The Honda Pilot blends the best features of an SUV, wagon, and minivan. You'll find a comfortable ride, responsive handling, quick acceleration, a versatile and well-designed interior, and good fuel economy for a midsized SUV.
There are 15 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Acceloration good"

Anonymous, WA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"handles great for a 6 cyclindar enjen"

Chris W., MI (2005 Honda Pilot)

"I love the stronger engine that the 05 has. Good for pulling, passing etc. I also have an 04 pilot and it is just a little lacking"

Anonymous, TX (2005 Honda Pilot)

"good acceleration"

John K., WI (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Handles well in all weather conditions. Has all wheel drive and that help a lot in the winter months."

Don T., ON (2005 Honda Pilot)

"We love how the Pilot handles. It has never slipped in rain. It handles snow incredibly well. I feel very confident in driving it."

Anonymous, MD (2005 Honda Pilot)

"There's a momentary lag in acceleration when driving "foot off" (e.g., slowing down while approaching the back of a car) and re-applying the accelerator pedal. No Honda dealer believes it because they gun the motor to show that the Pilot has good acceleration."

J A., VA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Acceleration is good and the car handles well."

Anonymous, FL (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Acceleration and handling are much better than I expected in the Honda Pilot. I read a lot of research and reviews prior to test driving the Pilot and was very impressed with both the acceleration and handling. And I have driven a lot of different types of vehicles over the years. I try to be objective in my reviews."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"I guess since I've driven this vehicle for eleven years, I wouldn't be one to say. However I believe it has good acceleration and handling. I have no trouble quickly gaining necessary speed for entering Interstates or for moving through traffic."

Anonymous, TN (2005 Honda Pilot)

"It has great acceleration, but it fishtails when making a quick turn. Seems like it would need a wider tire in back."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Very good acceleration Tracks well even on rutted roads Typical of Honda - noisy except on very smooth pavement Excellent vehicle for long road trips"

JEWELL M., WA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"This truck has good acceleration and it drives like a car."

RYAN J., WI (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Driven this car on sand, off road, ice, snow and mud! It always performs extremely well and I have never had a breakdown of any kind. It has been an extremely reliable car. I can always count on it!"

JANET M., NJ (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Exterior finish very good. Upholstery very good Cabin noise still low, no rattles. Had to replace struts at 80000 mi. Great for towing a boat"

STEPHEN K., TX (2005 Honda Pilot)

"handling and driver visibility on the road"

DAVID O., PA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"This vehicle has the juice. Acceleration is no problem, whether it's pulling out into traffic or needing to pass. And the powerful drive also translates well to towing. It's not uncommon to find us using the Pilot to pull an 8x16-foot wagon loaded with hay (square bales), out of the field and down the road."

JOHN T., MN (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Very responsive, handles well."

JOHN S., PA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"sloppy handling"

JOHN D., MO (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Drives and rides like a car - very smooth. Great confidence in 4-wheel drive up our steep icy drive."

Anonymous, NJ (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Car has good handling and responsive for quick decisions. Braking could be better, but does the job. Love the acceleration of the car. Automatic transmission continues to be smooth."

DANIEL D., OH (2005 Honda Pilot)

"I don't like the manner in which a front wheel drive car handles."

HARVEY L., LA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"The Honda simply eats up miles without any fuss or problems. It has a great motor and is easy to drive like a mouse or a lion."

TERRY K., MI (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Great In awd or not in snow for a not real 4wd vehicle"

FRANCIS T., MA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"easy to drive and feel safe good control of vehicle"

Anonymous, NJ (2005 Honda Pilot)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Reliability smooth ride, we can count on this ??"

Gary D., PA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"The head rests are poor designed. You can not lean back and feel comfortable."

Anonymous, MD (2005 Honda Pilot)


Anonymous, NY (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise"

Anonymous, WA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Plenty of space and rear seating and good in bad weather with all wheel drive."

Jack D., NY (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Stiff ride - probably due to 4 WD."

