The Honda Pilot blends the best features of an SUV, wagon, and minivan. You'll find a comfortable ride, responsive handling, quick acceleration, a versatile and well-designed interior, and good fuel economy for a midsized SUV.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"The Pilot is a great drive. The 6 cylinders give great acceleration. The steering is very responsive."

NANCY H., CA (2008 Honda Pilot)

"Good acceleration and controlled handling!"

JASON R., CA (2008 Honda Pilot)

"Good acceleration and handling in all situations."

Anonymous, MI (2008 Honda Pilot)

"acceleration is not great when power is needed to pass vehicles"

Anonymous, NV (2008 Honda Pilot)

"Lots of power, good handling and tight cornering......small circling. Height of seat very good seeing over hood very good Good dependable car with good acceleration. Good vision from driver's seat all around"

LORRAINE A., OR (2008 Honda Pilot)

"The Pilot is great when you need to get on an interstate or accelerate to change lanes. Lots of power."

Anonymous, NC (2008 Honda Pilot)

"Vehicle is unstable"

Anonymous, RI (2008 Honda Pilot)

"I was surprised at how powerful the pilot is. very strong acceleration"

PERRY P., ON (2008 Honda Pilot)

"I tow a large boat. With the front wheel drive, this is a very stable tow vehicle."

LEW F., ME (2008 Honda Pilot)

"Acceleration really good, handling good on corners."

DAVID, AB (2008 Honda Pilot)

"good acceleration and good turning. I feel very safe drivint it on the highway."

Anonymous, OH (2008 Honda Pilot)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"You get a lot of road noise in this vehicle"

Anonymous, AL (2008 Honda Pilot)

"Noisy tires and not agile at cornering."

JOHN G., WA (2008 Honda Pilot)

"full auto temperature control and the adjustable very good. overal the honda is a great family hauler."

Anonymous, NV (2008 Honda Pilot)

"cargo area is the biggest of this type SUV. We haul our stuff and our friends' when we go wine tasting."

WAYNE M., WA (2008 Honda Pilot)

"Very pleasant always quiet, smooth, and fun"

JASON R., CA (2008 Honda Pilot)

"Hoda lives up to its good reputation"

KENNETH D., NC (2008 Honda Pilot)

"The Pilot got lower marks in comfort because the temperature control does not function properly. The resolution in the controller is insufficient; i.e. a large change in the control knob is required to facilitate a change in output."

Anonymous, OH (2008 Honda Pilot)

"Loud road noise"

Anonymous, AL (2008 Honda Pilot)

"I couldn't ask for a more comfortable and capable SUV."

THEODORE K., NJ (2008 Honda Pilot)

"A/C and heat take little time to achieve the desired comfort level. Seat adjustments and heaters make for a comfortable driving experience."

LEO M., CO (2008 Honda Pilot)

"All good except road noise can be excessive."

CHARLES R., GA (2008 Honda Pilot)

"if you drive with 1 window open, you get a terrible pulsing of air in the vehicle. it hurts your ears. you need to partially open another window to balance the air effect."

MARTIN H., NY (2008 Honda Pilot)

"a key fob is not locking or unlocking the left rear door"

Anonymous, GA (2008 Honda Pilot)

"Noisy, road no spies is very pronounced compared to the Lexus."

Anonymous, NY (2008 Honda Pilot)

"The seats, roominess ,visibility"

MARY L., PA (2008 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise is awful."

MARY P., OR (2008 Honda Pilot)

"I like sitting up high and the good visibility in all directions."

Anonymous, MI (2008 Honda Pilot)

"The 2008 Pilot does not prevent outside noise from entering the cabin very well at all. Door seals were checked, a few times and are fine-determination is the design. The climate system fails for the rear section requiring a major repair $$$ after warranty."

Anonymous, CT (2008 Honda Pilot)

"Honestly, I absolutely love this vehicle. I researched vehicles for three months before purchasing it. My primary concern was safety as I just had my second child and three children in the household. One huge issue that has really been a problem is the A/C unit. It has had several issues and doesn't work properly. It began to malfunction within the 3rd year of ownership. I attempted to get it fixed, charged the freon checked for leaks, etc. Finally, I discovered Honda had this issue with this"

Anonymous, OH (2008 Honda Pilot)

"Ride noise continues to be an issue."

JOSEPH R., OH (2008 Honda Pilot)

"Smooth ride compared with other suv's. Seats comfortable and supportive"

DAVID, AB (2008 Honda Pilot)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The Honda buying experience is terrible!!! I like the cars that they produce, but can't stand the idea of entering their showroom. My 2008 Pilot is still an excellent car with no breakdowns.My service departmant is also excellent."

DAVID F., NY (2008 Honda Pilot)

"102,000the only eager repair a new radiator"

MARY L., PA (2008 Honda Pilot)

"Very comfortable. Dies what I need it for"

STEVE G., OH (2008 Honda Pilot)

"Never had a repair issue."

STEPHEN M., PA (2008 Honda Pilot)

"I bought the vehicle fully loaded brand new and got the deal of a lifetime 12k off list"

GERARD L., FL (2008 Honda Pilot)

"trouble with automatic locks, key fob, had to spend 400$ to have locks key and internal switch fixed"

Anonymous, NC (2008 Honda Pilot)

"Other than normal maintance such as tires, battery and brakes, this car has all original equipment."

Anonymous, CT (2008 Honda Pilot)

"Reliability, comfort and functionality. Great Honda Value, as always."

JOSEPH L., WA (2008 Honda Pilot)

"Good product for the money"

MICHAEL M., MA (2008 Honda Pilot)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"While I like the exterior styling of my Pilot, it was the length of the vehicle, and length interior haul space which mattered. I needed a vehicle no longer than 16 feet, with an interior haul space of 6 linear feet. The Pilot fit the bill. The interior is well planned. The vehicle is a 4-door, 5 passenger, SUV in normal configuration, but has an additional row of fold down seats in the rear, which expand the seating to 8 passengers. There are cup holders and USB ports in abundance. Good st"

NANCY H., CA (2008 Honda Pilot)

"We bought the vehicle used and the styling looked very dated compared to an older vehicle we had. This has always bothered me but it's my husband's vehicle not mine."

Anonymous, AZ (2008 Honda Pilot)

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