer. With its already spacious cabin, bulletproof reliability, and competitive fuel economy at 29 mpg overall, Civic is a safe, if somewhat conservative choice among compact sedans.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"I have the same problem with my civic that I had with my CRV. When I slow down to make a turn or in traffic and then accelerate, the car hesitates and I have to press the gas peddle several times before it picks up."

Anonymous, OH (2013 Honda Civic)

"The acceleration is not as good as the 2007 even though we keep the economy setting off."

Anonymous, MO (2013 Honda Civic)

"Entering a new gear (5 speed manual) results in a loud clunk sound, even while the clutch pedal is all the way down. Dealership says this is normal but I hate it. Applying the brakes results in a light clunk."

Anonymous, BC (2013 Honda Civic)

"I was driving a Ford Focus hatchback previously, and it handled more like a sports car. I find the Civic a little sluggish on hills and it doesn't corner like the Focus. I'm also finding that the cruise control doesn't hold the speed on steeper hills (up or down). I do use the ECO mode most of the time, which will affect acceleration, but even when it's off, this is not exactly a zippy car. But it's a good solid dependable (I assume) car, and I suppose if I want a sporty ride, I should get a spo"

IRIS B., MA (2013 Honda Civic)

"Responds well to all driving conditions. Accelerates smoothly and handles well on all surfaces. Will replace it with a newer model next year."

DON H., NC (2013 Honda Civic)

"When driving at highway speeds there is a lot of road noise."

Anonymous, ID (2013 Honda Civic)

"Road noise on uneven pavement too high"

Anonymous, CT (2013 Honda Civic)

"handles beautifully on mountain roads and curves."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda Civic)

"It accelerates moderately well, but seems sluggish when fully loaded or the AC is on."

LAWRENCE B., OH (2013 Honda Civic)

"poor acceleration....good gas mileage"

HEINZ A., OH (2013 Honda Civic)

"My wife and I both find yhis car difficult to drive because of the styling: You can not see the front end so it is impossible to get the car into a parking space properly."

GEORGE K., TX (2013 Honda Civic)

"I like the quick acceleration it has from a stopped position and the ease of handling."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda Civic)

"steering too sensitive, very tiring on long trips, electric power steering at fault.?"

JAMES D., FL (2013 Honda Civic)

"I have a 1996 Corvette that is very fun to drive. When I drive our 2013 Civic the feel is very similar. It handles extremely well. Even the feel when you are in the cockpit makes me feel as though I am in a sports car. The steering wheel is the best in the business."

DEAN S., WI (2013 Honda Civic)

"Could had a bit mor pep. But I do driv mostly with ECOn on."

Anonymous, MA (2013 Honda Civic)

"Does not accelerate as to my expectation"

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda Civic)

"Great MPG (5 speed stick and I get 43 MPG on the freeway). But the trade-off is that it's gutless."

ERIC W., CA (2013 Honda Civic)

"Handles well, is efficient and fun to drive."

GARY M., PA (2013 Honda Civic)

"The fast acceleration and good on gas"

NICK C., CA (2013 Honda Civic)

"The engine is reliable but needs another 60 to 70 horsepower."

BOB S., FL (2013 Honda Civic)

"Better gas mileage than rated. Hold the road well"

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda Civic)

"When the air conditioner is on the car is slow to accelerate."

SHARON S., TN (2013 Honda Civic)

"Great ride on trips"

KWOK L., NJ (2013 Honda Civic)

"Fun to drive - handles great, plenty of pep"

BROOKS M., TX (2013 Honda Civic)

"An attractive, comfortable coupe, but the gas mileage is dreadful even with the econ feature. The 2013 Honda gets the same gas mileage as the 1998 BMW 318 TI I owned before it. In 2013, it should be better."

Anonymous, IL (2013 Honda Civic)

"Acceleration could be better but overall it's a good vehicle."

Anonymous, MI (2013 Honda Civic)

"Can't see front end while seated inside car. Result is difficult to park and turn corners since there's no ability to judge where the front end of the car is."

DOROTHY M., WY (2013 Honda Civic)

"Good handling, slow acceleration."

Anonymous, MN (2013 Honda Civic)

"It handles nicely for a small car. i take this car on mountain roads. I've been pleasantly surprised by it's handling on the curvy roads."

