The Honda Pilot blends the best features of an SUV, wagon, and minivan. You'll find a comfortable ride, responsive handling, quick acceleration, a versatile and well-designed interior, and good fuel economy for a midsized SUV.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Very comfortable. Almost drives itself. We live off main roads in mountains/snow country. With studded snow tires of has never been stuck or stopped on our roads."

Anonymous, WA (2007 Honda Pilot)

"The Pilot pulls my pop up camper with more power than my old '99 Suburban 5.7 L V-8"

KENNETH W., CO (2007 Honda Pilot)

"great acceleration for a large SUV with a six cylinder."

JACOB B., MA (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Smooth powerful car. Handling is quite good for a vehicle this size"

JOHN L., NJ (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Drives like a very small car. Excellent handling and mirrors make 360 degree viewing pretty easy"

TONY C., GA (2007 Honda Pilot)

"very sluggish acceleration; the engine seems to have a hard time on hills Cruise control is very smooth"

Anonymous, CA (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Poor acceleration, you cannot get to highway speeds in this while merging."

MONTY C., CO (2007 Honda Pilot)

"A quality vehicle, trouble free with basic maintenence."

JAMES P., MD (2007 Honda Pilot)

"safety space"

Anonymous, PE (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Superb handling, even on gravel roads."

Anonymous, SK (2007 Honda Pilot)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Get high level of road noise inside cabin. It'd be great if Honda addressed this issue in future models."

CAROL M., TX (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise."

Anonymous, OR (2007 Honda Pilot)

"The leather seats are of very poor quality and fit for a person of my size 5' 10" and 250 lbs. Had to have the seat back cover replaced at 1,000 miles for wear along the drivers entry side. It is worn through again at 60,000 miles. The cost for just the seat back cover is 500+ dollars. Didn't ask what the cost would be for installation. The tire road noise is so bad we have to adjust the volume up while driving at highway speeds and turn it back down when we come to a traffic light."

Anonymous, OR (2007 Honda Pilot)

"road noise"

STANLEY S., CO (2007 Honda Pilot)

"I would give comfort top rating except the driver's door arm rest needs more padding. My elbow gets sore resting on this arm rest. Otherwise, comfort is excellent."

ROBERT W., WA (2007 Honda Pilot)

"The Automatic Noise Cancellation (ANC) is going out for the second time. The first was replaced at approximately 30K miles under warranty. It is incredibly annoying when the ANC generates a loud low bass rumble that hurts your ears. The cost of the part alone is approximately $500."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Too much road noise. Front headrests are so far forward that I can't sit up straight. Dash aido and climate control control lights failed, making it difficult to find them when driving at night."

Anonymous, OH (2007 Honda Pilot)

"When I open the windows, there is a high pitched sound that hurts your ears that is so uncomfortable that I can never drive with the windows open."

Anonymous, AZ (2007 Honda Pilot)

"The flat floor in the second row makes it comfortable for three adults. The head rest pushes my head down a lot so that it is comfortable for me to drive it long distances. That is not a problem for my husband who is taller."

Anonymous, CO (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Very noisy"

STEVE R., FL (2007 Honda Pilot)

"seats are very comfortable and I like the heated seat option for both driver and passenger. Road noise is a complaint - when I pay this much for a good vehicle I expect it to have very little road noise."

LINDA F., MN (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Back a/c quit working in the early years."

MARY A., TX (2007 Honda Pilot)

"More road noise than I expected"

JULIE L., NY (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Honda needs to work harder to reduce road noise"

BRAD M., ON (2007 Honda Pilot)

"On the road this vehicle is very noisy. The cabin noise makes normal speech very difficult. The blower motor for the rear cabin A/C stopped working. This is a well documented problem with Pilot owners but Honda has not offered any help. We decided to just live without it because of the very high dealer cost to repair."

Anonymous, FL (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Drivers seat / area is not designed for a tall person."

ROBERT G., WI (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Seat warmers were made fun of by people of all ages who now love them."

TONY C., GA (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise"

Anonymous, AB (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Every part of this car fits my life style. I use it for a pickup, Bus for taking my friends etc on excursions and helping someone move."

Anonymous, OR (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Would like the seat to go back further from the pedals. DO NOT like the gap between the center console and the seats. It is the dead zone. Very difficult to get small objects that fall there no matter how far you push the seat forward or back. Can't get a vacuum in there either."

Anonymous, NJ (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Overall, I love the Pilot, but have two complaints that will prevent me from buying another. The driver's seat doesn't go back far enough to be comfortable. Road noise is too prominent."