Anonymous, AZ (2005 Honda Pilot)

"I love the seats and ride of my Honda Pilot even though the adjustments are kind of old school. There is and always has been excessive road noise though, made worse by tires I chose with an aggressive tread. My 2005 Pilot has always felt save and comfortable."

Maggie W., ND (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Very comfortable, easy getting in and out, but road noise is bothersome."

Anonymous, AR (2005 Honda Pilot)

"The center consul does not have a gear shift or brake handle. My wife loves this and is the number one feature she loves about the car. The other feature she loves is the head rest is not solid it has a hole in the middle which is great for her pony tail, the head rest does not heart her head."

Anonymous, SC (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Plenty of room for six adults"

Chris W., MI (2005 Honda Pilot)

"great value"

Anonymous, DE (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Only problem is road noise. SUV rides great and seats are comfy. We use it sometimes for traveling and the road noise gets a bit loud."

Patty D., NY (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Seats are leather & comfortable, but noise level is not very good"

Anonymous, SC (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Too much road noise at highway speeds"

Anonymous, LA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"LOVE LOVE LOVE the climate control, you can set it just right, and it just doesn't vary. Seats could have better lumbar support and I do not like the electric seat adjuster for the drivers seat. Never can get it quite right. Plenty of room inside, you aren't sitting shoulder to shoulder with a passenger. I am going to be pretty sad when this car wears out, if it does."

Anonymous, CO (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Climate control system does not work properly and would be expensive to fix, otherwise it has been a great vehicle."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"The climate control for the back section has never worked and it costs too much to fix it"

Anonymous, MD (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Seats are not comfortable for anyone over the height of 5'8" for any length of time. Max time is 1.5 hours before you are squirming and need to get out of the seats. Need lumbar support and more variety in positions to adjust both driver and passenger front seat."

Anonymous, WA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"As with most vehicles, the seats are rather uncomfortable on long rides, more so for me than my spouse. Road noise is louder than desired. The climate controls have no lighting, so at night I blindly seek buttons and press them."

Anonymous, WA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"The ride is very comfortable, as are the seats. The leather is breaking down where it is most often used (driver's side and left passenger side). Some of that is to be expected with a 10-year old car. The dash has a tendency to vibrate which causes noise. The climate control is good."

Anonymous, WA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"The interior continues to be very comfortable and makes for an enjoyable ride especially on extended trips of a few hours in a single drive."

DANIEL D., OH (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Very noisy"

DENIS O., WA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"My only complaint is road noise. I would have been willing to have paid a few hundred dollars more for a quieter driving vehicle. I used to have a 2001 Ford F-150. I could put the tailgate down and get a quieter ride than I get from the Pilot."

EDWIN S., TX (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Seats are comfortable but the vehicle needs more leg room."

ROBERT O., CO (2005 Honda Pilot)

"It is very noisy. Otherwise it rides well"

SHARON M., NJ (2005 Honda Pilot)

"General overall comfort except for 3rd row seats and the fact the 2nd row seats don't lie flat like my Odyssey seats did."

B H., NS (2005 Honda Pilot)

"The road noise is an issue. I wish it was more quiet inside the car. Everything else is fine."

Anonymous, MD (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Many of the controls are find in the dark since they are not lit. Also the HVAC controls are hard to understand what does what to what."

Anonymous, WI (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Climate control currently broken and not yet diagnosed. Expecting expensive repair. Heater either full on of off."

Anonymous, NJ (2005 Honda Pilot)

"seats, ride, noise, climate control"

JAMES R., NC (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise is to loud to hear radio or converse with one another."

NEIL C., CA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Front seats very comfortable especially during long trips Climate control very good, includes the controls and outlets in rear seating area Typical Honda - noisy ride except on very smooth pavement Excellent ride - smooth and tracks very well"

JEWELL M., WA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise."

