The Element is an offbeat utility vehicle with plenty of interior space. But it seats only four, the low weight-carrying capacity limits its utility and large roof pillars compromise outward visibility. Interior noise is pronounced and the ride is stiff and jittery. Handling is fairly nimble, but in emergency maneuvers, the tail tends to slide out, even with stability control.
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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "Acceleration could be better. Powertrain or engine HP or a combination... while it's better than previous versions with even less HP, it would be nice to have about 20 more ponies under the hood. Stiff ride. A little bit of unusual feedback from the steering wheel..."

    Anonymous, CA (2007 Honda Element)

    "We bought it used @ 88000 miles, and it had a known "shudder" that it will do if you are going between 45 and 50 mph and let your RPM's drop below 1800. Had it double checked and did what the 1st owners did - learned to live with it. Otherwise - replace transmission, still an option, but probably won't do."

    Anonymous, WA (2007 Honda Element)

    "I have spent thousands of money screening firewall and replacing mouse eaten wires and equipment mice have damaged. Initially the deanship blamed me for their design flaws. Still upsetting."

    ROGER W., CA (2007 Honda Element)

    "Handling is very poor in windy or slick/icy conditions in spite of all-wheel drive."

    Anonymous, WV (2007 Honda Element)

    "only issue when driving is the width of the post containing the side curtain airbag: makes it difficult on some curves to see the road."

    Anonymous, OK (2007 Honda Element)

    "Handling is excellent, turning radius is nothing less that amazing. Easy of driving is wonderful."

    Davene J., HI (2007 Honda Element)

    "I am continually impressed by the Element's handling and power. It was never marketed as being strong in either category, but the cornering is surprising, the turning radius is exceptional, and acceleration consistently surprises driver in the adjacent lane. You don't offer a category to discuss this aspect of the car, but the unique interior arrangement makes it very versatile."

    A F., CA (2007 Honda Element)

    "The car feels as though it has a V8 up to about 50 mph, then it starts to tail off. It's a rather large 4-cyl engine. Prob'ly why it gets only 19 mpg. Corners quite well for such a top-heavy vehicle."

    Walt W., CA (2007 Honda Element)

    "High driving position- excellent, easy to enter & exit. Good visibility. More than adequate acceleration & handling"

    Anonymous, LA (2007 Honda Element)

    "It's fun. Great turning radius, crisp handling, Good acceleration."

    Anonymous, TX (2007 Honda Element)

    "Acceleration is good. Handling is excellent. Sure footed."

    Anonymous, TX (2007 Honda Element)

    "It's fun to drive, tight turning radius, snappy performance at in-town speeds"

    Anonymous, TX (2007 Honda Element)

    "Very confidence inspiring AWD and stability control"

    Anonymous, CA (2007 Honda Element)

    "When it was new, our Honda Element handled well and accelerated well. We had an unexpected issue with the transmission needing to be replace once already. Now it is starting to have the same issue again. Disappointing."

    Anonymous, WI (2007 Honda Element)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "Seats are comfortable and the air conditioning still works better than some newer vehicles I have been in and the Element is 9 years old!"

    BRETT D., AB (2007 Honda Element)

    "Seats have little back support and the vehicle is very noisy when on the road."

    Anonymous, WV (2007 Honda Element)

    "Much above average headroom"

    SCOTT S., NJ (2007 Honda Element)

    "Seats could be more firm. Road noise inside is extremely bothersome. Suspension is harsh and noisy."

    Anonymous, MI (2007 Honda Element)

    "The ride is very bumpy for back seat riders if there's any kind of bump on the roads. Front seats are fine."

    YAFFA S., TX (2007 Honda Element)

    "I drive an Element SC, and I'm not sure whether that trim line has different seats or the same as the others. However, I find that the seats are very stiff... which typically isn't a problem, but lateral support is uncomfortable across the upper back. I'm not a huge guy, but at 6'1" and 220 pounds... I'm not small, either. In my opinion, the seat is too narrow across the shoulders. Beyond that, it's really noisy going down the road. The climate control has limited cooling. Ride is amazingly/an"

    Anonymous, CA (2007 Honda Element)

    "Easy to get in and sit"

    MIKE G., LA (2007 Honda Element)

    "The seats are very uncomfortable for longer drives. Not enough cushioning terrible back support. On rough roads you feel every bump."

    MARK-MICHELLE S., AB (2007 Honda Element)

    "The car is very loud at highway speeds. This makes for fatiguing road trips."

