2014 brought yet another update to Honda's popular small car, keeping the Civic competitive. A responsive continuously variable transmission helps boost fuel economy slightly to 30 mpg overall and 40 on the highway, while an up-level touch-screen infotainment system provides more connectivity features, although it could be more user-friendly. Despite the upgrades, the Civic only scored midpack in our Ratings.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say


Anonymous, CA (2015 Honda Civic)

"Love the excelleration, camera (wish there was one on left side), back-up screen, steering capability, bluetooth"

Anonymous, PA (2015 Honda Civic)

"Excellent comfort and drive (road handling). I know this is a dealer choice, but I was not happy with the tires that the vehicle came with (and didn't have an option to change)."

CARL V., MA (2015 Honda Civic)

"Road noise on uneven pavement too high"

Anonymous, CT (2015 Honda Civic)

"It accelerates and handles very well"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Honda Civic)

"I bought a manual shift. No complaints, but automatic next time"

GS S., NB (2015 Honda Civic)

"Love the engine with straight stick. Very peppy. Fun."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Honda Civic)

"Acceleration from a stop is much slower with the CVT transmission than it was with the automatic used in the 2013 model. I find the handling to be very good for an inexpensive sedan."

HASKEL S., NC (2015 Honda Civic)

"The CVT is horrible - like driving with a rubber band between the motor and the wheels - lots of wind up and eventual execution - quite unnerving in emergency situation to press on the accelerator and having the car essentially say "I'll get back to ya on that". The absence of a real transmission (4-5-6 speeds) devalues this car significantly. It is my wife's car and she has adapted to the lousy acceleration by just gunning the motor to take off which impacts any fuel economy potentials the car"

CRAIG S., AZ (2015 Honda Civic)

"1.8 L engine provides good economy, but car lacks acceleration under all driving conditions"

Anonymous, MO (2015 Honda Civic)

"This being the Si model has great acceleration and handling. Feels like an street legal racecar."

STEFAN B., SC (2015 Honda Civic)

"It has a lot of hesitation. Otherwise, it's easy to drive."

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Honda Civic)


NANCY R., OH (2015 Honda Civic)

"Great pick-up for a 4 cyl engine. Very smooth ride. So easy to drive and seats are very comfortable. Highway gas mileage up to 43 mpg."

CAROL W., SC (2015 Honda Civic)

"It could be smoother. Kind of a shaky ride."

MELANIE R., CA (2015 Honda Civic)

"mph not what advertisec"

Anonymous, OR (2015 Honda Civic)

"There's a little lag sometimes when pressing on the gas pedal. It doesn't respond very well all the time."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Honda Civic)


DORIS D., MA (2015 Honda Civic)

"I would prefer the regular 4 speed auto trans over the cvt trans. it was much more responsive."

LAWRENCE G., NJ (2015 Honda Civic)

"Vehicle acceleration is very poor, feel hestiation either in transmission or engine (not sure) going up hills, doesn't hold speed well using cruise control, slows down too much up hills, and speeds up too much going down hills. So far dealer has indicated that is how the CVT engine is"

DARCY A., MA (2015 Honda Civic)

"Periodic hesitation upon acceleration almost feels like it is going to stall. This happened in my 2012 Honda Civic LX tried to get it fixed but they couldn't. I thought it was just a lemon, but it is also happening in my 2015 Honda Civic LX."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Honda Civic)

"Don't get fatigue driving this car"

JERRY W., TN (2015 Honda Civic)

"acura version of 2.4L engine pulls strong up to redline ,returns decent gas mileage. The gear ratios in the transmission well suited to this engine. This combo delivers spritely acceleration while under tired it also corners well!"

JOHN L., IL (2015 Honda Civic)

"The (automatic) transmission acts like it's under load when driving. It surges when accelerating from 50-55 on the fwy."

Anonymous, WA (2015 Honda Civic)

"Although I always keep the econ button on, the car still accerlates quickly on highways. Really very responsive."

PHYLLIS P., NJ (2015 Honda Civic)

"CVT transmission does not provide the best driving satisfaction. It is smooth and provides good mileage, but..."

Anonymous, ON (2015 Honda Civic)

"Acceleration seems less satisfactory than my 2004 Civic."

GARY K., NJ (2015 Honda Civic)

"Very responsive but still under control."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Honda Civic)

"This is an amazing car for acceleration and handling. I like the smoothness of the CVT transmission but miss the braking on downgrades when in cruise."

AUBREY M., CA (2015 Honda Civic)

"It has a very sporty feel and quick acceleration."

GERALD C., PA (2015 Honda Civic)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"There isn't enough room in the back seats for an average size passenger. Otherwise I am happy with the comfort."

