2014 brought yet another update to Honda's popular small car, keeping the Civic competitive. A responsive continuously variable transmission helps boost fuel economy slightly to 30 mpg overall and 40 on the highway, while an up-level touch-screen infotainment system provides more connectivity features, although it could be more user-friendly. Despite the upgrades, the Civic only scored midpack in our Ratings.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

“Handling is excellent, but the 4-banger could use another 10% in HP. Yes, I would accept reduced MPGs around town as a result. Then, look at the number of miles we drive -- not many. So total fuel cost is not an issue, but range on a trip is.”

ROBERT D., CA (2014 Honda Civic)

“Car handles extremely well. I very easy to park and ideal for in town driving. Great acceleration for such a small engine”

PETER M., CA (2014 Honda Civic)


Anonymous, ON (2014 Honda Civic)

“I find the drivers seat a challenge, uncomfortable, after 2hrs. driving on long trips. That accounts for the 33000K on the 2015 and the 22000K on the 2014. Several weeks ago in an automotive section of a newspaper it was stated that removing the headlight switch and having lights on all the time was only 2 years away. I can only hope!”

G S., ON (2014 Honda Civic)

“Fun to Drive. Quick and Sporty.”

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda Civic)

“Acceleration is sluggish through the entire range of the gas pedal.”

BARRY H., OK (2014 Honda Civic)

“engine just turns off while driving took to dealer to have check out couldn't find problem”

R K., HI (2014 Honda Civic)

“CVT is terrible. Car feels like it has no power, especially with A/C active. Acceleration is nail biting. Engine revs to the sky, nothing happens. I would not buy another CVT equipped car.”

Anonymous, MO (2014 Honda Civic)

“Very peppy and never leaves one worried that it won't perform.”

JAMES B., FL (2014 Honda Civic)

“Very smooth shifting. Takes curves unbelievably smoothly.”

MARI S., OR (2014 Honda Civic)

“Very fast acceleration from a stop. There IS, however, a bit of a momentary lag when increasing speed when entering onto a highway. However, letting easing off the accelerator momentarily makes car CVT switch gears and acceleration is again very fast afterwards.”

CAN A., QC (2014 Honda Civic)

“Hesitates on cool engine--was told by dealer service that all 2014 Civics have this problem!”

BAGOT-LOPEZ B., CA (2014 Honda Civic)

“The acceleration is quite lively considering it's a 4 cylinder without a Turbo. The handling is firm, but comfortable.”

R B., CA (2014 Honda Civic)

“Pick up is lack luster. Handling seems reasonable.”

HENRY S., NY (2014 Honda Civic)

“When I need to accelerate very quickly, the car responds and I can quickly go from 30-60 mph.”

Anonymous, PA (2014 Honda Civic)

“The car has decent handling and adequate power for a 4 cylinder.”

HENRY D., CA (2014 Honda Civic)

“The ECO feature causes a definite lag as you accelerate from a standstill. You really can't "punch" it to take off or avoid a problem.”

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda Civic)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

“Harder for me to get into or out of the vehicle. Seats are ok for a short ride but not for a longer ride. Climate control is fine. Noise is not bad.”

ROBERT C., AZ (2014 Honda Civic)

“Road noise can be loud”

THOMAS T., MI (2014 Honda Civic)

“A lot of noise when you drive it.”

VIKKI B., OH (2014 Honda Civic)

“Crowded seating. When exiting car you must raise steering wheel. Dashboard is almost invisible when driving in sunlight. Steering is "iffy" - left turns are very difficult to see with long sloping windshield. I have no use for most of the electronics build in. GREAT mileage is only factor that saves it for me.”

JOHN E., FL (2014 Honda Civic)

“car hits bumps hard and does not ride as smooth as I would like”

Anonymous, OH (2014 Honda Civic)

“Only problem. I'm 5'-6" and it is uncomfortable to get in and out of the car with the low head clearance at the door.”

ED M., WA (2014 Honda Civic)

“rides good for a small car. Seat comfort is good and good room in the back seats. Climate control works well.”

JAMES H., TX (2014 Honda Civic)

“Phone interface easy to use and connects easily. For the price this car is comfortable with supportive seats. Ride is a bit bumpy tho”

PAUL A., CA (2014 Honda Civic)

“I am tall, with long legs. I do not find the driver's seat comfortable, no matter how much I try to adjust it.”

TIM I., CA (2014 Honda Civic)

“Climate control and ride”

DAVID K., MD (2014 Honda Civic)

“Excess road noise; good climate control; seats could be better for long distances”

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda Civic)

“Bucket seats are very uncomfortable. The leather is lumpy and has very little padding.”