JOHN S., PA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"I love the spacing around my seat. Its very comfortable because it is a more 'chair-like' position to sit in. The gear shift being on the steering column allows for more space in the cabin in the driver's side. This is appreciated when you're over 5'9" in stature."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise is probably the only negative thing about my Honda Pilot. It's not too bad but I've been in other SUVs where the road noise is less than what I hear in my Pilot"

DAVID C., FL (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Seats are comfortable. Only problem is we ordered the leather package. The seats tend to split over time. We've had to patch the tears best we can. Will have to possibly replace the bases on the drivers and passenger sides eventually."

Anonymous, WA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Very comfortable seats, climate controls Good towing for mid sized boat Good cargo size for hauling Great extended seating"

STEPHEN K., TX (2005 Honda Pilot)

"The only real problem is that the interior of the Pilot is noisy."

LINDA J., MD (2005 Honda Pilot)

"The Honda Pilot had a VSA recall which was fixed by the dealer. A few years later the VSA light returned. Had to pay dealer to reprogram or something. Then there was an issue with the Tps? Dealer said it was the fault of Costco who broke something while installing new tires. Bought a new battery which seem to fix the problem."

PATRICIA R., CA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise not up to par"

DOUG C., MT (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise is an annoyance."

K F., AZ (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise, have to increase vol. when driving above 20 mph"

PAUL A., NY (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise is significant."

JOHN D., MO (2005 Honda Pilot)

"The Driver's Side seat has experienced great wear and tear and has had a hard time holding up. The seat adjustment knobs are coming apart and the leather has ripped in the bottom seat portion of the chair."

Anonymous, VA (2005 Honda Pilot)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Awesome value"

Gary D., PA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"plenty of room and great reliability"

Anonymous, FL (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Paid about 31000 in 2005 for the EX-L AWD. No real problems for 150000 miles"

Anonymous, VA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Remarkably safe, comfortable, with good visibility in all directions, and convenient for large groups and for shopping, e.g with home supply stores or discount stores like BJs or Sam's. Mileage is poor, but that's expected with this size."

Anonymous, MA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"This vehicle has 280,000 miles and is still running strong! We have had minor things quit working like lighting units for control buttons ect but really nothing major."

Daniel C., CO (2005 Honda Pilot)

"The only things I've ever had to replace on this car were the starter and some window motors. I've definitely gotten my money's worth out of this vehicle."

Chris M., VA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"I have had my Honda Pilot for 12 years and put on over 218,00 miles. The car has had work done on the suspension. new CRV joints installed, the night lights for the heater and AC have gone out, and the motor mounts have been replaced. Those are the only problems I have had in 12 years. This is the best car I have ever had and plan to keep it, hopefully to 300K miles. The acceleration is still good. My average mileage has about 19MPG to 16 MPG over the years."

Anonymous, FL (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Poor gas mileage. Good car for the price and reliable."

Jack D., NY (2005 Honda Pilot)

"To have a vehicle for 12 years and only have to change wear and tear items, is great."

Wayne B., BC (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Quite reliable over many years"

Anonymous, CA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"My car is now more than 12 years old with 95000 miles and it has never let me down. Proper routine maintenance, tires, (and warranty recall on the airbag) is all this car has ever needed. I tell people all the time how much I love my car and how great it's been to own this one. I highly recommend Hondas."

Maggie W., ND (2005 Honda Pilot)

"With 250000 miles on it, it is the bargain we have ever had."

John W., ME (2005 Honda Pilot)

"This SUV is a work horse. Had it for many years taking loads of stuff to vacations and more. Would buy another one today if necessary but this one may last much longer!"

Otho M., VA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Excellent value because it lasts forever."

Glenn L., OR (2005 Honda Pilot)

"I have 207000 miles on the vehicle and expect another 100,000. The cost of ownership has been very good since there have been very few repairs. It holds all my sports equipment and tools when I need it too. It handles well for long trips. I thought about replacing it but concluded it really works well for me and buying a new car would be much more expensive than maintaining this one."