LYNN D., CA (2015 Honda Civic)

"Disappointed in the road noise. Amazed the headlights didn't turn on automatically considering they did on my previous car, a 2000 Camry."

Anonymous, MB (2015 Honda Civic)

"somewhat noisy"

Anonymous, GA (2015 Honda Civic)

"1. if older person extremely difficult to get into and out of car due to sloping door opening. Ride is a little rough over bumpy highways."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Honda Civic)

"Seats are not comfortable on long drives after 2+ hours."

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Honda Civic)

"It's a very quiet car!"

Anonymous, WI (2015 Honda Civic)

"Road noise."

MICHAEL R., CA (2015 Honda Civic)

"Seats do not electronically adjust even though it is an EX like they do in an Accord EX and there is less support which would be uncomfortable on long drives"

LINDA L., VA (2015 Honda Civic)

"Seats are supportive and comfortable. Climate control works great."

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Honda Civic)

"The lower back support is not that good for me. I adjust my seat in a regular basis and the wind noise is a bother"

MIKE F., CA (2015 Honda Civic)

"The ride is not as comfortable as I wanted. Also, it seems like it blows hot air when the controls are not even onn"

MARY B., CA (2015 Honda Civic)

"A bit of road noise. Seats are comfortable on a long trip and climate controls function well in the front"

PAT H., ON (2015 Honda Civic)

"The head room in the 2015 was less than my previous 2007. I'm only 5.3' but the difference is noticeable"

DEBRA A., CA (2015 Honda Civic)

"Have had 3 honda and one acura, this is first Honda/Acura that is a solid ride with little or no road noise."

DANNY H., TX (2015 Honda Civic)

"The angle of the seats is somewhat uncomfortable and low; I get a sore back after long drives."

Anonymous, RI (2015 Honda Civic)

"The seat belt hits my neck instead of resting over my shoulder."

Anonymous, WI (2015 Honda Civic)

"The fabric on the seats is less comfortable than that on my previous 2007 Civic, it shows stains more easily, and is harder to clean. The carpeting does not seem as plush, and is showing wear already. The cup holders between the front seats each have 2 fewer springy "holders" than the 2007 model, so now my travel mug knocks around as I drive, rather than sitting securely in place. Most disappointing of all is that when the back seats are put down, the space between the trunk and the back seats i"

CHERYL H., ME (2015 Honda Civic)

"When heating/cooling fan is off, still some air leaks through so I have to choose which area to direct the air flow to (i.e. the floor or seats)."

Anonymous, ON (2015 Honda Civic)

"The acceleration can be a little choppy. But the biggest problem is not being able to open both back windows without cracking the front windows. The noise is so loud it sounds like you have a flat tire and it hurts your ears. My dog likes to stick his head out the window and can't do that in this car."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Honda Civic)

"Ride is smooth and shifting is as well"

ROBERT C., TX (2015 Honda Civic)

"The acceleration is weak, the seat comfort is fair, the seat adjustment could be better, the noise level is too high at higher speeds, the navigation system is somewhat annoying, the climate control is good, and the ride and handling feel sporty."

HOWARD G., CA (2015 Honda Civic)

"Seats are good fit and are comfortable with very efficient climate control"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Honda Civic)

"I think the car is noisy on the highway."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Honda Civic)

"has very little pick-up and I'd like something with more room"

ROBERT L., PA (2015 Honda Civic)

"After owning it for a while I realized that I would prefer a softer more comfortable ride instead of the more sports car ride."

Anonymous, NC (2015 Honda Civic)

"Seats are more comfortable than I expected to find over time. They are cloth so they are cooler than the leather seats I owned previously. These seats on the Si model are bolstered well and are supportive even on long trips. I owned a two seater car and it was hot, noisy inside. My civic has a great air conditioning system for Florida Heat. The reviews CU did on this car were way off the mark as it handles well for a FWD car and the noise level and ride are commensurate with this class of car an"

DOUGLAS B., FL (2015 Honda Civic)

"Lots of road noise"

BOB E., AK (2015 Honda Civic)


DORIS D., MA (2015 Honda Civic)

"The Honda Link infotainment system is difficult to interact with. In particular, the touch volume control is awful!!!"

Anonymous, BC (2015 Honda Civic)

"This is a coupe - pretty small and yet it handles like a larger car in terms of solid ride, relatively quiet. Climate control perfect."

PHYLLIS P., NJ (2015 Honda Civic)

"Seats need more back support."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Honda Civic)

"Seats and promptness of air conditioning"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Honda Civic)

"The head rest is absolutely horrible. It tilts to far forward, and doesn't allow you to hold your head upright, making it more difficult to look out windows, mirrors, etc. This is made worse if one wears their hair in a ponytail."

ANNA S., GA (2015 Honda Civic)

"It's noisy but so were our previous Civics. We looked at Accords but they cost to much."

