While this version of the Pilot shows its age, the basic blueprint still provides plenty of space and convenient functionality within a comparatively small package. Driving dynamics are sound with a steady, supple and controlled ride complementing responsive handling. The engine and transmission also operate very smoothly.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"excellent given the size and capacity"

Anonymous, MO (2012 Honda Pilot)

"A bit sluggish in acceleration but once up to speed it gives a very comfortable ride. Brakes are not up to the task of stopping this heavy vehicle comfortably."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Honda Pilot)

"I would expect this Honda to have better steering, stability and tracking. Should strive to handle more like German products. Having said that, this my 4th Honda because of value and practicality."

Anonymous, MO (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Easy to handle. Holds the road very well. Acceleration is not the best with the V6."

Anonymous, GA (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Not enough power, but the ride is very comfortable. It handles well in the snow."

Bruce N., UT (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Good handling rides smooth"

Holly P., NY (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise"

Anonymous, CT (2012 Honda Pilot)

"It handles very well."

Anonymous, PA (2012 Honda Pilot)

"The breaking feel is real soft feels like you have to push break peddle just about to floor, no stiff resistance feel to the break petal"

Anonymous, PA (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Acceleration is great and handling is unbelievable!"

Delmar F., TX (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Acceleration has always been sluggish. Vehicle does not downshift appropriately since new, so probably just bad design. Somewhat jerky."

Anonymous, VA (2012 Honda Pilot)

"excellent performance for size>"

Anonymous, MO (2012 Honda Pilot)

"A little underpowered . . . could have more horsepower."

T C., NC (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Acceleration is not as good as the 2009 Pilot we previously owned"

WILLIAM H., AZ (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Comfortable smooth and has all great features for long distance driving"

Anonymous, NC (2012 Honda Pilot)

"acceleration is a little sluggish"

Anonymous, TN (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Slow acceleration for the size engine. Handles wonderfully though."

Anonymous, RI (2012 Honda Pilot)

"The Pilot has a nice ride, but the acceleration is slow. That is important when you are trying to merge into traffic."

SHARON M., GA (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Pilot handles very well, especially for such a large vehicle. Superb on wet roads."

Anonymous, MD (2012 Honda Pilot)

"very good handling, road noise is load"

Anonymous, GA (2012 Honda Pilot)

"poor rear/side rear vision"

JEFF M., MN (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Uneven acceleration when shifting in and out of Eco mode."

BRYAN F., VA (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Under powered"

LARRY L., AZ (2012 Honda Pilot)

"The Pilot drives almost as good as it was the day we bought it with regards to ride, handling and no noises."

JOHN H., MO (2012 Honda Pilot)

"I sometimes pull a boat (2500 lbs.) and the Pilot still gets about 18 mph."

Anonymous, KY (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Good acceleration"

LARRY D., AL (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Quick acceleration and handles well for a large car."

CHRIS B., NJ (2012 Honda Pilot)

"It drives like a truck, acceleration is ok, but braking distance is long enough I'm considering trading it just based on that factor alone."

Anonymous, NH (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Good acceleration when you need it. Handles very well, but brakes are a bit touchy. Rather have brakes that work too well, than not at all. :P"

KEVIN D., TX (2012 Honda Pilot)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Overall the vehicle rides pretty nice. One downside is the amount of road noise heard from the interior at highway/interstate speeds. The third row seats are less comfortable but that's typical."

Anonymous, WI (2012 Honda Pilot)

"The Pilot is a truck but you don't feel like you're driving one. It handles nimbly and is responsive. The inside is very comfortable for long trips."

Clinton S., OH (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Long trips are not a problem, the cabin is quiet for such a bulky vehicle, seats are heated, supportive, and non fatiguing."

Steve A., MI (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Comfortable seats first and second row"

Anonymous, MN (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Very comfortable ride."

Aaron R., IN (2012 Honda Pilot)

"High road noise. Stiff ride."

Anonymous, PA (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Very roomy and comfortable. It's great for long road trips. Plenty of cargo space and room for 5."

Will G., MD (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Super comfortable seats across all three rows, and surprising low wind noise."

Marcelo G., VA (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Rides like a boat. there are a number of squeaks and rattles after 5 years"

Anonymous, MA (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Both great"

Anonymous, PA (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Seats a little hard"

Anonymous, CT (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Seats sort of pinch my bottom"

Anonymous, NC (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Seats are leather and are extremely comfortable as well as provide great support. Ride is smooth, takes bumps well and holds the road very well. Road noise can be a little loud at times."

Vincent D., IL (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Seat are very confortable and the specious interior of this vehicle makes it great for long drives."

Cynthia L., NM (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Very comfortable 'family' car."

Anonymous, MD (2012 Honda Pilot)

"The driver's seat is very good but the passenger seat is a tad too narrow. The ride and noise are very good."

Anonymous, PA (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Seating is comfortable but road noise is a bit hgh on extended trip."

Robert S., NY (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Smooth, solid feeling vehicle."

Anonymous, NC (2012 Honda Pilot)

"road noise is bad"

Anonymous, LA (2012 Honda Pilot)

"We constantly are amazed at how nice of a ride we get in the vehicle."

Anonymous, MD (2012 Honda Pilot)

"slightly anoying modest yet noticeable wind noise, sounds like a window is barely open"

JEFF M., MN (2012 Honda Pilot)

"The transmission or cylinder management system on this vehicle makes it run rough at certain speeds - 40 - 45 and 60-70 most notably. That makes it have some annoying vibrations that I've learned to live with, but for a nearly $40,000 vehicle should not exist."

Anonymous, NH (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Interior Noise level / tire noise too high."

