At one time, driving a Honda Pilot meant driving dynamics, family friendliness, and powertrain refinement were more important to you than the macho, trucklike SUV look. The Pilot was a natural next step for Civic and Accord owners with growing families. But something went awry in the late-2000s. Honda changed tack, making the Pilot more trucky and cheap-feeling.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"With Econo on the car is sluggish and slow to respond unless I really press the accelerator"

SANDRA B., GA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"The ONLY issue with the vehicle is a feature called "auto idle stop". If a list of certain conditions are met, when you make a complete stop and fully engage the brake pedal, the engine is supposed to turn off and automatically start back up when you release the brake pedal. With certain settings of the climate control system, the feature works intermitently. Not a huge thing as it does not shut off when it should. It ALWAYS turns back on when it should."

Anonymous, WI (2016 Honda Pilot)

"The Pilot has great handling and acceleration. My favorite aspect is the hands free blue tooth and the information system that tracks mileage. The ECO function automatically adjusts acceleration and the A/C system for best gas mileage and light indicators tell me when I'm using a lot of gas vs. less (green). I am nervous about being overly reliant on a computer system that could easily become outdated or get a virus/fail resulting in costly repairs. This is the main reason why I'm considering"

Anonymous, FL (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Automatic lane control needs improvement"

PETER S., OR (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Very smooth acceleration, passing effortless. Very easy to handle at highway speeds."

Anonymous, ON (2016 Honda Pilot)

"All is very good. we've done 19,000 miles in last year, and ave 29-30 on the highway/interstate = Excellent"

LEE L., SC (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Clunky changing gears"

GALE W., CA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"too many repairs tranlsmission cant find right gear"

LEE C., FL (2016 Honda Pilot)

"the adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assistance are outstanding together, especially on a CT to FL drive. Infotainment system works better than most with Iphone and Nav is exceptional compared to others"

JEFFERSON H., CT (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Impressed with the power it has for a six cylinder with third row seat size."

TODD J., CA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"trying to get used to a 2016 handling vs 2003. Very different."

MELISSA E., NC (2016 Honda Pilot)

"9 speed transmission is not smooth, especially at low speeds."

JARED R., GA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"With the vehicle's 9 speed transmission, acceleration from a stop is not good at all. The "auto stop" feature of the engine can be disruptive to daily driving, altho I can turn off that feature."

STEVE D., AZ (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Very comfortable ride. Low road noise. Good gas mileage.Plenty of engine power."

C R., OH (2016 Honda Pilot)

"the driving experience is super excellent. The soft, smooth ride feels like an upscale luxury car although mine is the basic trim. The braking experience is solid, without hesitation and so is like the overall experience."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Bit hesitant on turning from a standing stop."

Anonymous, NC (2016 Honda Pilot)

"it accelerates and handles so smooth. i feel like i am in a lexus or bmw"

Anonymous, OH (2016 Honda Pilot)

"The nine speed transmission is outstanding on its ability to maintain speed on downgrades without a lot of braking,"

GLENN T., PA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"May be the best I have ever had."

LEWIS C., AL (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Good fuel economy for size. Recently got 7.8l/100km over 3900km."

Anonymous, ON (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Extremely quiet for an SUV. Very good acceleration, mileage with smooth 9-speed transmission."

PAUL E., MO (2016 Honda Pilot)

"My previous car was an Infiniti. The Pilot seems to be quieter, smoother riding and much more comfortable than the Infiniti. Other than my Lexus LS400 back in the 90s, this is the best car purchase I've made."

CHARLES R., NC (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Honda Auto Sensing is outstanding. pulls 4000lb travel trailer with ease. Fantastic 29mpg on highway whithout trailer, summer, on flat Ohio and Indiana Turnpikes. Very comfortable and quite."

Anonymous, OH (2016 Honda Pilot)

"I've never driven a tank before or a house but I think that's what it would feel like when driving new pilot. I've heard others say it drives better then the previous gens. It's hard for me to get use to it since my other car is honda fit. In my small town there are 6 traffic cycles or round a bouts. The fit drives so smoothly, fast, wheel handles curve like a giant bear hug. While the pilot feels awkward, loose, non responsive. If I didn't own fit I may not feel this."

JANA R., WI (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Overall steering is a bit soft, especially when cornering compared to our previous 2005 Pilot. However, the vehicle tracks well on the freeway and is much quieter."

B J., OH (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Acceleration is good. Handling is soft mushy. Doesn't take corners well. Very disappointed with the handling. Dodge Durangoout performs Honda in handling and performance."

STEPHANIE C., PA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Wish it had a little more pick up!"

Anonymous, NC (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Lots of power. Will drive itself but don't trust it too. Notify you if you get to close to the fog line . Beeps if car get too close in the other lane.. Slows down automatically if getting too close. Lots of features......"