MAURICE S., ON (2014 Honda Civic)

“The seats are comfortable and the driving position is good.”

STEPHEN L., ON (2014 Honda Civic)

“Doesn't seem to have good back support.”

RENEE R., MA (2014 Honda Civic)

“long distance driving turns out to be very uncomfortable. it s impossible to adjust the drivers seat to reduce the problem”

JOSEPH O., FL (2014 Honda Civic)

“Air conditioning takes a long time to cool.”

Anonymous, OH (2014 Honda Civic)

“The outside noise level is very excessive with all windows closed. I have to turn the radio volume up higher than normal to drown out the noise. The ride is very rough, but maybe due to the low profile tires.”

BARRY H., OK (2014 Honda Civic)

“One area of design that is flawed, is that the door pockets are too short to adequately hold a road map.”

GLENN M., BC (2014 Honda Civic)

“At 6'1 feet in height with boots on, its barely enough room to use the pedals. Its not their fault. I'm just too tall for a compact. Looking to get a fullsize soon.”

KENNY H., CA (2014 Honda Civic)

“Cloth seats stain with even water spilling on them. Very hard to clean”

STEVEN Y., CA (2014 Honda Civic)

“I am disappointed with the road noise.”

Anonymous, UT (2014 Honda Civic)

“I am an overweight person and my brother is small in frame and we both agree that the car is too low. It is difficult to get in and out of the vehicle.”

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda Civic)

“I like the gas mileage and ease of parking, but the seats are meant for kids not adults. Why can't I get a comfortable seat and also not have to get a navigation system. The dash is split level, also not good for bifocals. Looks good but not practical.”

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda Civic)

“seats are made for tint people, legroom,both length and width is minimal,passenger has to use pillows to have a reasonably comfortable ride”

Anonymous, NC (2014 Honda Civic)

“The seats are very uncomfortable”

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Honda Civic)

“Get some road noise and the ride is somewhat firm, but handles greate”

DONALD V., OH (2014 Honda Civic)

“I seem to hear the wheels on the road more now than when it was new.”

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda Civic)

“Driver's seat is lumpy, and dealer can't won't fix”

MARK J., MD (2014 Honda Civic)

“The car is very comfortable with one exception: the headrests pitch my head too far forward! I had to remove the one on the driver's side and turn it around so it angles toward the back. This is dangerous, but it was either that or drive with a constant headache.”

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda Civic)

“Unlike the 2012 Honda Civic Sedan, the 2014 Honda Civic Coupe does not allow me to sit straight up without my head hitting the ceiling. I am 6'2" tall. Even with the seat adjusted all the way down, I have to sit at a recline to avoid hitting the ceiling.”

MAXWELL H., IN (2014 Honda Civic)

“access to the back seat is extremely limited & difficult, making the back seat unusable. a third door would be the perfect solution.”

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda Civic)

“rough ride more like a sports car ride but it isn't one. road noise, engine and transmission noise. Radio sound quality is poor.”

Anonymous, AZ (2014 Honda Civic)

“Far better ride than 2000 Civic. Touch screen terrible. Not intuitive.”

Anonymous, PA (2014 Honda Civic)

“The problem with owning an Accord and a Civic is that the Accord rides better so we take it on longer trips. The Civic is similarly equipped so you could say it's just a smaller version of the Accord.”

DON N., OR (2014 Honda Civic)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

“Got the care at reasonable price, only minor problem with replacing tire and hub that was covered under warranty, no complaints or problems with car. Have owned two other Hondas and never had major problems with this make of car.”

Anonymous, MD (2014 Honda Civic)

“Honda cut a lot of corners to keep the car competitive. The Hancook tires were so bad that I replaced them with Michelins. The split driver's side mirror is a joke- way too small to see the blind spot. The Honda Link screen is finicky but very good once one learns how to use it. I am disappointed in the accuracy of the electronic odometer. I bought the car because our family have had 10 Hondas (Accords & Civics) since 1987 and they gave me an exceptional deal to keep me from jumping to a Toy”

Anonymous, ON (2014 Honda Civic)

“I got what I paid for. Needed a more inexpensive car. But miss the bell and whistles that came standard on the Accord.”

Anonymous, KY (2014 Honda Civic)

“good mileage, sporty coupe, inexpensive”

FINLEY W., FL (2014 Honda Civic)

“Excellent car for the price.”

JAMES B., FL (2014 Honda Civic)

“Great car for the money.. Don't get the NAVI until they make it more user friendly. the 2010 model was better in this aspect than the 2014.”