YUVRAJ A., CA (2013 Honda Civic)

"The car sometimes feels a little underpowered when accelerating while get on to the Interstate"

SHIREEN M., CA (2013 Honda Civic)

"I like to be in Eco mode, but the car has a major problem when I really need to accelerate. It takes a long time to get going, and then once it gets going it revs the engine close to 6,000 RPM quite quickly. Sounds like the engine is going to explode."

Anonymous, UT (2013 Honda Civic)

"The ride is so smooth, sometimes I find myself going faster than I realized. Fortunately, there is a big digital speedometer to see a a quick glance."

Anonymous, MD (2013 Honda Civic)

"Very boring"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda Civic)

"Acceleration is a bit laggy at times."

Anonymous, SC (2013 Honda Civic)

"The handling is great, minimum lean and makes me feel that I am in control. Best brakes of any car I have driven. Smooth and quiet, but the power is there when you need it. Love all the features, like the hands free phone connections, very effective climate control, oil change reminder, etc. Also the mpg readout on the dash as well as light indicators that tell you if you are driving economically. In the ECO mode I can get 40 mpg on the highway and 35 in the city."

D R., CA (2013 Honda Civic)

"The car does not accelerate very quickly. Other than that, it's great."

Anonymous, GA (2013 Honda Civic)

"Acceleration is lacking 40% of the time. It tends to hesitate then accelerate. Not always as fast as my 2001 or 2010 did."

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Honda Civic)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"seats not as comfortable as my previous cars after an hour of driving"

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda Civic)

"Dark gray interior very hot. Do not like the "blanket" like upholstery because it's hot and lint and everything just sticks to it."

Anonymous, IN (2013 Honda Civic)

"Loud road noise"

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda Civic)

"Since my wife is the primary driver, I don't reset the seat when I drive this car; however, it's very comfortable for me once seated. Although I'm average height (5'11") I do need to watch my knees and shoes while getting in and out. Climate control, noise and ride all exceed our standards."

BRIAN W., PA (2013 Honda Civic)

"heated sdeats"

Anonymous, MA (2013 Honda Civic)

"Noisy interior."

Anonymous, ON (2013 Honda Civic)

"I fit well and comfortably into the driver's seat, But I am tall and a little more leg room would make it that much better."

MELVIN D., TN (2013 Honda Civic)

"Front passenger leg room too short and seat is uncomfortable."

ROBERT D., ME (2013 Honda Civic)

"my wife and I both agree that the seats are very uncomfortable. Too curved from seat to neck."

RICHARD S., GA (2013 Honda Civic)

"It is a comfortable car to drive as compacts go, but I drive a full size sedan also and prefer the ride and feel of a bigger car. My wife is the primary driver of this car and would tell you she loves the ride as she prefers smaller cars."

E L., CT (2013 Honda Civic)

"Seats are very uncomfortable. Sat in my brothers 2010 accord and my 2013 civic sat the whole time out of state and drove my brothers accord. Seats are very narrow and make a long drive even longer. The civic lacks overall comfort."

JOHN G., NM (2013 Honda Civic)

"Too difficult to get into and very difficult to get out of car.Plus getting out creates static electricity and you always get shocked."

W P., MI (2013 Honda Civic)

"A bit hard to get into/out of due to seat lateral supports, but comfortable once in."

JOHN L., ON (2013 Honda Civic)

"Seats cannot be adjusted for different heights. Passenger front seat is too low."

W S., VA (2013 Honda Civic)

"Car is a little noisy with road noise."

Anonymous, MO (2013 Honda Civic)

"a driver side arm rest would be nice"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda Civic)

"Previously owned a Honda Insight where economy overrode comfort. I am truly enjoying the great ride, quieter performance and excellent audio."

JUDITH M., CO (2013 Honda Civic)

"We bought it because it's a good looking economy car and it has delivered on that. That said, I wish the seats were a bit more comfortable."

ERIC W., CA (2013 Honda Civic)

"road and wind noise are excessive.Lower priced cars that I have been in are quieter."

L S., NS (2013 Honda Civic)

"I am short and squat, 72 inches tall and 220 lbs, and these were the only seats that fit me well. Other seats in different models and manufacturers were too tight across the kidney/lower rib area."

