Riding and handling like a good sedan, the Ridgeline rewrites the book on pickups. It's a truck that isn't a hardship to drive. Further, it has many unique innovations, including a tailgate that opens vertically or horizontally and a lockable trunk. The roomy cab is nicely detailed and easy to access, with comfortable seats. While not designed for serious off-roading, Ridgeline also scaled our demanding rock hill.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"A little under powered. Acceleration could/should be better."

Ray D., KS (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"It accelerates pretty good (could use 30 or 40 more hp). It handles nicely enough that I don't have to worry about it like my past full sized 4x4 trucks."

Anonymous, WA (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Handles like a good sedan (Accord) and accelerates well. Tracks well and handles curves without body roll."

Richard F., MI (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"It corners well and takes the bumps well. Acceleration is adequate"

Anonymous, ON (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Nice driving car for roadtrips. Standard engine is a 3.5 liter with single exhaust, provides little acceleration to highway speeds."

Martin O., NY (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"More than adequate acceleration with very good steering feedback."

Daniel L., HI (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Good acceleration and handling . Better than a typical truck."

Bill C., NC (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"It has a powerful V6 engine and accelerates very fast. It handles more like a car than a truck."

Anonymous, IN (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"smooth handling...accelerates well for a V6"

Anonymous, IN (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very poor turning radius and gas mileage."

Edward M., TN (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"I love the way it drives. It handles curves very well and it brakes and accelerated well."

Gerald C., OH (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Ride and driving experience is not like a truck rather it's like driving an SUV"

Anonymous, HI (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Good value for the money(year-end closeout buy) Love the in-bed trunk. Not enough power, not great acceleration. Capacious cabin and easy to use internal dashboard controls. Would like the option of a lockable truck bed gate."

MARTIN O., NY (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"very comfortable and quiet handles well"

LESLIE W., LA (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Quiet and almost car-like comfort. I tow a 4000 lb winnebago trailer and have no need for anti sway or load leveling additions. The Ridgeline handles very well."

WILLIAM C., NC (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"The turning radius is not very good with the truck"

DIANE G., MA (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Comfortable, excellent handling in snow and inclement weather conditions, very reliable."

Anonymous, ME (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"peppy and fun to drive, good handling"

Laurence C., HI (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Best driving truck period."

Beau D., TX (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"It handles well and is great for long drives."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Good acceleration. The ride is good and takes rough terrain well. Handles very well in rough or hwy. conditions"

Anonymous, ON (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Delivers what you want, when you want it"

Michael P., MD (2013 Honda Ridgeline)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"This truck also tends to be a little noisy from road noise. Comfort is excellent and the ride is firm."

Richard C., SC (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Back seats are only moderately comfortable; it is quite noisy in the back."

Robert S., WI (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very good ride for a truck. Seats comfortable except for headrest which forces neck forward and cannot be adjusted to solve problem."

Bill C., NC (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Roomy interior with very comfortable seats. Very well connected road feel. Poor turning radius."

Daniel L., HI (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Comfortable seats; rides like a car not a truck"

Juli H., GA (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very comfortable seat, easy to adjust...ride is solid, smooth with modest road noise."

Anonymous, IN (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Saats are very comfortable with an extremely quiet cabin with no road noise. the ride is very smooth and the vehicle is very tight with no squeaks."

William S., VA (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Ride noise compares well with sedans and is quieter than most suv’s. The seats fit well and are comfortably firm."

Richard F., MI (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Road noise is quite bad. Dashboard squeaks are maddening. Seats are slightly uncomfortable. Leather is very low quality."

Anonymous, NM (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"This is a truck that rides and handles well like an SUV. The seats are upright and comfortable and give me a good look down the road in traffic. The Ridgeline is pretty quiet for a truck."

Anonymous, WA (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"The passenger seat is terrible. My wife sits in the back seat on long trips. It should be same as driver seat including lumbar support."

Anonymous, WA (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very comfortable ride"

Martin T., TX (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very comfortable vehicle, my choice for long trips. It could be a little narrower.."

Michael T., OR (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very comfortable to drive. Responds well."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"The driver’s seat back seems a bit loose. After getting in you can feel it recline about an inch from its initial position, almost as if it is spring loaded."

Anonymous, SD (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"I find the drivers seat very comfortable. Good and quiet ride for a truck."