Anonymous, VA (2014 Honda Civic)


DAVID N., GA (2014 Honda Civic)

“The Civic was a bargain. Again, we used True Car for pricing leverage. It's actually my wife's car. She loves the car, and she's very comfortable.”

R B., CA (2014 Honda Civic)

“It's a really well-built car for the price. Solid, reliable, and comfortable.”

RICHARD H., WV (2014 Honda Civic)

“Overall, the value for the money was OK, but the gas mileage was much lower than I anticipated, and what the sticker MPG indicated. I got much better mileage, and closer to the estimated MPG with my previous Toyota Corolla.”

CLIFF J., CA (2014 Honda Civic)

“You can't beat the quality of this car for the price....many amenities that add to the quality and driving experience. Have been a loyal Civic driver for years and will continue to do do. It just seems to keep getting better!”

MATT M., IA (2014 Honda Civic)

“I wanted a low profile functional vehicle to get me from point a to point b.”

Anonymous, IN (2014 Honda Civic)

“great small car for the money and gas mileage very good”

JOE P., CA (2014 Honda Civic)

“you can't beat a Honda!”

ROLAND C., NC (2014 Honda Civic)

“Dealer really hosed me on the price: misrepresentations, promises, obfuscation, psychological manipulation. I felt really violated, although I Love the car.”

DAVID G., MD (2014 Honda Civic)

“i got everything available on the Accord EX for $7000.00 less with little sacrifice in comfort”

JOSEPH O., PA (2014 Honda Civic)

“In two years absolutely no problems other than occasionally the tire pressure light will come on even though the tires are inflated to the proper pressure.”

Anonymous, MO (2014 Honda Civic)

“I bought the car used as I never buy new. I was able to find a great deal out of state and drove home. The resale value was average $2000 to $3000 higher than what I paid and roughly $5000 higher when it was new. Considering the options, style, comfort, MPG and more, I consider this a great value for my money.”

Anonymous, MI (2014 Honda Civic)

“I bought with the idea of having the car long term and looking for something that would be less expensive than my previous car for upkeep and depreciation.”

Anonymous, CT (2014 Honda Civic)

“Low price and great gas mileage”

Anonymous, OH (2014 Honda Civic)

“paid about $19200 for it. We don't drive it in winter and only a few months during cooler months & get 40mpg over all. from mid May into Sept we are getting 44 mpg overall driving. live in small village and little city driving.”

DAVID G., NY (2014 Honda Civic)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

“It's a beautiful color blue and it is very sleek looking. That's why I decided to purchase it.”

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda Civic)

“My Honda Civic is a 4 door but very sporty. I feel good driving it. Suits my personality. No a "mom" car even though it doesn't go 160 mph. Handling is excellent, too”

CAROLYN B., PA (2014 Honda Civic)

“The dashboard easy to see.”

ALICESON C., TX (2014 Honda Civic)

“The dashboard panel is hard to read when the sun is shining. It is hard to see the gauges.”

LYNN L., UT (2014 Honda Civic)

“good shape”

WILLIAM A., AZ (2014 Honda Civic)

“I wish the there was an option other than the beige seating for the maroon body. They show every bit of grime. Otherwise, this is a very good looking car that I love to drive.”

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda Civic)

“Internal plastic trim looks cheap with rough edges. Upholstery fabric could be styled better.”

HENRY S., NY (2014 Honda Civic)

“Good for this type of car”

Anonymous, ON (2014 Honda Civic)

“The exterior has an enhanced muscle style compared to prior models yet still has an aerodynamic sleekness to it. The overall exterior view is one of the biggest selling points for me.”

Anonymous, MI (2014 Honda Civic)

“This is my third Civic (1986, 2002, now 2014) and I'll never buy another. They took a great car and, IMO, ruined it. First, it's longer and wider - if I had wanted a larger car I would have bought an Accord. The roof pillars are now wider, creating big blind spots. The front seat seat belt latches are no longer next to an open bin, now they butt up against a barrier and my knuckles are constantly scraped opening and latching the seat belt. They created what at first appears to be a fly wind”

JANE H., IL (2014 Honda Civic)

“The car has a nice sporty look, nice lines, shape, stance and overall look (length, wheels, front shape, slope of cabin from the outside and the rear end shape).”

HENRY D., CA (2014 Honda Civic)

“I get compliments all the time--really nice looking especially with the wheels that were a dealer add-on.”

BAGOT-LOPEZ B., CA (2014 Honda Civic)

“Looks very sporty for a sedan”

DAVID K., MD (2014 Honda Civic)

“good looking coupe”

FINLEY W., FL (2014 Honda Civic)

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