DONNY S., MO (2013 Honda Civic)

"Seats are great for back concerns"

Anonymous, PA (2013 Honda Civic)

"The driver's seat could use more leg support on trips. The car is noisy at highway speeds. In order to hear music at highway speeds the volume has to be turned up to the point of causing hearing loss. This is a problem no one talks about."

CHARLES S., VA (2013 Honda Civic)

"Road noise needs to improve"

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda Civic)

"More road noise than I expect."

Anonymous, BC (2013 Honda Civic)

"I really like this Civic with the exception of the head rests. I have the seat adjusted to a good height for me, but the head rest causes my neck/head to bend forward and makes it very uncomfortable. It causes me to take a neck ache which sometimes results in a headache."

LISA W., TX (2013 Honda Civic)

"The seats are not as comfortable as I would like especially during long trips with several hours in the seat"

Anonymous, VT (2013 Honda Civic)

"TERRIBLE Seats and driver position Air Conditioning is inadequate on hot days"

RON V., OR (2013 Honda Civic)

"bad; dislike the climate control with the set the temperature. too fancy. i like to move the knob and the air temperature changes immediately. if i change the temperature, often the air blowing out of the dash does not change."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Honda Civic)

"Seats could be a little more comfortable and the ride is a bit noisy,but overall very good."

SUSAN R., TN (2013 Honda Civic)

"Very uncomfortable- feel every bump in the road. Climate control takes too long to cool down. Glare on instrument panel glass makes it almost impossible to read guages on a sunny day."

WILLIAM S., MA (2013 Honda Civic)

"The cloth seat material is horrible. Difficult to clean."

NANCY S., CA (2013 Honda Civic)

"Great ride"

KWOK L., NJ (2013 Honda Civic)

"The front seats are very uncomfortable. There's no lumbar support, and the headrests force one's head farther forward than is sometimes comfortable. The seats cause both of us to develop back and/or leg pains. My husband won't drive it for more than a few miles."

JOHN, MD (2013 Honda Civic)


EDDIE G., TN (2013 Honda Civic)

"The seats could be a lot more comfortable. They should have been 8 way power for the driver and they should have a lumbar support"

BOB S., FL (2013 Honda Civic)

"Ride is unconfortable"

Anonymous, QC (2013 Honda Civic)

"Honda did a great job with the interior design of this car. I especially love the two level instruments which keep the eyes on the road more than the style with one. The seats are especially comfortable."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda Civic)

"Heated seats. They are a godsend for anyone with back pain (spinal stenosis, etc.) -- and for cold snowy winters like in Santa Fe NM. I never turn them off except for the monsoon summers."

CONSTANCE C., NM (2013 Honda Civic)

"Inside noise is a little loud on road trips. Climate control is good."

Anonymous, IL (2013 Honda Civic)

"The driver seat is not as adjustable as I thought especially for a petite woman. The lower back support hits almost at my upper back & can push me forward. When it's time to start looking for my next vehicle, I will be very aware to more thoroughly test this feature."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda Civic)

"road noise is very loud."

KEVIN D., WA (2013 Honda Civic)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Because Consumer Reports was very critical of the 2012 Honda Civic I avoided purchasing that year's vehicle and waited until CU gave a very good report of the 2013 Civic"

RICHARD C., BC (2013 Honda Civic)

"Compared to other vehicles in its class, it is far superior in fit and finish, it doesn't go wrong. no recalls, good mileage, comfortable to drive a long distance"

DAVID W., ON (2013 Honda Civic)

"The price is modest and it runs like a Swiss clock all the time. For a small car with a small engine it has sufficient zip, and the seats are comfortable for long journeys"

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Honda Civic)

"Fantastic gas mileage, brides well, good acceleration, very reliable"

STEVEN I., NJ (2013 Honda Civic)

"Lots of features included in the price - backup camera, good entertainment system"

RICHARD C., FL (2013 Honda Civic)

"Attractive Body Style. Car size somewhat larger than prior year models. Price of car was very reasonable. Car handling and acceleration more than adequate. Reliable car."

LEONARD S., NJ (2013 Honda Civic)

"Consumers can not beat this car for reliability, gas economy, and minimum maintenance, especially for the price."

