Although the Odyssey's design dated from 1999, it was still a very good minivan and an excellent value. It showed improvements from our previous test, with quicker acceleration and a more comfortable ride. The 2003 Odyssey handles with agility and has a roomy interior. It's powertrain is smooth and strong. The Honda reflects impeccable attention to detail and has demonstrated consistently high resale value.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"You sit up a little higher and can see the road very well. Does well in the snow."

Tom T., IN (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Excellent acceleration from idling position. Great handling any road condition."

Anonymous, KY (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"handles well and acceleration is very good too."

Joseph S., OH (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Good acceleration and handling for a minivan"

John P., CA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Great reliable transportation."

Andrew P., IL (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Excellent power, handles well, sways a bit in cornering"

Anonymous, PA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Both acceleration and handling are excellent, more like a very good sedan than a mini-van. I consider both to be extremely critical to overall safety. They were two of the primary reasons I purchased this vehicle."

Gary S., TX (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Excellent power and handling for a large vehicle."

Anonymous, AB (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Acceleration and handling are good."

Jonathan S., PA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"great on both"

Anonymous, KS (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Handles and drives great. Transmission is slipping though. Would have thought it would have lasted longer."

Jeffrey P., MD (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"It feels very nice to drive, quick enough and agile around town."

Anonymous, SC (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"The acceleration and handling are more positive than negative for this minivan.. It puts any of its competitors that I have ever operated to shame."

Anonymous, AZ (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Great vehicle. great quality. nice engine for a big car. handles good. rides smooth for a family vacation."

Kenneth M., VA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Acceleration is very good and handling poses no problems."

Anonymous, OH (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Handles very well for a mini-van."

Gary S., VA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"It has several rattles and uses a little oil but it runs good and can haul quite a bit. I just hope I, or worse my wife, never have a flat tire. The spare tire is stored between and a little behind the front seats: poor placement in my opinion."

Steven I., IA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Plenty of power Has great towing capability"

Anonymous, OR (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"For a van, the Odyssey accelerates briskly and handles well giving the driver a better feel of control and connection to the road."

Ron A., CA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Stiff handling, but ok."

Susan Z., VA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Acceleration is fine for van with a V6 engine. It handles like a large vehicle, a little sluggish."

Anonymous, IA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"I had a smaller 4 cylinder lower-end car before so I like the power of this one: acceleration, the good A/C even when going uphill, etc I dont drive a lot so the gas mileage doesn't bother me"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Power is superb with the V6 however it is not very fuel efficient. Handling for such an old vehicle is very good. Body roll is less than I would expect for such an old vehicle."

Anonymous, BC (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"This vehicle, has always been fun to drive, it handles very well, and based on experience , probably rated very high on consumer reports accident avoidance tests."

Jack P., FL (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"The driving experience is way better than any of the other mini-vans that I have operated. It gets up to speed quicker and still gets impressive fuel mileage even considering its weight and drag coefficient. The handling is smooth also."

Tim M., AZ (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Road noise is bad at high speed."

Anonymous, MI (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"When using the air conditioning, now, it seems underpowered. I do not know if it's due to its age or not"

Anonymous, NY (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"It gets out of the way if it has to, speeds up without lagging & can take corners really easily, which I have many of out here in the country!"

Anonymous, OR (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"very good acceleration and handling for a minivan"

Anonymous, NY (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"great acceleration and handling"

Anonymous, KS (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"The engine still accelerates well, only getting noisy when the gas is pushed to the floor. It easily carries 6 adults, a dog and all their luggage and beach equipment, along with a Thule boxed rack on top. Only around 20 mpg for all this, but that is actually frugal split six ways. It still handles well, although my Father-in-law doesn't want to admit that loaded to the gills it is not happy going 75 to 80 mph on the Highway. And as any kid who has ridden in the back of a minivan knows, the back seat is like a cross between a roller coaster and a stormy sea. Worse when Grandpa is driving."

Anonymous, PA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Considering its size the Odyssey accelerates well. I find it is too big to be really easy to drive."

Stephen D., CA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Road noise is annoying."

JIM M., GA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"It drives like a car, not a truck or van. It's very easy for my self-admitted klutzy wife (who hates to drive) to operate."

KEN B., CA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Seats are a little uncomfortable. Not too bad."

Anonymous, TN (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Just a good, comfortable vehicle with capability to easily carry 7 adults and easy on the pocketbook - from the repairs and daily driving standpoints."

GEORGE S., TX (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Accelerates adequately and handles good. But transmissions skips a bit when going from reverse to forward, more so as it gets older."