Anonymous, WA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"CR is very critical of the 9-speed transmission. I have found it in real life to work great and give great gas mileage."

GILBERT F., IL (2016 Honda Pilot)

"No trailer hitch. Looks smaller than the previous model 2015. No rear window (open). Outside noise can be easily hear when windows closed.... Thanks"

Anonymous, NY (2016 Honda Pilot)

"This is a 9 speed automatic and sometimes it isn't sure what speed it should be in. I would rather have had the 5 speed."

STEPHEN P., IN (2016 Honda Pilot)

"with eco on slight lag when starting up. with engine cutoff on...slight lag when starting up handling has some lean when turning or going around a curve..but...for a sedate driver(one driving speed limit)...handling is good...acceleration is good...plenty of "zip" in engine when needed..."

LANCE M., WI (2016 Honda Pilot)

"My only complaint is the quirkiness of the 9 speed automatic transmission."

RODNEY D., CA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Underpowered, very slow initial acceleration making it difficult at times to build up speed to get on a. Highway"

ERIC R., CT (2016 Honda Pilot)

"A big improvement over previous Pilot. More agile and improved acceleration"

Anonymous, CO (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Drives well, acceleration good for this type of vehicle"

Anonymous, NY (2016 Honda Pilot)

"This is the first 6 cylinder vehicle we've had in many years. It's a delight to be able to feel the power it has when in traffic. It handles very well and corners well."

Anonymous, WV (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Excellent driving comfort and gas mileage. I have owned two prior Pilots (2004, 2011). This is by far the quietest one yet. Over 12,000 miles drive so far, I have averaged 25.2 miles/gallon. This is much better than my previous Pilots."

J B., NC (2016 Honda Pilot)

"The Pilot is severely underpowered."

Anonymous, MA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Outstanding vehicle, extremely comfortable ride, great handling and acceleration."

J B., NE (2016 Honda Pilot)

"9 speed transmission is a disaster. This transmission belongs in an 18 wheel tractor trailer. Shifting is very jerky."

JERRY F., SC (2016 Honda Pilot)

"everything except price"

H Z., FL (2016 Honda Pilot)

"I have the 9 speed transmission. It does not always accelerate smoothly from a stop."

KEN M., FL (2016 Honda Pilot)

"9 speed transmission jerks at low speeds through neighborhood. Bumpy shifting between gears. Unable to permanently shut off Eco system and engine shuts off at every stop unless press button. Extremely frustrating. These two things alone would had I known would have kept me from purchasing the vehicle."

Anonymous, TN (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Adaptive cruise control, lane sensing, and all the other safety features have been much better than I expected."

Anonymous, TX (2016 Honda Pilot)

"I find the handling superior to any car I have owned. The acceleration could be better however, it sufficient enough."

Anonymous, TX (2016 Honda Pilot)

"like the lane assist and also the ways it handles over my older Honda pilot that I traded in"

Anonymous, OK (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Slower acceleration from first to second gear"

Anonymous, CT (2016 Honda Pilot)

"This SUV is roomy and very comfortable to drive. Idrove it from NC to CA and back. It was a great vehicle to hold 2 adults, 2 dogs and all the supplies needed. Gas milage was decent at about 23 mpg"

MARION F., NC (2016 Honda Pilot)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Very comfortable adjustable Driver's Seat and all the leather seats are very comfortable for a car at this price point BUT, the power seat in the passenger side on the EX-L should have the same adjustments as the driver side if you're going to bother to have it be power but instead it can only adjust the same way as if it were not a power seat as in just up and down seat back adjustments for the back and forward and backward for the seat floor position. There is no up and down or anything to do"

F A., MA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Normally smooth riding but can be a little rough on less than smooth roads. Very quiet truck."

RODNEY D., CA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"The acoustic glass in the Elite level we purchased, makes the cabin at highway speeds very quiet. The front seats are the most comfortable seats I've have ever had in a vehicle, the captains chairs in the 2nd row are almost just as comfy"

ANDY S., IL (2016 Honda Pilot)

"exceeds our expectations with regards to the comfort, fit and finish, and controls"

NICHOLAS B., BC (2016 Honda Pilot)

"all good"

Anonymous, LA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Love the push button drive"

Anonymous, FL (2016 Honda Pilot)

"I think the seat upholstery could be better."

JANICE A., HI (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Stiff and harsh ride. Excessive road noise considering quality and pricing of vehicle."

LARRY G., TN (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Excellent comfort and visibility. Has right side camera for lane changes and backup camera which is excellent with three different views. Noise level is very good."

LEROY S., FL (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Heated and air conditioned Sears are great. Great support"

ROBERT S., OH (2016 Honda Pilot)

"ride needs to improve."