    ALEX J., CO (2007 Honda Element)

    "Mileage is disappointing. Ride and road noise are almost unbearable BUT nothing works better for my wheel chair. The best vehicle made for a wheel chair user"

    JERRY S., TN (2007 Honda Element)

    "It is a noisy vehicle."

    TIM S., FL (2007 Honda Element)

    "The clam style opening of the side doors is very dangerous. When you are in the back seat it is virtually impossible to get out of the car. This vehicle is intended for camping, but this makes that hazardous unless you set up the extension tent, and even then it's a problem. Also: if you accidentally leave the key in the ignition, the car locks itself and cannot be broken into - very bad if you forget to warn the parking attendant or dash for the ladies room in the middle of the night in a f"

    A D., CA (2007 Honda Element)

    "Road noise is a factor."

    Anonymous, OK (2007 Honda Element)

    "I like the room and height of seats, but I find the road noise a bit much"

    Walt W., CA (2007 Honda Element)

    "Best seats in any vehicle I’ve ever owned. I still wish they made the Element."

    Daniel P., TX (2007 Honda Element)

    "I like the seats and the driving position, but my wife who is shorter finds would like to sit higher. The ride is noisy and a little rough, but we didn’t buy the Element for its refined ride. It was an inexpensive car so we did not expect to much"

    Anonymous, CO (2007 Honda Element)

    "Road noise pronounced. Comfort for long distanes lacking."

    Anonymous, FL (2007 Honda Element)

    "The seats and center console design allow for a comfortable sitting position in the front (and back) seats. This is important for a person with on-going back pain. The ride is bumpy and jerky but tolerable. The engine can get noisy when accelerating."

    James W., MO (2007 Honda Element)

    "Great comfortable seats like a Volvo. Great interior space, especially when back seats are removed."

    Anonymous, TX (2007 Honda Element)

    "Road and wind noise is incredibly loud. Too loud to hold a conversation in the cab of the car."

    Anonymous, WI (2007 Honda Element)

    "It is a rather bumpy, loud, truck-like ride. I have to turn the volume up quite a bit while driving."

    Anonymous, NY (2007 Honda Element)

    "Not the best for long distance trips. As the care has aged, more road noise, rattles, have appeared"

    Anonymous, HI (2007 Honda Element)

    "Best seats this side of Volvo."

    Anonymous, TX (2007 Honda Element)

    "Comfort is utilitarian...but ample for a long drive. Seats are firm. It's relatively noisy in the cabin, but nor distracting. The ride is feel like you have plenty of stability for a vehicle of this type."

    Rodolfo F., WA (2007 Honda Element)

    "Luxurious seats."

    William A., CA (2007 Honda Element)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say

    "Large for the class (especially headroom) and AWD too boot!"

    SCOTT S., NJ (2007 Honda Element)

    "overall, the car has been largely trouble-free and serves as the family work wagon."

    CHAD A., IN (2007 Honda Element)

    "Great Utility"

    JIM J., FL (2007 Honda Element)

    "New, it was a great price and trouble free for almost 125,000miles"

    Anonymous, HI (2007 Honda Element)


    JIM J., OH (2007 Honda Element)

    "Great car for transporting bikes, large items, etc"

    DON K., ON (2007 Honda Element)

    "Great value, excellent price for service from dealer"

    Anonymous, CA (2007 Honda Element)


    How it looks inside and out

    What Owners Say

    "Plenty of room inside for basketball players. The visibility for the driver is not so great."

    Anonymous, HI (2007 Honda Element)

    "wonderful headroom, easy to get into and out of."

    Anonymous, CA (2007 Honda Element)

    "The Element has a dangerous feature with its doors and windows in the back. The rear doors cannot be opened unless the front doors are open. In case of an emergency and the front doors can't be opened the people in the back seat are trapped. They not only cannot get out through the doors but they cannot get out through the windows because they do not open but a crack. I hardly let anyone ride in the back of the Element."

    Anonymous, CA (2007 Honda Element)

    "I love the fact that I sit up higher in my Element than most cars, there is easy access to the back seats because of how the doors open, and there is easy access to the trunk space because of the split doors. I deeply regret Honda has ceased making Elements, as I don't know what I'll buy when it's time to make a new car decision."

    JOHN A., IN (2007 Honda Element)

    "This vehicle is very unique. Tons of cargo space, removable rear seats, suicide doors and adaptable. I wish Honda continued making the Element. With the unique style, great engines (ours has 190000 km), great fit and finish, and reliability... I likely would have bought a new one."

    BRETT D., AB (2007 Honda Element)

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