Steven R., WA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"I have 143,000 miles and have had few difficulties. Those I've had are to be expected from s vehicle that age and mileage. It is well made and very practical"

ROBERT T., FL (2005 Honda Pilot)

"I have yet to spend a penny on repairs other than consumables. I like the ride and handling better than in the Accord."

JACK F., VA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Probably the best car for the money I ever owned. 3 repairs in 11 years plus on 3rd battery"

Anonymous, AZ (2005 Honda Pilot)

"WE used it for shopping and driving to our cottage with a lot of grocerys"

JOHN M., ON (2005 Honda Pilot)

"I have put all of the miles on this vehicle and I have never had to have anything repaired. It has been a great all around vehicle in every weather situation."

VINCE L., OK (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Still rides like a brand new car!"

JOHN C., NJ (2005 Honda Pilot)

"This has been a very reliable vehicle."

Anonymous, CO (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Although I purchased the vehicle from a reputable dealership, and it was also a 'Certified' vehicle, I feel the value was overpriced. However, it was the only vehicle in a lower cost bracket which was able to accommodate my power chair."

JOSEPH B., PA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"reliable, low maintenance cost"

DARROL H., WA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"This vehicle is incredibly reliable and very fun to drive. The interior is very utilitarian which is a great thing when shuttling toddlers as practically everything basically wipes down. MPG is good for such a large vehicle. Towing capability is very good. Handling and acceleration is excellent. Road noise not an issue but i do have quite high end Firestone tires installed. Sound system is very very good when the factory head unit is replaced (I did a double-din Kenwood Head unit); rivals much m"

JEROME M., GA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"We have 250,000 miles on it and expect that we will reach 300,000 without any major problems."

JOHN W., ME (2005 Honda Pilot)

"You can see that this car is 11 years old.Granted, I maintain it well, but to have had only airbag recall (no actual problem) and serpentine belt, batteries, and power steering hoses replaced, is quite remarkable for an 11 year old car. I hope to buy another one or a CRV in the next couple years if we are so fortunate to still have our 2005 Pilot til then! The gas mileage is disappointing = 14 MPG around town and 18-20 on the highway. But it is a 6 cyl and a sturdy car. We got trapped ina now"

JEFFREY S., CA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"I have never had a single problem or repair with the vehicle. I have performed all normal maintenance including replacing tires and brakes. It still runs like a top after 194,000 mile and I expect to get another 100,000 miles."

STEVEN R., WA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"I bought the truck with 80k miles for 9k and I think that is a very good value for a truck that started at 32k. The engine and drivetrain are great for the truck and 20mpg isn't too shabby."

RYAN J., WI (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Very trouble free for the most part. It has been a very dependable, very good in snow which we get a lot of."

LAURENCE S., WA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Has been very dependable -- also it is excellent vehicle to 4-Wheel tow."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Great roominess, comfort, power, sound, and economy (for size/weight)."

Anonymous, MD (2005 Honda Pilot)

"I have 135,000 miles on this vehicle and the way it is performing I plan to go another 40,000 miles. I do take care to perform almost all the required maintenance thru my Honda Dealer."

RICK M., OK (2005 Honda Pilot)

"Fit and finish have been a problem from the beginning. We have to chase down figits, noise and trim pieces not functioning."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Honda Pilot)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I like the looks"

Anonymous, TX (2005 Honda Pilot)

"super utility factor for carrying all kinds of loads"

DAVID O., PA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"the silvered paint on the controls has faded with wear; the leather seat on the driver's side has splits on the entry side (and I am NOT THAT HEAVY). Poor quality upholstery..."

Anonymous, OR (2005 Honda Pilot)

"It still looks good and is a basic style which (to me) doesn't make it look "old.""

Anonymous, CA (2005 Honda Pilot)

"It holds lots of people without looking like soccer mom vehicle!"

ROBERT T., FL (2005 Honda Pilot)

"all excellent. It is the 2nd 2005 Honda Pilot I've purchased"

JAMES R., NC (2005 Honda Pilot)

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