Anonymous, AL (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Honda really stepped it up with this redesign. It has a refined ride now not like a truck in days past. It also rides as a lixury SUV. The air conditioning runs well but does not seem to be well situated to cool the front as evening as the back. But it is really a lovely vehicle."

RICH G., PA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Climate control complex and lacks fine adjustment for distribution of air"

Anonymous, NY (2016 Honda Pilot)

"The arm rests on the captain chairs is too narrow. The salesman touted them as being "adjustable". You can adjust them, but only one way so if the armrest is high enough to prop your wrist on, your elbow is at a 45 degree angle. My husband and I hate the arms rests and consequently drive with them up most of the time. In effect, we do not have arm rests. The car is WAY TOO NOISY. It's ridiculous. You can't even drive with the sun roof open because then the noise is unbearable. We had Hon"

Anonymous, AL (2016 Honda Pilot)

"The Honda Pilot Touring Elite edition: the climate control is horribly programmed. There is no Max AC feature, so to crank up the cool on a really hot day you have to manually toggle down three settings. Turning on the back seat climate control puts the front seat fan on high. You cannot select both the face vent and the windshield vent at the same time."

Anonymous, IN (2016 Honda Pilot)

"it is a totally different vehicle from the 2013 pilot we had. which is reason we traded for it."

Anonymous, AR (2016 Honda Pilot)

"The seats are not as soft and comfortable as they really should be for the level of this car"

Anonymous, CA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Shortly after taking possession of the new pilot, we took a ride and activated the heating elements of the two front seats. We both have back problems (mine are severe) and the heat provides a distinctive level of comfort. However, nothing happened. I brought the vehicle in for service and after it was examined, the assistant service direct explained that Honda had not attached a regulated thermostat to control the seat heating capabilities. She went onto explain that there must be a significant"

STEVEN G., FL (2016 Honda Pilot)

"AC is not cold enough. Perhaps low on freon."

EUGENE R., TX (2016 Honda Pilot)

"The ride quality, especially on broken pavement, was a primary factor in choosing the Honda Pilot over Toyota Highlander."

WADE I., MN (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Noise much better than 2007 Pilot. Ride also better."

Anonymous, VA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"have driven 12-15 hours 4 times and was never exhausted. Very comfortable to drive long distances"

SKIP-SUE L., MN (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Comfortable, quiet, and smooth. Climate control deals well with very hot weather. Comfort for rear seat adult passengers is quite good."

KLEE G., WA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Seats are very comfortable, but have been unable to resolve noise in the passenger seat whenever the car turns a corner"

Anonymous, TX (2016 Honda Pilot)

"The original transmission only lasted 7000 miles and had to be replaced ."

KARIN K., TX (2016 Honda Pilot)

"This car has the most comfortable seats ever! Even when my back was out I could ride with no pain. Only complaint I have is that as a larger person the driver seat belt is not long enough. Why so much shorter than passenger side?"

CHARLES F., OH (2016 Honda Pilot)

"We traveled 3500 miles and the ride was quiet and very comfortable."

Anonymous, NY (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Very roomy interior, and quite, front seats are great. The 2nd row seats are super comfortable and lots of leg room."

Anonymous, VA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Seats pretty comfortable, best thing is cooled seats"

MICHE D., CA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Extremely comfortable interior. Handles well for a large vehicle. Excellent ride, quiet interior, lots of room. Versatile interior with tons of space when rear seats are folded down. 3rd row seating is better than in other SUVs with 3rd row seating."

DAVID H., WV (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Very luxurious interior.Smooth driving,very low road noise. Remote trunk lift very convenient."

Anonymous, ON (2016 Honda Pilot)

"AC not impressive, road noise noticeable"

Anonymous, CA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Black exterior/black leather interior is not a smart or comfortable choice during the hot NC summer. The black leather seats burn bare skin. Bought a cover up so don't burn legs. Seat backs have weird hollow yet spongy feel."

Anonymous, NC (2016 Honda Pilot)

"I've always driven pilots because it provides comfort and support for my back on long distance dtives"

Anonymous, KS (2016 Honda Pilot)

"The driver and passenger seats are not as comfortable for long distance drives as the 2007 Odyssey the Pilot replaced."

KEN M., FL (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Expected a quieter ride. Seats are comfortable. Acceleration is good. The infotainment system is awful. Not user friendly. All touch screen which can be dangerous when driving.Have to take your eyes off the road to see if you are touching the desired item on the screen. Easier to push a button or turn a knob while driving. Doesn't require you to look at what you are doing while driving- you can feel the controls with buttons and knobs. Also Honda could have made the ride a bit firmer. Ride i"

STEPHANIE C., PA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"The Pilot has tremendous wind tunnel noise with windows down and going over 35mph."

ANTHONY D., NJ (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Excellent seats. I'm 6'3" and the new Honda Pilot seats are so much better than in my 2000 Honda Odyssey."

