Although the previous Pilot was previously considered a Top Pick in this category, we were disappointed with this model. It lost ground on interior fit and finish, as well as braking. Road noise remains omnipresent and the center console is crowded. That said, the Pilot is a very functional vehicle. Fuel economy is improved by one mpg overall, it still seats eight, and it drives pretty well.
There are 11 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Only problem with the pilot is the cruise control. It tends to vary up to 4 mph. Doesn't like to hold a consistent speed"

Anonymous, WI (2011 Honda Pilot)

"It drives fine, maybe it needs a little more power. Dislike the jerking with on/off cylinders for economy."

Anonymous, PA (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Excellent steering feel and good acceleration."

ROLAND R., NJ (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Smooth floating ride with the right tires (Michelin).previous Goodyear tires were poor and caused noise and pulling steering"

MARK H., GA (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Slightly warped brake rotors caused shimmy feeling when braking."

DONALD D., VA (2011 Honda Pilot)

"quick exceleration"

MICHAEL L., FL (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Bad: Variable Cylinder Management is horrible. I will never again buy a vehicle which uses this technology. Honda really let me down. I probably will never again buy a Honda."

TODD S., IL (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Honda does not want to address the vibration issues associated with its crappy ECO system. I dislike the system and the hesitation in acceleration because of it. And the fact that Honda is not willing to address it is a damage to its reputation - but their money is more important. And they put crappy tires on it when I bought it new - I had lots of issues and wasted time with that. I also do not like their service requirement for changing the "differential fluid" every 15,000 miles - it's un"

Anonymous, WI (2011 Honda Pilot)

"I drive mountain passes everyday. This is a big vehicle that easily maneuvers the twisting turns of the pass. I feel very secure driving it. Handles snow and ice well when I drive in a manner that fits the conditions. I have stayed on the road when other vehicles have slid off."

CHERYL T., CO (2011 Honda Pilot)

"It drives fine, its MPG is terrible. 16 mpg is a real dissatisfier for me."

MARK L., CA (2011 Honda Pilot)

"While uphill acceleration is lacking, the handling and tracking on curves and turns is excellent considering the weight and size of the Pilot."

WILLIAM S., CA (2011 Honda Pilot)

"I had some issue with rough shifting around 25 MPH. Also when I bought the Pilot in Jan. of 2016 it was having some shaking issues at different speeds. They replaced the spark plugs and that correct that issue. The Pilot seems a little sluggish to me. I drove a 2009 Highlander before this vehicle and it had a lot better pick up and handling."

MICHAEL H., TN (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Aceleration on the 6 cly is OK, but would be good to be a little stronger .. and work on the mpg at the same time. It can be done."

DAVID H., TN (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Handling is good but seems a little bulky on the road. Too boxy in the front which makes it hard to park at times."

Anonymous, ME (2011 Honda Pilot)

"We take this car on trips (1000 plus miles) out handles well safe and dependable"

J G., WI (2011 Honda Pilot)

"handling gas mileage"

KONJET H., TX (2011 Honda Pilot)

"somewhat sluggish on acceleration, especially w/A/C on. Turning radius and handling could be better-somewhat difficult to park."

Anonymous, NY (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Very competent handling and road feel for an SUV."

JOSEPH W., SC (2011 Honda Pilot)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Climate control system settings are not all retained after shutting off the car. Very frustrating."

Anonymous, PA (2011 Honda Pilot)

"I work as a "runner" for a local car dealership. Every day when I get into my Honda to go home I marvel at how comfortable it is compared to the variety of vehicles I have driven that day."

Anonymous, MD (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Excessive road noise Nice floating smooth ride"

MARK H., GA (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Somewhat noisy ride for a 2011 vehicle"

Anonymous, TN (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Wish the shoulder strap on the seat belt could be lowered more. The level of road noise is noticeable"

GENE T., ID (2011 Honda Pilot)

"The front seats are really comfortable. We've looked at other SUVs of similar size, and most have much stiffer (and less comfy for us) seats up front."

EMILY W., PA (2011 Honda Pilot)

"I traded a Toyota Highlander for my Pilot. I also test drove a 2011 Highlander before purchasing my 2011 Pilot. The seat comfort in my Pilot is so superior to Toyota."

Anonymous, MD (2011 Honda Pilot)

"The front seats are very comfortable, and the ride and noise are very good for an SUV. The back seats are medium on the comfort and the rear seats are just barely acceptable. The fact that they all fold down to create a completely flat storage area is a great redeeming feature."

LOUIS H., CO (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Vehicle tends to be noisy at highway speeds"

JOHN F., VA (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Lumbar support has broke twice. Once was covered by warrantee, second it was out of warrentee"

THOMAS T., MD (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Lots of wind noise. Other the that it is a comfortabl vehicle"

PETER N., VT (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Driver leg room is not great. I'm 6'1" and cannot fully extend my legs while driving."

JIM J., AR (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Seat backs are too narrow."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Honda Pilot)

"The road noise is more than I would like."

Anonymous, NY (2011 Honda Pilot)

"It's very noisy"

MARY H., MN (2011 Honda Pilot)

"I've had cars with more comfortable seats."

