How Car Brands Compare for Reliability

    Definitive ranking shows how the brands stack up

    Ever wonder which company makes the most reliable cars? Thanks to the latest Consumer Reports’ 2015 Annual Auto Survey, there is a definitive answer.

    Our 2015 auto survey, conducted last spring, gathered information from Consumer Reports subscribers who collectively owned or leased over 740,000 vehicles. From this data, we can predict how cars will hold up, and collectively, what the outlook is per brand.

    This table shows how the brands rank based on the average of their models’ predicted reliability scores. A measure of the brand’s consistency can be seen in the span of their scores, cross-referenced by how many different models they produce. The blue bars illustrate a brand’s consistency by showing the reliability range between its top and bottom model. The numerals indicate the number of models included. We excluded Jaguar, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Scion, Smart, and Tesla because we lack data on two or more of their models.

    Consumer Reports

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