MICK M., VA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Seats are too firm, the ride is too hard, the voice control is horrible. The air conditioning is very good."

D F., CA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Road noise is less then other Pilots I have owned but more than other cars I have driven"

ROBERT H., FL (2016 Honda Pilot)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"For the price we paid, I would expect the car to be more comfortable (i.e. issues with the armrests) and not as noisy. Also, the Bluetooth system /voice recognition system of using the cell phone might as well not be on there. I have to make a call using my cell phone, then press the screen in the Honda to transfer it to blue tooth. The only thing you can do with the steering wheel is answer and hang up a call."

Anonymous, AL (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Car is in demand, so dealer would not deal as much as they might have."

Anonymous, MS (2016 Honda Pilot)

"It has not had any serious issues after. 7 years. Just paid for normal upkeep"

Anonymous, NC (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Seems Honda is trying to nickel and dime it customers. For my trim level, a EX-L, some things are not standard, needing another package, which costs more. Navigation comes to mind."

Anonymous, VT (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Needed car in a hurry.did not walk away at dealer & come back"

KARL F., FL (2016 Honda Pilot)

"We purchased Touring trim to make sure we got blind spot sensors. Only upon delivery we realized they were not included. To have a back row DVD and a generous sensor package, but no blind spot safety system makes no sense."

Anonymous, NC (2016 Honda Pilot)

"I wanted a 2016 XL Four Wheel drive. They claimed they could not get one although I waited over four months. They promised many times one was available but it never showed up. So I settled, I like what I got but it wasn't what I wanted. They sales man kept telling I didn't need a 4 wheel drive, maybe so, but that is what I wanted."

HICKORY S., OK (2016 Honda Pilot)

"We consistantly experience 26 MPG and have been seeing 28 MPG highway mileage. Acceleration and comfort are excellent."

LARRY B., MO (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Sales experience at dealer and follow up with H Honda was absolutely terrible. Treated like a mark not a valued customer. Like, misrepresent, and cheat. I am no longer a Honda customer for sales or service.Wish I could afford to get rid of that carp car and the bad memories."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"The Genesis was 10-15K cheaper then competing Lexus/Audi/Mercedes"

Anonymous, VA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Really good value overall, I just wanted to include some of the safety items that came with the Touring without paying for all the items I didn't want."

JOHN K., CA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"a few more additional items should have been included for the price such as driver one and driver two seat and steering adjustments. We could not get a radio with CD player if we got the navigation system. In general more options should have been offered for the price."

Anonymous, MN (2016 Honda Pilot)

"You can't get a better large SUV for the money!"

TODD O., CA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"I was able to deal on the price from a straight out discount and then deal from a trade in on my vehicle at the price of the discount."

Anonymous, KS (2016 Honda Pilot)

"A lot of money for a vehicle with a very rough suspension. Lowering rear seats is difficult"

D F., CA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Pilot fills all expectations in a very positive way."

ROBERT B., MA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"sticker price is the price we paid...don't know if that's good...Hondas are great vehicles...had 215000 miles on the 2007 crv and sold it to a lady who loves it also"

Anonymous, LA (2016 Honda Pilot)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I like the new body style and often have people comment on the styling and how much better the Pilot looks than previous ones."

Anonymous, ID (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Exterior styling is a bit overdone for my taste - simpler lines would be better. Interior design is excellent."

KLEE G., WA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"I really like the way the truck looks. It's styling is the best I've ever owned."

Anonymous, WV (2016 Honda Pilot)

"like way it looks and is very in style not box looking like older model of the Honda pilot"

Anonymous, OK (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Awful change in style. Went from a SUV to a I'm not sure thelook it wanted."

Anonymous, IL (2016 Honda Pilot)

"looks like a CRV on steroids"

H J G., GA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"The body style is great."

WILLIAM R., TX (2016 Honda Pilot)

"I like the styling of the 2015 Pilot much better. This ones looks like many other SUV's. The 2015 Pilot stood out among others."

EDWARD L., SC (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Like the shape, the height of the vehicle, the ease of entering and exiting."

Anonymous, NJ (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Good gas mileage. Comfortable ride. Good acceleration."

Anonymous, ME (2016 Honda Pilot)

"out dated"

Anonymous, CA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Love to new style!"

Anonymous, NC (2016 Honda Pilot)

"completely new look compared to earlier models."

BRENT H., UT (2016 Honda Pilot)

"It's not the most cutting edge and chiseled design as its basically a minivan made to look like a SUV. I love that it has large windows which are easy to see out of, rather than small stylish windows which are hard to see out of."

NICHOLAS B., BC (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Love the look"

Anonymous, WA (2016 Honda Pilot)

"Nice styling, much better looking than the Acura."

MICK M., VA (2016 Honda Pilot)

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