Riding and handling like a good sedan, the Ridgeline rewrites the book on pickups. It's a truck that isn't a hardship to drive. Further, it has many unique innovations, including a tailgate that opens vertically or horizontally and a lockable trunk. The roomy cab is nicely detailed and easy to access, with comfortable seats. While not designed for serious off-roading, Ridgeline also scaled our demanding rock hill.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"over steers and large turning radius. Good acceleration."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Honda Ridgeline)


Carroll F., SC (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Excellent handling - more like a car than a truck. Good acceleration and braking."

Cynthia M., WI (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very satisfied with overall performance of the Ridgeline. The only issue that I have is the mileage. I average 17 miles per gallon, which I believe is not good and wish it were better."

Anonymous, TN (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Acceleration is OK, but I did wish they would have had an optional bigger engine and a transmission with an extra speed or two."

ROBERT N., MI (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"This Ridgeline has a relatively quiet and smooth ride for a truck. It is hampered somewhat by a very large turning radius, making it hard to park. I have driven other larger trucks and SUV's which were easier to maneuver. Acceleration is adequate but could use more horsepower for passing and climbing grades."

Anonymous, AZ (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"This is my second Ridgeline and it seems sluggish compared to my 2006 model."

W B., CO (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"I tow a small boat and the truck handles the extra load very well."

GENE D., NJ (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very responsive during acceleration and cruising."

James M., OK (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"This truck is very responsive and has a lot of power. It is very quiet too!"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda Ridgeline)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"excellent comfort, acceleration and pulling power"

Brian A., ON (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"This is the most comfortable vehicle I've ever owned. It is car like rather than truck like. It has a very quiet cabin and the seats are incredibly comfortable. I usually own a car for 2 years, I've had this one almost 5."

William K., MN (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"without a doubt, the most comfortable truck (seating, ride, noise, ) I have evewr owned"

Harvey F., ME (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Upright seating that is comfortable and affords a great view over the hood."

W B., CO (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very quiet, smooth ride, good seat support."

James I., OK (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Seats are very comfortable, ride is exceptional for a pickup and noise is quite low. Under bed trunk is the vehicles real standout feature as it makes it far more flexible than a normal pickup."

Anonymous, BC (2014 Honda Ridgeline)


Carroll F., SC (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very confortable seating. Plenty of room in the rear seat."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very comfortable and car like for a truck."

Anonymous, NC (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Seats are a little stiff, but good leg room. Low noise. Rides very well for a truck."

Cynthia M., WI (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"seats backs and seats are spartan."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"It's definitely not a quiet ride. The seats are just ok. If people drive an average of 15,000 miles a year, you'd think the seats would be a bigger priority."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Rides very nice for a truck."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"electric seat controls limited for up and down and ti lit. climate controls are not prop lighted @ night. one window has to be cracked open a little for the doors to be closed propertly. you have to slam hard to close properly."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Road noise. A little bit too much on some asphalt roads."

Anonymous, OR (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"solid and functional back seats fold up."

ANTON B., IN (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Ride is very comfortable, like sitting in my easy chair at home- Suspension is not stiff but is still excellent."

Anonymous, MA (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"The seat comfort is great around town but not for a long trip. We do not have navigation, etc."

JOANNE W., MO (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Seats are power adjust and very comfortable with an upright seating position and flat floor. Sight lines are good forward and to the side. Do not like the climate control. It is a dual side affair and to change cabin temperature one must adjust both left and right knobs. There should be way to make driver side knob do all the adjustment."

W B., CO (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"The ride and seat comfort are outstanding, even after 2 full days of driving 1,000 miles."

KURT J., TX (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Michelin all season tires are excellent performers in snow, rain, and ice, but create extra road noise."

Anonymous, MO (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Good seating for driver, would like to see same for passenger; drove to Florida and driver side very good; a bit of road noise"

Anonymous, ON (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Good ride, but a bit too noisy; wish gas mileage was better"

Anonymous, UT (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"For a pickup, the comfortable is above what we expected."

CATHY R., PA (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Comfort of making long trips."

Vicki O., LA (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Comfortable seats for long trips. Controls are clearly marked"

Anonymous, CT (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"It was a nice ride with good acceleration. Surprised me."

Ross B., PA (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"It a real cruiser, quiet compliant ride while on why."

Greg C., WA (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"The seats are like sitting in a chair, no opportunity to change leg position and even with all of the seat position changes I can make, my legs start to fall asleep or swell up because I cannot straighten my legs like I can in my 2000 Jetta. When we go on trips, I have to have the back seat available to lay down on so I can put my feet up and straighten my legs. I really worry about DVT in that vehicle. Also, the head restraints push my head forward, giving me a backache after 1 hour. I have..."

Sandra M., NE (2014 Honda Ridgeline)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"reliability; price and what you get for it"

Robert S., FL (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Other pickups were available in less expensive forms but the combination of features available in the Ridgeline were unique and it wasn't particularly expensive given the equipment and build quality."

Anonymous, BC (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"After 3 years both dealer and CarMax offered $6K less than what I paid."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Close out model with every conceivable option - good value for 2007 Ridgeline trade in"

Anonymous, PA (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very satisfied"

Gary T., NE (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"I looked at all the trucks when I bought the Ridgeline. This truck fits all my needs and it was priced thousands less than the competition."

William K., MN (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Trunk in bed, composit bed no need for bedliner, swing open tailgate, tie down hooks, trailer hitch, door grab handles, center console with hidden storage seats fold up in back, 4 wheel drive, good ground clearance,not too big but bigger than compact trucks; Great Urban pickup that is like a Swiss Army knife. Much better than the new version ( won’t buy one due to arm rests, lower ground clearance, smaller rear windows, smaller bed height & too much like a car instead of a truck"

Mark B., FL (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Leather, navigation, dual climate control, great radio. Would have had to pay much more in domestic truck."

SID L., FL (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"I could find no other vehicle with the features I wanted for under $38,000--reliability, utility, comfort, safety features, 4WD, Nav w/BU camera/6-CD player/Bluetooth, heated leather seats,"

KURT J., TX (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Amazing Sport Utility Truck. It handles very well. I love the front wheel drive design. I hardly ever need four wheel drive it works that well!"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"We had been looking for a replacement to our domestic pick-up. We knew we wanted the Ridgeline because of the ability to carry 5 passengers, the trunk in the pick-up bed and the flat floor when the rear seats are folded up. We were waiting for the second generation Ridgeline, but had to buy in 2014. We were glad we did because we do not like the newest Ridgeline. We do not like the van like seats with arm rests. The trunk is smaller than in the 2014. Standard features like the rear window..."

Alfred C., TX (2014 Honda Ridgeline)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Unique styling sets it apart from other trucks."

SID L., FL (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Love the roomy back seat and the under the truck bed trunk!"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Probably would not purchase again as I don't like the looks of the new style. It looks like every other pick up truck although I understand why Honda did what they did"

Anonymous, PA (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"I like the tall bed sides that give the truck a larger appearance."

TIM S., AL (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

"Love original body style. Dislike new body style."

JULIA T., MS (2014 Honda Ridgeline)

Would you buy this car again?

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