STEVEN I., IA (2015 Honda Civic)

"It is too noisy!"

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Honda Civic)

"Very noisy during highway driving. Thinking of replacing it with a 2016 model but not until I find out if the car is still noisy during highway driving. So noisy, hard to hold a normal conversation voice level. BIG disappointment"

VIVIAN K., NV (2015 Honda Civic)


Anonymous, FL (2015 Honda Civic)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Low price but offers good size and comfort . A very good commute car."

MICHAEL B., VA (2015 Honda Civic)

"Handling, controls and connectivity to iPhone, speaker system, style, mirrors, sunroof and cameras."

DENNIS S., CA (2015 Honda Civic)

"Stylish, economical, well built"

NORMAN S., FL (2015 Honda Civic)

"I traded a 2005 Jaguar X-Type Wagon's equity for a completely paid up 3-year lease (12,000 mi per year) on the 2015 Civic. It gives me 3 years of bumper to bumper warranty with no mandatory payments and time to save up for the down payment on my next car or car lease."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Honda Civic)

"My wife bought this car -first time she had ever done so. Dealer took advantage of her."

JIM H., OK (2015 Honda Civic)

"excellent fuel economy."

KURT H., WI (2015 Honda Civic)

"I have been a Civic owner for many years now. The cars have performed with enthusiasm and pep and have provided almost no problems. Gas mileage is important and Honda comes through."

DENNIS M., NC (2015 Honda Civic)

"Incredible value for the money spent. Besides the bluetooth pairing with my iPhone the car has been exactly what I would have expected."

JUSTIN M., CA (2015 Honda Civic)

"The audio controls are hard to use. The gas mileage is not at all what I hoped for and not at all what was advertised."

Anonymous, OR (2015 Honda Civic)

"Great car. We have as a second car for short trips ... Perfect for our needs."

BOB B., NC (2015 Honda Civic)

"Hard to see without mirrors when backing up. Makes my wife uncomfortable when backing up."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Honda Civic)

"I leased and I got a lower lease price than I had on my 2012 Honda."

Anonymous, MI (2015 Honda Civic)

"The electronics, safety features, engine, fuel economy and reliability are an exceptional value for the price. However, the interior seats and cabin noise are the quality of a worn-out, old vehicle."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Honda Civic)

"The cost of ALL cars is too high"

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Honda Civic)

"Very good economy car. Does the job going from point A to B in relative comfort and no worries of reliability as Hondas have excellent proven reliability."

KEVIN P., CA (2015 Honda Civic)

"I saved about 4000 dollars under list price"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Honda Civic)

"We had a great salesman. He gave us some extra monies off and it was a good deal."

PATRICIA S., NC (2015 Honda Civic)

"Good value for what you get. We have the touring model which includes all factory options. We compared to other vehicles in the class this was the best value"

PAT H., ON (2015 Honda Civic)

"Excellent value for the price if you purchase through Costco auto program"

Anonymous, NC (2015 Honda Civic)

"It does not spend a lot of time in the repair shop"

ARLINE G., CT (2015 Honda Civic)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Perfect starter vehicle for a new driver. Offers many standard options in a base model that are often not included in base models. Very quiet ride and good room inside. A great value purchase."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Honda Civic)

"I don't the chrome and faux brake ducts and appreciate clean, functional design."

HASKEL S., NC (2015 Honda Civic)

"I did not like the Civics from the past (test drove as new in 2004 and 2010). I was skeptical in 2015. To my surprise, Honda got the suspension totally correct in this year. It's a great riding vehicle!"

CARL V., MA (2015 Honda Civic)

"Honda overall styling is OK, but rear styling of their 2014-2015 cars was poor. Bought the car in spite of styling."

Anonymous, MO (2015 Honda Civic)

"This car looks great, simple but really stylish. I put a stripe on it and that put it over the top."

ADELE G., DE (2015 Honda Civic)

"Nothing special. Just standard and functional."

Anonymous, CT (2015 Honda Civic)

"Beautiful design by far the best look of any civic SI yet. Love the spoiler & great looking rims. This car has gorgeous lines, definitely stands out in a good way."

SHANE L., ON (2015 Honda Civic)


RICHARD B., CA (2015 Honda Civic)

"You put low profile tires/rims on the car. My wife bumped a curb and had to replace the tire. This is not a sports car. Was forced to pay extra for sporty rims and tires, that we did not want. This is not the SI model, not needed."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Honda Civic)

"Very classy. Love colours and lines."

LOIS O., ON (2015 Honda Civic)

"Distinctive 'Honda' look from the back. It seems like it is what set the standard for the hybrid cars to come."

HUMZA A., TX (2015 Honda Civic)


BERNARD S., CA (2015 Honda Civic)

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