DAVID M., VA (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Wind noise"

Anonymous, FL (2011 Honda Pilot)

"seating position options back support excellent"

JOHN Z., IL (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Other Than road noise from tires I am very satisfied with Honda Pilot"

Anonymous, FL (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Driver and front passenger have own climate controls. seats warm. love the leather seats"

JOANNE A., DE (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Noise insulation needs serious improvement. Too much noise, both engine and road."

G S., PA (2011 Honda Pilot)

"This is the most uncomfortable vehicle I have ever ridden in or driven"

MARK H., NH (2011 Honda Pilot)

"high level road/wind noise"

LARRY D., AL (2011 Honda Pilot)

"The ride is pretty stiff and jiggly on bad pavement and can be quite noisy despite the active noise cancellation system."

GEOFFREY B., IA (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Interior road noise is terrible. Keep checking to see if the windows are completely closed."

HOMER B., WV (2011 Honda Pilot)

"The lumbar control and heated seats were a major advantage driving long distances."

Anonymous, MD (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Noise level when driving on chip and seal roads is deafing. Cannot listen to cd or carry on a conversation. will never buy another until I drive on a chip and seal road."

C S., TX (2011 Honda Pilot)

"The road noise is worse than I prefer"

Anonymous, PA (2011 Honda Pilot)

"A/C went out twice and after parts replacement, the vehicle has a "wooing" noise constantly which is louder upon acceleration."

Anonymous, NC (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Very quiet & handles very well on the highway"

RUSSELL Q., NE (2011 Honda Pilot)

"wind noise with windows down is terrible"

Anonymous, AZ (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Very thoughtful design features like a second panoramic rear view mirror to be able to see all the kids at once, built in roll up sun screens for second row windows, key remote roll down of all windows and sunroof remotely to let hot air out of the car (remote roll-up would be nice)"

Anonymous, CA (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise is terrible, makes the driving experience less than enjoyable, other than that great value"

TOM W., TN (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Leatger seats have held up well, but driver's seat has never been as comdortable as other vehicles we have owned."

BEN R., LA (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise is excessive"

T B., TN (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Seats, ride and climate control is very good."

Anonymous, ME (2011 Honda Pilot)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"This was my dream car. however nothing but problems poor support from dealership."

WILLIAM M., VA (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Could be a better value."

Anonymous, TN (2011 Honda Pilot)

"This is ok for comfort. It is a great value for ability to seat several people, the fold down seats for hauling and the stylish look."

Anonymous, NE (2011 Honda Pilot)

"I feel it was rather expensive"

BRADLEY C., NJ (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Overall good value for vehicle handling & features"

ERIC K., MA (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Love the Pilot but overpriced. Recommendation is that if I were to buy another one (I've owned 3, 2 Pilots and 1 CRV), I'd again buy new. Used ones are way, way overpriced as well as new. But since they keep their resell value fairly well, I have always gone for new ones. Can't really see the justification for way the price has to be soooo high??"

REYNOLD A., UT (2011 Honda Pilot)

"My only disappointment is the MPG. I do a lot of town driving. I get between 17-18 MPG. Although the automobile reports 23-24 MPG highway, I rarely get less than 23. I've had it checked by the dealer and mechanics. My husband experiences the same ranges when he drives it. We keep it well maintained. The same results happen with new and balanced tires."

Anonymous, NJ (2011 Honda Pilot)

"I was looking for a boxy,seat 8 with seats that fold flat for carrying stuff on the go,with a trailer hitch.It has all that plus."

Anonymous, KY (2011 Honda Pilot)

"got a good buy at end of model year ."

JOE M., AL (2011 Honda Pilot)

"I think the value was good for the price. Maintenance has been reasonable and Honda stepped up for repairs and recalls."

JOAN H., CA (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Very good comparative price"

Anonymous, SC (2011 Honda Pilot)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Really preferred the "boxer" style, bought it for that reason and do not care for the latest "rounded back" -as it looks like all others."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Honda Pilot)

"After the new 2016 came out and looked like everyone else's car, I like the box shape even more"

DAVID H., TN (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Understated but clean styling with a beautiful stance and profile. A true sleeper. I will forever love my Passat for it's subtle but professionally executed presentation"

SHANE F., TX (2011 Honda Pilot)

"2011 pilot is "boxy". Newer model is somewhat sleeker."

Anonymous, NY (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Mediocre Styling, not bad but not the best."

ROLAND R., NJ (2011 Honda Pilot)

"The larger body style"

Anonymous, NE (2011 Honda Pilot)

"Style, view through front window, height from the ground, extra row sits, leg room, console in the middle, rare view camera to small but still useful"

KONJET H., TX (2011 Honda Pilot)

"I like the boxy style. The 2016-17 look a lot like the highlander. Also the front of the Pilot looks like the front of the CR-V. Also the new Accuras closely resemble the accords except for the chrome trim on the front."

Anonymous, PA (2011 Honda Pilot)

"The 2011 Pilot has lots of storage spaces, nooks and cranies to put stuff. Also, the total cargo space with both back seats down in significant."

EMILY W., PA (2011 Honda Pilot)

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