Anonymous, WA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Overall handling and control"

WILLIAM B., MD (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"This is by far the best handling minivan but it has excessive road noise and moderate wind noise"

RODNEY M., KY (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Strong engine, acceleration"

WINSTON H., NY (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Very fun to drive for a mini-van. GREAT HANDLING AND ACCELERATION!"

JACK P., FL (2004 Honda Odyssey)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Great family car. Comfortable. Seats are wearing though and aren’t holding up like I thought they would have. Cracks, Rips in leather."

Jeffrey P., MD (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Noise over 50 mph holds the roard nicely"

Anonymous, FL (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Seats are more comfortable and access to rear seating is much easier for older adults."

Anonymous, FL (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"comfortable ride and good visibility. responsive steering"

Anonymous, TN (2004 Honda Odyssey)


Anonymous, CA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"The performance, handling and interior comfort and features are superb. The only negative is an occasional rattle in the left sliding door."

Gary S., TX (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Comfortable seats for long drives, easily adjustable. Lots of road noise"

Anonymous, PA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Easy to get in and out of and very comfortable and easy-to-adjust seats. Very little outside noise gets through but I can hear emergency vehicles as well as approaching vehicles. I also enjoy the seat heaters."

Enrico S., MD (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"bouncy noisy ride."

Larry F., NJ (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Our seats look and feel like new. They are cloth and show no wear whatever. The ride is controlled and comfortable. It handles much better than a minivan should. The cabin could be quieter though."

Thomas F., WA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"The car is very comfortable to drive and the ride is good."

Anonymous, OH (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"I love how comfortable the seats are, even the back seats. They front and middle row are easy to get in/out of, and are very roomy. The car noise is not loud, but when it rains hard I can't hear anything inside the car."

Anonymous, IL (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Road noise is bad!"

Anonymous, NV (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Seats are comfortable."

Geoffrey K., MI (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"For taller (6"4) people. Driver side seats should be able to slide back further."

Anonymous, MN (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"noisy on the road; better with some of the newer materials used when resurfacing the road"

Jean C., OR (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"The seats are very comfortable and versatile, but the ride is noisy. I like that I can fold all the seats down or slide long items under the seats from the back."

Anonymous, WA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"great seats and view"

Anonymous, KS (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"seats feel comfortable but after a half hour I'm glad I have a pillow as my hips are in pain. It has always been very noisy, especially road noise. ride and handling still very good"

Anonymous, OR (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"The seating is still comfortable after 200000 miles. The Odyssey has been and continues to be a relatively noisy car on the road at Interstate speeds."

Anonymous, NC (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"The seats are very comfortable, the road noise is low and it rides and handles very well."

Richard B., MA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"The seats are comfortable in the 2004 Odyssey after 14 years and it rides well. The only problem is the console cup holders have always been too shallow to be of much use"

Anonymous, WI (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Second row of seats hard to take out. Very heavy and hard to handle."

David P., AZ (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"The gear shift if too close to the dashboard"

Diana H., PA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"The seats are uncomfortable. The ride noise is average."

John L., CA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"There has been a mysterious rattle in the car since the day I bought it (used). Something fairly large is moving around sympathetically. I figure someday a part of something will fall off..."

Ken B., CA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"At 14 years old and 175,000 miles, our beautiful Honda keeps going and going. she is getting a bit beat up, however, and we decided to begin the hunt for its replacement. We came close to to trading up and then our old Honda passed inspection with no repairs needed, just new tires. New tires (purchased at Costco during a sale and free installation promotions) and an alignment later and this minivan practically floated from Pennsylvania to Vermont, and many points in between, comfortably and quietly. I'm sure there will be something else to fix soon, but this minivan has plenty of life left with us."

Anonymous, PA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Vehicle wind noise and front wheel drive in the snow."

James S., CO (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"My driver's seat cushion has worn-out terribly The leather has cracked and the cushion has compressed"

Anonymous, NY (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"These seats are not comfortable. We've added memory foam seat cushions to provide a more comfortable ride for long trips."

Stephen D., CA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Wind, road and tire noise is loud and irritating"

Anonymous, IN (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Good lumbar support and headrest position. Good for people with back problems."

Susan Z., VA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Overall i have been very satisfied with this van. It has been a great vehicle for us and handles a full load of people and luggage very well. i have never gotten used to the amount of road noise that comes into the cabin. i know this is a common complaint but a quieter cabin would be a plus."

RON S., BC (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Electronic driver seat control is very useful. Overall ride is noisy and below par."

RANDAL W., OR (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"front seats and middle row captain chairs are great for long drives"

Anonymous, PA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Comfort of seats and use of the climate control are great. The noise level when driving down the highway is very high and especially so while driving on a rough road"

RON C., OK (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"T%he automatic doors sometimes are hard to open, or hard to close, and at other times open on their own."

