While this version of the Pilot shows its age, the basic blueprint still provides plenty of space and convenient functionality within a comparatively small package. Driving dynamics are sound with a steady, supple and controlled ride complementing responsive handling. The engine and transmission also operate very smoothly.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Good Vision from the drivers point of view."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda Pilot)

"I have only had it a month and it is unfair for me to give educated answers"

DAVID C., IN (2014 Honda Pilot)

"The biggest drawback to this car is the road noise, especially on freeways. Also, it is hard to judge how close you are parking to another car as the width of the hood is too large."

Anonymous, OR (2014 Honda Pilot)

"Handles well for a large SUV. Good acceleration. Great visibility."

JAY A., CA (2014 Honda Pilot)

"Hesitation when coming to complete stop then accelerate sometimes it hesitates before the transmission locks in to accellerate"

Anonymous, AL (2014 Honda Pilot)

"Good size."

BILL A., PA (2014 Honda Pilot)

"The pilot looks big, but it handles great and fits in the smaller parking spaces that are so common these days."

WANDA M., AB (2014 Honda Pilot)

"Fairly good steering response, good acceleration, tracks well."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda Pilot)

"Accelerates very well and most handling is good. Some issues with the brakes making noise when stopping when first start driving."

Anonymous, VA (2014 Honda Pilot)

"Space, versatility, and toeing ability"

MICHAEL D., LA (2014 Honda Pilot)

"Not impressed with transmission. Vibration in the 50 / 60 mph range the dealer says is normal"

JAY D., OH (2014 Honda Pilot)

"It feels and drives like a full size luxury SUV"

Anonymous, MI (2014 Honda Pilot)

"Steering is a bit loose."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Honda Pilot)

"it takes to reach cruising speed acceleration is a couple of second too long I was aware before I purchase it, and it was way better than expected"

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda Pilot)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"overall feel."

Anonymous, ON (2014 Honda Pilot)

"I get more air and tire noise than I feel I should."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Honda Pilot)

"Not enough legroom for a 6'2" male driver"

CHARLES S., NJ (2014 Honda Pilot)

"I traded 'up' from a '13 Accord ... found that I traded 'down' in features ... the Pilot has been redesigned with the features I had in the Accord, but they messed up to many other things; so, I would not buy the new version."

ROBERT L., TX (2014 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise is a bit too high."

LEE P., PA (2014 Honda Pilot)

"When searching for my new car, I needed an SUV that could seat 8 people COMFORTABLY. I looked at several SUV's with a third seat like the Toyota Highlander and Chevy Traverse. But the Honda Pilot was the only one that had lots of leg room for the third seat passengers and still had a large Cargo area even with the third seat up."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda Pilot)

"This is the most comfortable car I've ever had for long trips. I've taken my 90 year old father on road trips with this and he has no problems sitting for long periods of time in it. We have plenty of room, and enjoy the ride. Also, on all other cars I've taken on road trips after several hours on the road when I finally stop, I feel like I'm still moving. Not with the Pilot ... when I stop I do not feel exhausted nor do I feel like I'm still in the car. I LOVE this vehicle."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise."

MICHAEL D., LA (2014 Honda Pilot)

"Great ride. Good acceleration. So far a pleasure to drive."

BILL A., PA (2014 Honda Pilot)


JAMES Z., CA (2014 Honda Pilot)

"The Pilot has interior rattles. It is a comfortable and roomy vehicle otherwise."

Anonymous, OK (2014 Honda Pilot)

"Loud road noise"

Anonymous, WA (2014 Honda Pilot)

"It's a little noisy on rough pavement."

Anonymous, YT (2014 Honda Pilot)

"The headrests for the front seat are very uncomfortable for short people. They should be more flat rather that projecting into the seating area."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Honda Pilot)

"Seats have a great range of adjustment, fitting my 5'2" frame well. AC/heating vents can be easily controlled with respect to direction and volume. Love the location of the shift dtick. Allows for a great storage unit between the two front seats."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda Pilot)

"Realize this Pilot is on a truck body - so it rides hard and rough as compared to the 3 Toyota Avalon's we owned prior to this vehicle - it is also difficult to use the back seat when needed"

RONALD S., MN (2014 Honda Pilot)

"finally after 18 months of 'squeak & rattle detection' I am finding solutions that work... range from foam wedges to wooden shims. All loose items (glasses, etc) have to be wrapped in cloth or tissue. I have an exorcism scheduled for next month"

Anonymous, BC (2014 Honda Pilot)

"My only concern is that there is to much road noise even when all windows are closed."

ROBERT D., NV (2014 Honda Pilot)

"1. With the addition of side air bags, the window supports between the front window and side windows is wider and blocks your vision for smaller items. 2. Always seems to be air noise on the front passenger side window."

Anonymous, VA (2014 Honda Pilot)

"It's a very comfortable ride and cushions the bumps in the road. A good solid ride and drives nicely."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise levels inside the car are significant"

RANDY T., TX (2014 Honda Pilot)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Great vehicle for the price. Lots of room, decent mileage and very reliable like my last Pilot."

NANCY S., CA (2014 Honda Pilot)

"I think the price for the vehicle was a little high"

JEANNOT M., QC (2014 Honda Pilot)

"Great vehicle. 20000 miles and no issues. Good ride, good mileage for SUV. Only maintenance required ahs been two oil changes"

Anonymous, OH (2014 Honda Pilot)

"The dealership priced it at a 2015 price. Promised items on a We Owe sheet. Then took away items from the we owe sheet. I felt lied to and cheated."

Anonymous, SC (2014 Honda Pilot)

"Very comfortable ride and seating. Good gas mileage for an SUV. Very good utility vehicle for hunting and skiing vacations and hauling bigger stuff around town."

JAY A., CA (2014 Honda Pilot)

"Need car to pull fishing boat through mountains and the pilot has done the job very well."

LES-BARBARA B., OR (2014 Honda Pilot)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Boxy styling. Honda could do better on gear shift location, instrument panel. Just ok interior."

Anonymous, TN (2014 Honda Pilot)

"Honda changed the styling for 2016 to be a more "vanilla" SUV. We prefer the utilitarian aspects of the prior style and procured the 2014 to avoid the new style."

JOHN L., OR (2014 Honda Pilot)

"Love the location of the shift stick on the dashboard, which allows foir a spacious storage unit between the two front seats."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda Pilot)

"somewhat boxy looking, not as stylish as the GMC Acadia"

CLELL S., MO (2014 Honda Pilot)

"It's ability to Handel adverse weather. So reliable."

DAVID C., IN (2014 Honda Pilot)

"Boxy look"

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Honda Pilot)

"I liked the look of this 2014 model. The new 2016 model looks like a minivan which I was extremely adamant of NOT wanting. When I decide to buy a new Pilot, I'm going to have to wait til they change the body style again."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Honda Pilot)

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