Anonymous, FL (2007 Honda Pilot)

"noise level is high. makes it difficult to hear anyone in 2nd or 3rd row"

LARRY H., AL (2007 Honda Pilot)

"noise at high speeds"

Anonymous, FL (2007 Honda Pilot)

"This car is significantly more noisy than the 2003 pilot I previously owned. The speakers don't seem to be of the same quality, so I often have a heard time hearing the radio."

MARY W., WA (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Comfortable seats. Not quite as good as my Volvo, but quite good. Very cold a/c, even after 9 years on the road."

Anonymous, MA (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Good for long trips. A/C is excellent for Iowa humid summers."

MICHAEL P., IA (2007 Honda Pilot)

"The driver and passenger seats are comfortable. The middle and back row of seats are very unforgiving and pretty hard, which wasn't much of a problem when all my kids were in car seats, but is becoming a small issue now that they are all old enough to ride without a safety seat. Also there is a lot of road noise. It rides more like an SUV than a mini-van, which isn't something I care one way or the other about."

TENESSA P., NC (2007 Honda Pilot)

"The A/C system has required some level of service every year for the past four years."

Anonymous, NY (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Roomy yet a little road noise"

JAMES M., IL (2007 Honda Pilot)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"A bit expensive to buy, but holds its value well."

Anonymous, SK (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Stiff leather seats. STIFF POWER STEERING.."

W L., GA (2007 Honda Pilot)

"reliable car in all driving conditions (new England weather). I follow the recommended repair schedule in owner's manual. A lot of room for transporting goods and materials."

LARRY D., MA (2007 Honda Pilot)

"The car was fully loaded when I purchased it and it was just above $30K, which was a bargain"

MONTY C., CO (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Bought at 77000 miles for $15000. After 4 yrs. at 123000 it could easily go to 200000+ miles according to my mechanic who works only on Japanese vehicles. It drives smooth and handles well. It's reliable for long trips and was used to pull a UHaul 1400 miles with no problems. Other than body issues it's very reliable."

JEFFREY M., NM (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Extremely over-priced, and expensive to maintain."

Anonymous, ON (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Great longterm purchase"

Anonymous, PE (2007 Honda Pilot)

"bought it used at a good price"

ED M., ON (2007 Honda Pilot)

"I bought this car after it came off my daughter's lease it has relatively low mileage (56,000) so it hasn't caused me any major headaches."

LEWIS D., NY (2007 Honda Pilot)


Anonymous, FL (2007 Honda Pilot)

"The Pilot has been trouble-free for more than 140,000 miles."

CYNTHIA K., WI (2007 Honda Pilot)

"A good reliable SUV. Not a flashy vehicle, but very comfortable one. The cost of ownership has been very reasonable."

Anonymous, VA (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Excellent value overall. Drives/handles well. Have nearly 200K on it and I know it will hold up for another 100K easily. Very decent gas mileage for a V6 and exceptionally practical."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Honda Pilot)

"very good value. I have had no problems with this car"

B S., MN (2007 Honda Pilot)

"It is a very good and safe vehicle to drive in any condition, of course if you know how to handle but stop very high price!"

Anonymous, CT (2007 Honda Pilot)

"My Pilot has three rows of seats which has been invaluable in all the years we've owned it. I just wanted something that fit three carseats across, but it ended up being great that we could haul more kids than just our three around on innumerable occasions. We've had ZERO major mechanical issues with our vehicle and at ~175,000 miles that's saying a lot."

TENESSA P., NC (2007 Honda Pilot)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I like the boxy shape. It is an efficient use of space and I can see clearly out the rear side windows when I change lanes. I wish the new Pilots and other mid-size SUVs were not so "swoopy" towards the rear."

MAYA G., CA (2007 Honda Pilot)

"I don't like the styling of the new Honda Pilot at all. We love this version because it doesn't look like every other car on the road."

Anonymous, OH (2007 Honda Pilot)

"I like the styling of the 2007 Pilot and don't like the boxy look of the newer models. If Pilot goes back to a more streamlined or rounded look I might buy another one."

LINDA F., MN (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Box shape. Very dependable auto."

W L., GA (2007 Honda Pilot)

"like the 'boxy' look. distinctive from other brands"

ED M., ON (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Styling on most vehicles goes from boxy to rounded and back over the years. The 2007 Pilot is that style that is a good mix of both providing lots of packing and seating space in the back with good visibility while not looking too boxy."

JEFFREY M., NM (2007 Honda Pilot)

"Looks good"

ROLLIN C., CA (2007 Honda Pilot)

"I like the spacious cargo capacity. The newer Pilots appear to have a roof that slopes to the rear - diminishing the headroom in the cargo area."

PETER F., VA (2007 Honda Pilot)

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