The Honda Pilot blends the best features of an SUV, wagon, and minivan. You'll find a comfortable ride, responsive handling, quick acceleration, a versatile and well-designed interior, and good fuel economy for a midsized SUV. Curtain airbags, covering all three rows, were introduced as standard equipment for 2006.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"The car drives like a smaller car and has good power."

JEANINE B., NY (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Great acceleration getting on the interstate when needed. Cruise control is flawless and maintains +/- 2 MPH even on inclines."

CALI Y., AZ (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise is sometimes above my acceptance level."

DAVID P., MI (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Pilot has high center of gravity. Need to be careful on curves to avoid rollover.."

Anonymous, OH (2006 Honda Pilot)

"the rear and side mirror visibility could be a lot better. I also wish it was easier to determine the front and rear limits on spacing when parking. A more aggressive alert about leaving dome or headlights on would also help."

Anonymous, NJ (2006 Honda Pilot)

"slow acceleration"

Anonymous, HI (2006 Honda Pilot)


W D., IL (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Acceleration is quite good for large vehicle, tight turning radius and very smooth transmission make for an enjoyable ride for driver and passengers. Feels safe and secure on road."

Anonymous, MA (2006 Honda Pilot)

"I would prefer that it were not AWD full time. I would prefer the ability to disengage the 4WD when not needed. It lowers the gas mileage It accelerates and handles well even pulling a trailer. The radio does not have good reception. Overall though I really like this vehicle."

M R., PA (2006 Honda Pilot)

"The power and handling of this car is superb. After 11 years I still love driving this car"

JONATHAN G., CA (2006 Honda Pilot)

"The handling is very good for an SUV. I put it through it's paces and have no trouble with cornering and evasive maneuvers. The acceleration is also very smooth and quick off the mark if needed. Entering freeways is also an easy task because the Pilot accelerates quickly to freeway speed."

LINDA R., CA (2006 Honda Pilot)

"I am very impressed how well the vehicle handles especially in snowy conditions with the snow tires Consumer Reports recommended with a 40,000 mile guarantee."

REYNALDO H., CO (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Not great acceleration, feels tinny"

Anonymous, MA (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Acceleration is good but it's a big vehicle so I don't push the handling. It's comfortable and sight lines are good."

DAVID H., ON (2006 Honda Pilot)

"At 200,000+ miles it is beginning to have a slower start from a dead stop; otherwise I am quite happy. It has a tight turning radius which helps with parking and u-turns. Steering is still quite tight, no wiggle or play."

CAROLYN R., AL (2006 Honda Pilot)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Very good turning circle in tight spots. Very good acceleration even at 140,000 miles. Strong AC"

MIHAI G., FL (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Just completed a trip from Georgia to Arizona and we were very comfortable the whole trip. No back aches, no numbness in legs. Great ride."

CALI Y., AZ (2006 Honda Pilot)

"The Pilot has greater road noise than other comparable SUVs."

KEN R., OH (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise excessive"

Anonymous, MI (2006 Honda Pilot)

"My only complaint is road noise."

Anonymous, MS (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Honda has paid attention to the comfort of the passengers in the back seats as well as the front. When purchasing the cars, I took my elderly parent with me and ask her to sit in the front and rear seats. She was able to get into and out of the seat without difficulty and she said that she could sit up comfortably in both the front and back seats."

LINDA R., CA (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Climate control is very good. Ride is a bit noisy. Seats are good. Ride is good on highway."

D S., AZ (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Very comfortable, especially on long trips"

Anonymous, MA (2006 Honda Pilot)

"regarding the climate control, I do not like the fact that when I first turn on the air cond. / heater the system immediately goes to a high function. I also do not feel like the rear is adequately cooled and/or warmed."

Anonymous, MI (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Typical Honda wind noise. Couldn't afford preferred electric seats. Typical somewhat plain Japaneese styling & interior. Excellent motor & acceleration. Roomy."

Anonymous, TN (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Lack of lumbar support. Lack of side support in front seats. Somewhat noisy on the road."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Like most Hondas, far too noisy at highway speeds."

RON A., PA (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Back seat climate control and vents don't cool the rear of the vehicle effectively."

Anonymous, AZ (2006 Honda Pilot)

"On my third set of tires due to vandalism, not wear, However, road noise from tires is loud regardless of brand, model, etc."

Anonymous, NJ (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Car rides hard"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Ride is quiet, no wind noise. Seat are confortable. Climate control still excellent after 10 years of use."

FERNANDO S., TX (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Front seats adjust well. Third row seating takes away from second row leg room and is not good."

NINA R., KY (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise when driving on the freeway is much louder than other similar cars."

KELLY T., WA (2006 Honda Pilot)

"There is not enough leg room for adults 6' and over."

JOHN B., CA (2006 Honda Pilot)

"The driver's seat does not go far enough back."

Anonymous, NJ (2006 Honda Pilot)

"When car was 10 years old had to pay over $1000 to have the A/C repaired, new clutch etc."

Anonymous, PA (2006 Honda Pilot)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Ten years old, 123,000 miles, runs like a top."

Anonymous, TX (2006 Honda Pilot)

"had for 10 years and only problems were a battery and a radiator leak. Never had a tuneup"

Anonymous, SC (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Excellent value and very reliable. Maintenance and repairs are relatively inexpensive."

KIMBALL A., FL (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Still going strong after 275,000 miles, with mainly routine maintenance."

MARK T., KS (2006 Honda Pilot)

"A very comfortable and satisfying comfortable workhorse experience."

DAVID H., ON (2006 Honda Pilot)

"I think that Honda Pilots are pricy when compared other medium sized SUVs. $47,000 is approaching the price range of full size Chevy Tahoe. Having said that, you can't beat a Honda for reliability and resale value and that is why I remain a loyal Honda buyer."

JOHN B., CA (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Has not had any major problems. We take it on long trips and has never broken down."

J D., GA (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Very low maintenance costs. Excellent Quality."

PAUL D., VA (2006 Honda Pilot)

"This car was unbelievable deal when I bought it new. Very good reliability for the past ten years."

MIHAI G., FL (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Excellent and reliable vehicle."

LUIS B., FL (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Utility is excellent. Mileage is average for vehicle type. Reliability is good."

Anonymous, MA (2006 Honda Pilot)

"My Pilot is a great value to me mainly because of its high reliability. This vehicle performs consistently without having to put money into any major repairs for years and years."

KEVIN F., IL (2006 Honda Pilot)

"For the money there are several better autos, The pilot is a bit of a tank, poor gas mileage and costly maintance"

Anonymous, WA (2006 Honda Pilot)

"I maintain my vehicles very well and the Pilot has need some repairs (e.g. AC system failure) but overall it has been a very reliable car. It drives well and has had very little problems in the 9 years that I have owned it."

M R., PA (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Best car we've ever had. Runs beautifully with just basic maintenance."

Anonymous, GA (2006 Honda Pilot)

"No repairs. Excellent comfort for trips.Spacious."

Anonymous, OH (2006 Honda Pilot)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Still looks like a new style vehicle."

D S., AZ (2006 Honda Pilot)

"No non she sees look. Rear roof deflector."

Anonymous, MA (2006 Honda Pilot)

"Head liner is coming loose from the roof. Arm rest covers are peeling off."

Anonymous, GA (2006 Honda Pilot)

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