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Honda Insight

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2019 Honda Insight Ratings & Reliability
The Insight is our fuel-economy champ among cars that don't have to be plugged in, thanks to its 54 mpg overall in our tests, which is 2 mpg better than the Toyota Prius. Based on the Civic sedan, the Insight has the same strengths and weaknesses. The ride is comfortable, its handling is secure but mundane, and the rear seat is relatively roomy. But the Insight suffers from a very low stance, which hurts getting in and out. The driver's seat is short on lower back support, and the controls are somewhat tricky, including the fussy, push-button gear selector. The car can loaf around on electric power alone at very low speeds, but when the gas engine awakes as more power is needed, it's loud. Standard advanced safety systems include forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking, but there's no proper blind spot warning system.
2010 Redesign Year
Honda Insight 2014
Honda directly targeted the Toyota Prius with their second-generation Insight hatchback. Introduced for 2010, the car was considerably less expensive than the larger Prius, but turned out to be a half-hearted effort. Gas mileage of 39 mpg overall isn't up to the standards of other small hybrids. Driving the Insight is no prize either, as it is slow and noisy. Base LX versions lacked electronic stability control; emergency handling was a handful. Stability control became standard for 2012 on all Insights. Interior fit and finish are lacking, rear visibility is difficult, and the back seat is cramped. The Insight was discontinued after the 2014 model year.
Average Retail Price Trade-in Price Reliability Verdict Owner Satisfaction View Local Inventory
2014 $8,375 - $10,625 $5,750 - $7,850
2013 $6,625 - $8,475 $4,060 - $5,810
2012 $5,775 - $7,200 $3,245 - $4,595
2011 $5,350 - $6,150 $2,825 - $3,570
2010 $4,925 - $5,175 $2,400 - $2,650
Honda Insight 2006
As the first hybrid on the market, the Honda Insight posted the best fuel economy we had seen at the time; with 51 mpg overall; a record that stood until the 2016 Toyota Prius came along. But this flyweight two-seater really makes you pay for that efficiency when it comes to livability and drivability. The ride is barely tolerable and the car is very noisy. Acceleration is reasonable against the clock, but in everyday driving, it requires a lot of shifting of the manual transmission to keep up with traffic. Rear visibility is poor. Note that the Insight is not equipped to carry children, since the passenger-side airbag has no shut-off switch. Antilock brakes are standard, but driving the Insight feels vulnerable on a crowded highway because it is so small, light, and slow. Overall, the Insight is little more than a commuter runabout. Hybrid battery failures are fairly common. Production for this generation lasted until 2006.
Average Retail Price Trade-in Price Reliability Verdict Owner Satisfaction View Local Inventory
2006 $4,400 $1,950
2005 $3,925 $1,575
2004 $3,350 $1,225
2003 $2,900 $950
2002 $2,725 $825
2001 $2,600 $725
2000 $2,575 $685