WILLIAM C., NC (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Gas mileage"

G C., TX (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Drivers door has wind noise from date of purchase could not be aliminated due to factory flaw attaching hinges incorrectly"

THOMAS K., PA (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Seats are not comfortable during long drives, simply not comfortable"

Anonymous, NY (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"It is very noisy (road noise) in the cab. Also, We have a 2006 ridgeline that has a much smoother ride."

MARY H., MN (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very comfortable seating, ride and minimal noise. Climate control is very good."

B F., ME (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Seating is very comfortable, driving is easy but it does have what I consider too much road noise and some rattles after a few years - annoying."

Anonymous, WI (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Seats are comfortable - ride is excellent, noise is car-like, climate control is fine."

Anonymous, ON (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very noisy ride, wind leaks, road noise, etc. For buying the top trim line, the seats are woefully inadequate - no passenger side electrics, no memory function. Center console is almost a joke in terms of functionality. I've never seen cheaper looking interior plastics and styling. Terrible industrial design. Gas mileage is as bad as full size eight cylinder trucks."

SCOTT S., NM (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"cushioning of seats are only average to poor. Rear leg room is small."

MARK M., VA (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very comfortable over all but a bit noisy. The climate control could have a finer adjustment."

BERNIE K., AB (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Im tall 6-3 seats sit too high on both sides"

Anonymous, MD (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"The mpg is disappointing"

R H., SC (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"One of the most comfortable vehicles I've ever owned."

Thomas S., CA (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Excellent ride and comfort for a truck"

Anonymous, MS (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very comfortable. Much more like a sedan than a truck"

Laurence C., HI (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"road noise is very noticeable"

David L., NH (2013 Honda Ridgeline)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Great small truck and a great value."

Thomas G., SC (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"The gas mileage is horrible. For this factor alone, if I had it to do over I would not have gotten this truck."

Anonymous, SD (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Bought the vehicle on the last day of a month and the dealer was willing to give me an excellent price. The vehicle holds it's value extremely well."

William S., VA (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"I bought it over the internet from a Honda dealer. I got it for $2700 less than MSRP. It handles and rides great. I would buy another one."

Anonymous, IN (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"This is a do anything go anywhere truck it will use out in the desert and some fairly rough roads and then take her grocery shopping. We love the design outside features much more than the newer ridgelines."

Mark-Kaydell P., CA (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Good seating for four. With the trunk under the truck bed, we can carry about as much as a standard sized pickup."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very competitive with similar vehicles."

Edward J., WI (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"This is the first time I have purchased a used vehicle and based on the ratings from Consumer Reports, I was much more comfortable doing this. While I worked with a no haggle dealership, they did work with me on the price (as I was also looking at 2012 Ridgeline at another dealership) because the 2012 had some features that that the 2013 did not have. They reduced the 2013's price by the cost of those items, mainly running boards, which brought the price to within $500 of 2012."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"The backup camers system is very poor quality and inadequit for the purpose it was designed."

Anonymous, KS (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Excellent ride and comfort"

G C., TX (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"The gas mileage around town is poor. (13MPG)"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"This is a remarkable vehicle that does it all...daily comunter, four wheeling in the desert and mountains and yet rides like a car. My wife would not choose any new vehicale on the market...she says that "this one is perfect.""

MARK P., CA (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Purchased it much cheaper than Consumer reports recommended"

RICHARD F., ME (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Great value and awesome truck. It's almost people will ever need. Pulls a boat, halls a trailer with multiple yards of material. Halls the kids as well."

Beau D., TX (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"It is probably the finest overall every day ride that I have ever owned... whether it's camping or on a busy street, this car is a winner"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"It is a great vehicle , great price and dependable."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"While I get teased about the Ridgeline for it not being a "real truck", I was not looking for a real truck. I was looking for a hybrid of the sort that few, if any, other competitors offer. This vehicles does it all"

Michael P., MD (2013 Honda Ridgeline)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I really like the 'different' styling of the 2013 model."

Anonymous, WI (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

""Buttress" in near rear has been criticized, but I like it. Overall, the original RL is the best-looking small pickup on the market"

EDWARD J., WI (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"I particularly like the full size trunk under the bed of the truck."

Anonymous, TN (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

"Looks different in a good way"

LESLIE W., LA (2013 Honda Ridgeline)

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