RICHARD W., NC (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Most comfortable touring car I have had. Perfect for road trips. Leather seats make a difference."

TOM D., WA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Road noise is much too high"

Anonymous, TX (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Noisy on interstate, otherwise excellent."

Anonymous, SC (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"We are an elderly couple who find this car to be easy to get into and out of; fabric seats that look like new (yet) and are comfortable; climate control is simple, effective and is the best we've ever had; noise is getting a bit loud with 108,000 driven and 98,612 pulled miles; and ride is excellent. Now looking at a newer model, but these cannot compare with our "old bus.""

GEORGE S., TX (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Noisy ride. Sometimes hardtop hear radio clearly at highway speed. Requires high radio volume. One electrical rear sliding door malfunctions periodically by not opening or closing completely. Electrical rear windows do not open/close reliably."

Anonymous, MD (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"I love the seats. They're really comfortable, the height adjustment is great for me because of arthritis, and the seat heater is wonderful in cold weather."

CAROL H., GA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"A lot of road noise."

Anonymous, AL (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"All Hondas are noisy. This a great van, easy to get into and out of. The seats can be arranged for different occasions."

THOMAS T., IN (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"My Odyssey rides well, but it with over 150.000 miles on it, it is in need of some shocks and possibly suspension components. The car has become noisy to rid in and probably due to deteriorating door seals. All in all the car get daily use and has given good service."

R H., MD (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Seats are very comfortable and the climate control is excellent."

JIM M., GA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"The road noise in this vehicle is pretty bad. Will look for a vehicle next that is quieter inside."

Anonymous, WI (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Noise level unsatisfactory"

CHARLES G., KS (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"It's noisy on the highway, even after buying tires rated to be quiet. Heat doesn't work well (A/C works fine)."

DANIEL P., MI (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"My 2004 Odyssey is a workhorse, by removing middle seats, its bed is level, and is my pick-up. Lots of comfort for camping with my family and getting out of "Dodge" during our hot summers. I have 220,000 on it and it is still going strong. Still comfortable! Yes I do my own maintenance that is within my abilities."

Anonymous, AZ (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"I have a bad back, and have to travel 700 miles one weekend a month. No aches, and no arm or neck issues."

SHANNON S., CA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"The seats are very comfortable. The road noise is considerable especially when the seats are removed or folded down (last seat). It is an older model, so it doesn't have GPS, of Bluetooth or second row seats that stay in the car. And its ride is rather stiff. I am having it repainted due to disappearing paint. I'm unsure whether this was caused by the 2006 damage caused by a limb falling on the car. However, it was repaired by a Honda dealership which did a rather poor job. The insurance company"

JOAN D., PA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Cabin is a little noisy. Lots of road noise."

Anonymous, WA (2004 Honda Odyssey)


Anonymous, TX (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Wind noise when driving. 2nd Odyssey owned and both were extremely noisy when moving."

Anonymous, FL (2004 Honda Odyssey)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"$24,000 some 13 years ago, and after 230,000 miles there has been little more than routine maintenance/repairs. Such a deal!"

Raymond F., CA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"I compared this to other minivans when I bought it, and it was a few thousand dollars cheaper. The best feature I found at the time was the fold down third row, which when up has a well to store more items than a flat back, as my previous van had."

Anonymous, IL (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Great vehicle for what I paid. Original owner for 13 years with routine maintenance. Some inconvenient issues over the life of the vehicle, but am planning on purchasing another Odyssey."

Craig M., PA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Spent $28K for it in 2004 and it is still running will at 105,500 miles."

Gary S., VA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"It's a good, reliable mini van. It's durability has created value."

Jonathan S., PA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"very reliable vehicle. would buy another."

Larry F., NJ (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"13 years and 200000 miles. It has been mostly uneventful. Many great memories from family outings and summer vacations. Good cargo space. It is now getting old and may need some repairs but we definitely feel we got a very reliable minivan for a fair price."

James P., CA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"The Odyssey was priced at ~$27,000 when purchased new in October 2003 which seemed high at the time. However, it has served us well now for almost (14) years. So, I would say that it was a worthwhile purchase. The maintenance costs to keep it roadworthy this long were very reasonable."

Anonymous, AZ (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"the good part is the car is 14 years old and still in good condition with no major repairs other than scheduled maintenance and tires. I believe the vehicle is priced too high, but in the long run it has been good to me"

Anonymous, PA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"From day one, we’ ve had no problems. Only reason to trade would be to get the new features, such as back up cameras and gps. This also applies to our94 accord which has even more trouble free miles."

