While this version of the Pilot shows its age, the basic blueprint still provides plenty of space and convenient functionality within a comparatively small package. Driving dynamics are sound with a steady, supple and controlled ride complementing responsive handling. The engine and transmission also operate very smoothly.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"The handling and performance of the Pilot is above average for an SUV."

MICHAEL H., OH (2015 Honda Pilot)


IGOR B., TX (2015 Honda Pilot)

"Good acceleration. Easy handling. Responsive steering."

Anonymous, WA (2015 Honda Pilot)

"I expected handling on the road to be as good as CRV. It took me awhile to get use to it. It is not a nimble as the CRV and not as nimble as the first pilot I drove in 2012."

MICHAEL M., MN (2015 Honda Pilot)

"Somewhat underpowered"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Honda Pilot)

"When Eco Boost engages/disengages it is noticeable to person driving vehicle.Honda should have designed this feature so driver is not aware that Eco is engaged or not. Complained to Honda. Simple fix would have been to give driver the option of using Eco Boost or not.I will not buy another Honda until they address isuue on future vehicles thay sell."

Anonymous, NC (2015 Honda Pilot)

"Drives well, good acceralation, comfortable. The hood is too high make it hard to see the curve on the right side."

G N., TX (2015 Honda Pilot)

"sometimes it jumps the dealership told me it is changing from economy - 2 cyl to regular 4 cylanders when accelerating, it can be a scary feeling - especially for a young driver"

Anonymous, TN (2015 Honda Pilot)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"you can not drive with the windows open as the pressure and noise are horrible would like to be able to adust the passenger seat up as we have long legs"

Anonymous, TN (2015 Honda Pilot)

"When you are comfortable & content in a car, you don't think about any problems or outstanding features.. Just label us "happy""

Anonymous, KY (2015 Honda Pilot)

"I'm a big guy. 6'3" and 325 pounds. I can enter and exit with no difficulties and I am comfortalbe on long trips. I just have to get out every couple of hours for a nature break."

Anonymous, WA (2015 Honda Pilot)

"The heated seats are great. Climate control works A+ and it is quiet, smooth handling"

RICHARD A., CT (2015 Honda Pilot)


Anonymous, MO (2015 Honda Pilot)

"Dashboard extremely cluttered and not user-friendly. Vehicle is unacceptably noisy at highway speed. Sears are uncomfortable and the passenger seat cannot be raised/lowered."

BILL L., PA (2015 Honda Pilot)

"seats are a bit too firm."

Anonymous, MO (2015 Honda Pilot)

"I am always needing a different temperature setting than my husband so I really love being able to set my own side for me!!!"

Anonymous, WA (2015 Honda Pilot)

"I am 6'6" and fit in it; my car options are limited"

THEODOR H., MA (2015 Honda Pilot)

"the leg room has decreased going from an 2003 pilot to the 2015 pilot"

PHILLIP R., NY (2015 Honda Pilot)

"can hear road noise and is often a rough ride"

Anonymous, VA (2015 Honda Pilot)

"Love the auto temperature control. The only thing I would change is the small speed control buttons on steering wheel.they are too small and close together."

JOHN L., TX (2015 Honda Pilot)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"It has a lot of space compared to other suv's such as the Highlander. Somewhat conservation in styling. Exceptional in practicality. Travel with two medium size dogs and could not do this with other SUV in similar class."

S F., ID (2015 Honda Pilot)

"This is my 2nd Honda Pilot (1st is 2005). Definitely got my money's worth -- fits me perfectly (I'm a female nearly 6' tall)-great lumbar support, good gas mileage, more than enough head room & cargo space. Love this car!"

Anonymous, MS (2015 Honda Pilot)

"Just look at my previous answer. We just got back from a very long trip for vacation. We were tired after 10 hours but the HONDA Pilot was great. We didn't didn't keep track of mileage vs gasoline usage, but we remarked that we thought it was very good - this was on mostly interstates."

Anonymous, KY (2015 Honda Pilot)

"Primary thing is mileage. I had a 2003 Odessey that got 17 mpg. In 12 years I am very disappointed it was not improved. I drive conservatively and unable to get 19 in the city. I carry bicycles and didn't realize the cargo space won't allow a bike in the back with the tires off. You can't check these things on the lot. Wish I had gotten the roof rack factory already factory installed , but none on the lot when I bought, and after price for installation very high."

PHILLIP M., WA (2015 Honda Pilot)

"You see the fully loaded model in the show room. When time to buy you found out there were many add on items, like roof racks, side pedestals. Next time I would ask if the tires are included."

ADEL Z., PA (2015 Honda Pilot)

"Ride has improved from earlier models Interior very comfortable"

ALAN M., GA (2015 Honda Pilot)

"COSTCO Auto got me an awesome price that I couldn't do better myself. $31,000 for a brand new fully loaded Pilot. My friend is the dealer and said it beat Honda's pricing."

RICHARD A., CT (2015 Honda Pilot)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Sets are not comfotable Air and road noise"

IGOR B., TX (2015 Honda Pilot)

"While in the market for a new Honda Pilot I was displeased with the style and size reduction of the 2016 model. The whole thing looks like a jacked up mini-van and rear window no longer opens. Several functions were dispensed with to court the Acura wannabes. So sad. I had to scramble to find a low mileage 2015 to get the truck I need vs. the minivan's ugly stepsister."

Anonymous, MD (2015 Honda Pilot)

"Like the size and room inside for our family of 5. Great for trips as the seats are comfortable on long haul. Plenty of room camping gear and other shopping trips."

JAMES H., PA (2015 Honda Pilot)

"I like the box look, newer Pilot is too rounded."

D S., NJ (2015 Honda Pilot)

"Body style has been updated since I leased it but I knew that would happen. I am anxious to move to either the new Pilot body style or another SUV with more streamlined style."

STAN O., CO (2015 Honda Pilot)

"Looks good, moon roof, great visibility, stylish enough for an older woman but not difficult to get in & out."

Anonymous, MS (2015 Honda Pilot)

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