Riding and handling like a good sedan, the Ridgeline rewrites the book on pickups. It's a truck that isn't a hardship to drive. Further, it has many unique innovations, including a tailgate that opens vertically or horizontally and a lockable trunk. The roomy cab is nicely detailed and easy to access, with comfortable seats. While not designed for serious off-roading, Ridgeline also scaled our demanding rock hill.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"I have a lot of trouble with the front wheel drive. I find that it has a tendency to over steer when I have to adjust within the lane. Just the smallest twitch will cause the vehicle to move across lanes."

JEFFREY R., CA (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Excellent ride comfort for a truck, with very comfortable/spacious seating front and rear"

EDWIN F., WI (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Best handling vehicle in the snow and bad weather that I have ever driven. I'm told that is because the weight is so well balanced between front and rear axles."

Anonymous, IL (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"it handles and accelerates well. What is great is that it runs in 2 wheel drive mode unless it determines slippage (mud/snow) it goes into 4-wheel drive mode."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"acceleration and handling are good. engine a bit noisy at full throttle. road noise is loud on rough pavement."

GARY V., AZ (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Drives great but vehicle gets very poor mileage for a 2011!"

L B., AZ (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Good: drive comfort Bad: Fuel economy"

MANUEL V., FL (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"This vehicle drives similar to a sporty car. Stiffer suspension but still rides like a car."

Anonymous, FL (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Such a smooth drive for a truck!!! Handles AWESOME in the winter, and when u kick er down she goes!"

Anonymous, MN (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Great performance and handling"

JOHN L., ON (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Good. It drives and handles like a car.., and with plenty enough power when you needs it."

Anonymous, MD (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Acceleration is fantastic, handles like a more nimble SUV rather than a truck"

Donald L., TN (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"This V6 vehicle is constantly searching for a gear when under load."

M R., AZ (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Good acceleration - solid feel"

Ray E., CA (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Slow acceleration."

Anonymous, OK (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"the styling is still better than the new ones"

Dennis P., NH (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Handling and gas miles per gallon."

Carl B., NY (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Outstanding driving vehicle. Acceleration is excellent and handles more like a car than a truck."

Anonymous, TN (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Fast and very comfortable"

Eric K., BC (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Great visibility while driving"

Anonymous, MA (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Acceleration is good for a 6-cylinder engine, and it handles like a car."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Accelerates well when needed. Smooth ride and handling. This truck is a pleasure to drive."

Anonymous, VA (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Acceleration is sluggish but acceptable; handling (unibody) better than other pickups."

M R., AZ (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Refined, smooth and quiet"

Anonymous, SK (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Compared to other trucks it has better handling and average acceleration."

David E., IN (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Acceleration, handling, always dependable in any kind of weather, besides being comfortable."

Janet B., NE (2011 Honda Ridgeline)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Too much road noise. Even whistles some."

Anonymous, TN (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"The only complaint I have is that road noise can be very annoying on some roads. There is a need for better insulation to dampen the noise. Other than that, it is an excellent vehicle in all other ways."

PAUL M., CA (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"does not drive like a truck, so that's good. The seats are really not comfortable for long trips. Noisy interior."

KATHLEEN F., PA (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"1) Engine should be more powerful 2) Tailgate lock should lock and unlock when one activates lock/unlock buttons in cab 3) Quick/ratio steering would be better than what it now is."

M R., AZ (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"The drivers seat has become over the years stiff, hard and uncomfortable. I have to put a pad on the seat when I travel long distance."

JEFFREY R., CA (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"A/C is very good, ride is smooth, seats (leather) are very comfortable, although the ability to have enough legroom is challenging. Having to tilt it back to provide more legroom isn't the greatest. One of my friends who is very tall, had a body shop reset the seat bolts to give more room."

RAMON B., SD (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Easy entry and exit, very quiet ride and the dual climate control works wonderfully"

JAMES T., GA (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Seat comfort is good but very hard to clean and keep clean. Road noise annoying."

Anonymous, SC (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"I think the noise level could be quieter, but that being said - it's not that bad."

David F., OH (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Loud tire/road noise"

Edwin F., WI (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"This truck drives and rides like a high end car."

Anonymous, HI (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Driver headroom could be better."

Anonymous, NJ (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Great front-seat comfort for both long and short haul trips."

M R., AZ (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"the seats are very comfortable. I can put the seat in differing positions on long trips. The leather seats are nice. the air works great, good sounding radio, the truck handles very well."

Carl B., NY (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very comfortable ride and very limited noise, best truck I’ve ever owned"

Anonymous, GA (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"It rides and handles like a sedan."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Good view of road, handles great with a quiet smooth ride. Very few mechanical issues"

John L., ON (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"rides like a luxury car, but is very useful as a truck. love the dual tailgate feature. I PREFER MY MODEL TO THE NEWER RIDGELINE MODELS AS FAR AS LOOKS GO."

James D., OK (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"The only issue I have with this vehicle is occasional road noise. Other than that, it is excellent for us in all other respects and we can live with it."

Paul M., CA (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Car-like ride."

David E., IN (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"The Ridgeline is a truck that behaves and rides like a car"

Anonymous, SK (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Seats have good support, are comfortable. Good seat warmers, cold AC blows well. I appreciate the fact that back seats fold up."

Anonymous, VA (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"They could do a much better job noise reduction. There’s even a bit of a whistle from the sunroof."

Anonymous, TN (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"interior noise is hi at highway speed road and wind"

Anonymous, PA (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"My wife is short and can not adjust the drivers seat for safe driving. The Ridgeline is noisy. Mostly from undercarriage."

Gary G., NV (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Nice comfortable and quite ride."

Anonymous, HI (2011 Honda Ridgeline)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Very reliable and comfortable"

JOHN L., ON (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Mainly used by my wife and she expressed no regrets at all in buying this vehicle."

Anonymous, MD (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"We had had trucks for over 40 years. This is the first truck that we have ever owned that has gone through brakes like water! The first time Honda paid part when we complained. Since then we have been on our own...and are looking at another set of brakes shortly --we get a noise before they begin to go. We love the design and comfort, like riding in a great car, but this constant problem will prevent us from coming back to Honda for next buy this fall. Talked with other Honda owners and"

J C., NY (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"I will buy another one"

ARLEY M., OK (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Mileage is no better than trucks weighing 1000 pounds more; would have liked better gas milage"

Anonymous, GA (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"It does virtually everything I need it to. best comb of SUV and a pickup"

PHIL B., OH (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"The Ridgeline is a very versatile vehicle. It is comfortable for long rides and tows a camper easily. It seats 5 adults comfortably. The lockable in bed trunk is wonderful. You can haul all kinds of stuff in the bed including 4 foot wide plywood. Mileage isn't bad either. 22 mpg on highway with a bed cover on and about 15 to 18 depending on the type of local driving. All around a great car."

Lucy K., PA (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Couldn't ask for a better truck in the price range that I paid."

James D., OK (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Outstanding value based on all the features, quality, reliability, maintainability, and styling especially when compared to other vehicles."

Anonymous, TN (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very functional"

Anonymous, MA (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very practical and comfortable. Honda could improve a little on gas mileage."

John L., ON (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

"This truck has a lot of power and is capable of moving bikes, bricks, or boards to any site in my plan; versatile for my life style."

Janet B., NE (2011 Honda Ridgeline)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Good: Great lines Bad: None"

MANUEL V., FL (2011 Honda Ridgeline)

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