JANIS C., FL (2013 Honda Civic)

"Easy to drive and park, cheap to operate, as comfortable as small cars are going to be- a great value."

ROBIN S., NC (2013 Honda Civic)

"Had to replace all four tires at only 30,000 miles at a total cost of $719."

JOHN B., MN (2013 Honda Civic)

"I have owned many Honda's and this is the best yet. It is very comfortable, quieter then the other Honda's and gets great gas economy. I love the hands free phone connections and the rear view camera. Climate control works very well. Totally reliable, just like a Honda!"

D R., CA (2013 Honda Civic)

"The standard features available with the base model Civic was very impressive compared to the other vehicles I considered. I felt I received extremely good value with the Civic."

THOMAS S., OH (2013 Honda Civic)

"Honda makes good cars, compares to 2013 cars, the Civic was a nice car w/good power and reliable. Body style never dated likes Corrolas."

JENNIFER D., CA (2013 Honda Civic)

"although the automobile is a good product, I believe all vehicles are overpriced for today's market."

RICHARD S., GA (2013 Honda Civic)

"Road noise is bad"

LES P., PE (2013 Honda Civic)

"Honda CPO program was good to work with, good warranty plan, definitely would purchase through this program again."

Anonymous, IL (2013 Honda Civic)

"The car seems to meet my expectations but is way to expensive."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda Civic)

"Excellent car for the price"

Anonymous, WI (2013 Honda Civic)

"I expected the same quality for the money as several older Civics I have owned. They now seem very cheaply made in very dissatisfied with the paint. It scratches extremely easy as well as chips on hood, which Honda admits were not result of rocks or my negligence, but still refused to paint under warranty."

Anonymous, NC (2013 Honda Civic)

"you get what you pay for....good car for driving around town...but no further"

HEINZ A., OH (2013 Honda Civic)

"We found a slightly used 3 yr old Civic. We previously testdrove 16 new cars looking for a Mini Cooper replacement, a little more practical with a nicer ride. We got the Honda for $12,600 and the Mini. The 2013 Civic only had 8,881 miles. The 2002 Mini had 75,000 miles, looked great, sounded great with a Borla Exhaust but had CVT problems and a steering rack / column going bad. The Civic is a nice ride and my wife loves it. It does, however, have poor rear visibility, even with a backup camera."

JOHN H., OH (2013 Honda Civic)

"Car is fine. Paid way too much. All Dealer will rip you off."

JAMES W., LA (2013 Honda Civic)

"Considering the final price, under 17k, this model had an excellent range of amenities: heated seats, back-up camera, sunroof, bluetooth, GPS, cruise control and climate control. If the seats had been better designed, this would have been an amazing car!"

WM K., MA (2013 Honda Civic)

"Hwy mpg is 41, handles quick and parks great. Just a great car for me."

Anonymous, IA (2013 Honda Civic)

"I am completely satisfied in all categories with my Civic."

REG D., SC (2013 Honda Civic)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Because our Honda is white it looks just like hundreds of cars on the Walmart parking lot. It can be difficult to find. I wish it had a radio antenna so we could put an antenna ball on it."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Honda Civic)

"Looks sleek & sporty relative to vehicles of the class."

JOHN L., ON (2013 Honda Civic)

"given the "sporty" behavior of the car, they could have used lower, better fitted front seats"

CRISTIAN D., FL (2013 Honda Civic)

"Slick exterior design (front, hood, roof and rear). Comfortable interior."

LEONARD S., NJ (2013 Honda Civic)

"Color is a bright royal blue, clean lines and great all around car."

Anonymous, IA (2013 Honda Civic)

"They didn't cater to the female. My previous Honda was a 2007 and had a lot of storage space on the inside doors. They cut it in half in the 2013. Took away the slide cover for the console in the 2013. I don't like how they have these stupid thin knobs for changing something on the dash. Can't remember what it was for but I hate it."

DEE L., NJ (2013 Honda Civic)

"I don't care for the styling of the new 2017 CIVIC. From every angle i think my 2013 looks better."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Honda Civic)

"The Coupe has a nice clean style, very sporty. A few people have asked if it was a Porsche. I always think it is one of the best styled cars in a parking lot"

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Honda Civic)

"Clean, updated styling. Comfortable to get in and out."

RICHARD C., FL (2013 Honda Civic)

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