Jerrold K., IL (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Use it to haul lumber, groceries, golf clubs, etc. I got a good deal on it as the dealership was moving. It's 14 years old now. The transmission went out a year ago and had to be replaced."

John L., CA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"The car has been relatively trouble free for 200000 miles and has more than justified the initial cost."

Anonymous, NC (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"This vehicle was the first new one that we bought. It is now over (14) years ago and it has gone through raising our then-young family and all the long road trips involved. The vehicle has stood up well to all these challenges with a minimum amount of unscheduled maintenance. It cost $27K in October 2003 which was a lot to me then, but has proved to be a money saver in the long run. Honda makes a pretty decent product for the average American household."

Tim M., AZ (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"We bought this vehicle new and except for normal wear and tear items we have spent very little on problems."

Richard B., MA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"125000 miles with no problems"

Frances K., FL (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"It has been a very reliable comfortable car, with enough seats to fit my family & my grandkids!"

Anonymous, OR (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"what can I say ... 14 years of use. Last 5 years only repair was an alternator which I changed out."

Anonymous, NJ (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Much better value and utility than a van"

Anonymous, TN (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"For a 14 year old car it drives and performs like new. Best car I've owned."

Roger M., VA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"It's been a great family vehicle. I like the flexibility of carrying a lot of people comfortably as well as the ability to take out seats and turn it into a hauler. It has served our family well."

Jeffrey K., WA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"great value - 14+ years and still going strong"

Anonymous, NY (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Continue to use the 04 Odyssey as a daily driver. The only repair has been regular maintenance of parts that have worn out over the last 200,000 miles. Great value for what we paid for this vehicle."

Michael M., KS (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"I have had this car for 14 years and it is still running great. The gas mileage is not as good as it used to be, but the interior looks like new. I hope to drive it another 14 years."

Anonymous, WA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"14 years old, 174000 miles, runs good and everything still works. Need I say more."

Steven L., GA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Excellent milage considering the size of the vehicle"

Anonymous, ID (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"We have owned the car form new (12 years) and have had minimum expenses in upkeep. The materials on the inside are high quality and it still looks new. The engine is strong and the brakes are the best we've ever experienced."

JAMES R., ME (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Have gotten many miles on this car, and probably will buy another. Have had trouble with heater and rear sliding doors."

Anonymous, VA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"No problems good value and excellent manufacturing of this car"

Anonymous, FL (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"although we don't drive it much, it works for the purpose we bought it. Move a lot of people, move a lot of things. We have moved our entire house without renting a truck in our minivan. Seats fold down easily, lots of room, great windows, big engine."

MICHELE B., MA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"It is a reliable, comfy ride, that could improve on the noise factor, but a wonderful auto to have."

PHYLLIS N., OR (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"It isn't flashy but has been comfortable and reliable transportation for our family for 12 years without a single break down. Minivans look dorky but this has been a great vehicle."

JARED E., UT (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Had to replace transmission at 150k miles, but engine and body are holding up very well. Carries 7 people comfortably and reliability has been great."

MELVIN E., FL (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"I like durability when I spend a lot of money on something. Honda has proven well."

Anonymous, TN (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"we have 200,000 miles on this van with no major issues of any kind. no rust and great seats"

MARK T., MI (2004 Honda Odyssey)


WINSTON H., NY (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Worth every penny you pay for."

Anonymous, FL (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Great used car. Though it was a 10 year old vehicle, the features and reliability have been great."

JASON H., UT (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Vehicle is over 10 years old and still going strong. It owes me nothing"

Anonymous, PA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"The vehicle has been a verge overall value with few problems"

JEFFREY C., OH (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Very Very Reliable. Good Gas Mileage. Not as comfortable as I would like."

Anonymous, FL (2004 Honda Odyssey)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"first I have to say we don't care a whole lot about looks--we got this because it was easier for our elderly dog to get in and out!! Plus it has dings and scrapes on the side where I had trouble with our very narrow driveway. It still looks pretty good overall and our dogs like having their own spaces (Alfred tucks himself between the back of the passenger seat and the back seat while Rachel gets the floor in the very back). Well, Rachel really would prefer to be IN the seat as she likes to l"

CAROL B., GA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Fits and carries two large dogs, allowing them to stand up if necessary."

PHYLLIS N., OR (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"I keep having the trim under the driver's seat break. Replacement parts for this aren't cheap & don't last."

WILLIAM G., GA (2004 Honda Odyssey)

"Paint is peeling on top and sides above and below windows It is a shame I paid to get it touched up and it pelled off The paint peeling is a disgrace to the Honda company. I am advertising to all who look at it."

Anonymous, NC (2004 Honda Odyssey)
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