DOUG K., IN (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Excessive road noise Very rough ride on uneven surface"

Anonymous, FL (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Seats have a great range of adjustability, perfect for my 5'[2" frame. AC/heating vents allow for easy change in direction and volume."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Honda Pilot)

"The leather seats are wide and comfortable"

COREY L., CO (2012 Honda Pilot)

"The accelerator seems to be a bit too far to the right. If I am in a travel situation that requires constant acceleration (rather than smooth traffic that allows for cruise control), I end up with right knee pain. I have noticed that my leg is unable to be perfectly straight. I have no history of knee pain nor events that may contribute to the pain that does occur during travel."

CHERYL P., SC (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Very comfortable on long trips."

MICHAEL R., NV (2012 Honda Pilot)

"The only thing about the Honda that I don't like is the road noise."

JANET S., OK (2012 Honda Pilot)

"This vehicle is advertisez as an 8 passenger car. The real capacity is 6. The middle place on the second ant third rows are narrow and realy uncomfortable, even for a child. The floor of the luggage compartment is not flat. We regularly have items roling out when we open the back door."

PIERRE T., QC (2012 Honda Pilot)

"The seats are very comfortable and easily adjustable. The ride of the Pilot is almost as good as it was the day we bought it with regards to ride, handling and no noises."

JOHN H., MO (2012 Honda Pilot)

"I am very satisfied with the comfort. The air conditioner works great for the hot weather. My friends drive for me some and always comment it is a pleasure to drive. The car is very comfortable for long trips. I am planning to drive the car for many more years."

MARJORIE R., NC (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Seats are great - comfortable and adjustable. Ride is good. Hear a lot of road noise. Don't like climate control vents - can't adjust direction to point to myself without it blowing in my face. (My 2002 Honda CRV was good at this,)"

Anonymous, MI (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Love the heated seats in the winter time. Very quiet and smooth ride"

KEITH H., MI (2012 Honda Pilot)

"The road noise is loud, and if the windows are down, there is an uncomfortably loud thumping sound created by the tires. Very irritating, but we just leave the windows up."

SCOTT W., CA (2012 Honda Pilot)

"The Pilot has several poorly fitted pieces. There are several areas where poor fit causes rattles. The USB connection stopped working."

Anonymous, MI (2012 Honda Pilot)

"the front bucket seats are very comfortable. They are very supportive even driving long distances. Ride is great. Climate control is right on target when in AUTO and is easy to use when not in AUTO. A little noisy at highway speeds."

VINCENT D., IL (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Somewhat noisy at highway speeds. Type tires may be part of the problem."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Honda Pilot)

"My only wish is that the driver's seat would tilt forward a little more so I could have it back more but tilted down. It cuts off circulation in my legs on long drives"

Anonymous, IL (2012 Honda Pilot)

"The seats are very uncomfortable for adult passengers in the front passenger side and back seats. Trips over six hours are brutal."

Anonymous, AL (2012 Honda Pilot)

"More road noise than I would like"

JOHN P., CA (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise is too loud."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Seats are very comfortable and has numerous setting to insure comfort. Quiet rise but a little truck like in ride."

CHRIS B., NJ (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Noise level could be improved"

Anonymous, TN (2012 Honda Pilot)

"The Pilot is built for a man not a woman. Also, the seats, especially the passenger and rear seats are very uncomfortable. It is a "utility" car for sure, not for comfort. Also the seat heaters are horrible either burning or cold."

Anonymous, CO (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise is a little worse than I had hoped for."

ROBERT P., FL (2012 Honda Pilot)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I know the pilot will last for years carefree."

Mary T., KY (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Was best value for full size Auto at time of purchase."

Robert S., NY (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Relative to other full size SUVs, the Pilot provided a good package for a reasonable amount of money."

Vincent D., IL (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Excellent value for the price paid. Great engineering value."

Anonymous, MO (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Excellent value for money. Completely reliable. Zero issues in 5 years of ownership."

Anonymous, MD (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Very dependable. We've had it 5 years and still going strong. Plan to keep it for at least 10 years."

Will G., MD (2012 Honda Pilot)

"It is a well built, well thought out design, requires minimal maintenance, and is very reliable."

Anonymous, WA (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Most versatile, reliable eight passenger suv I have driven"

Anonymous, MN (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Great price for a specious, confortable and great fuel economy"

Cynthia L., NM (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Doesn't break down. Maintenance other than scheduled is minimal"

Anonymous, DE (2012 Honda Pilot)

"great for family road trips"

Anonymous, VA (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Great value for the $ although I would like vehicles to be a little less. Would be nice if better gas mileage. Love the Honda steering and handling."

MARY B., AL (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Not much deal @ internet"

Anonymous, PA (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Except for the chipping paint on the doors, it has been a good SUV at a good price."

KEVIN D., TX (2012 Honda Pilot)

"For a 4-year-old vehicle, it was pretty pricey at $29k relative to the Durango my husband bought. i'm assuming the reliability will be good, because the 'bells and whistles' factor is not really comparable though I bought the 'Touring' model"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Excellent value for the price"

Anonymous, IN (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Excellent engineering , quality and performance for the price. Best SUV we have ever owned!"

Anonymous, MO (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Very good traction and control on slick roads. Good for getting to work on snowy days."

BRYAN F., VA (2012 Honda Pilot)

"After having a baby, I needed an SUV. The Honda Pilot is a perfect choice, its not too large, but enough room inside to change a diaper if needed. Lots of different configurations possible in the back."

JASON K., MD (2012 Honda Pilot)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Opening back window."

VIC G., SK (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Large, seating is great for 7 passenger"

LINDA B., WY (2012 Honda Pilot)

"Love the square back trunk space exceptional 2016 is terrible"

Anonymous, NC (2012 Honda Pilot)

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