This version of the Hyundai Santa Fe is a good SUV. With an interior now big enough for a third-row seat, along with excellent fit and finish, it is a refined and versatile package. Santa Fe also has responsive handling, with a firm but comfortable ride. The 3.3-liter V6 is smooth, but fuel economy is disappointing (a 2.7-liter V6 is standard).
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Great acceleration while getting on and off highway"

DIANE G., MO (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Drives well in the snow. Doesn't spin on acceleration and handles black ice well. I would have spun out of control in other cars."

SETH S., IL (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Acceleration and handling every bit as good as several similar models of which I am aware. Acceleration more than than adequate for safety, particularly entering freeways, or passing safely."

H H., AB (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"more than sufficient"

DALE S., BC (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Car handles well and has held up very well. I would like for it be quieter on the road and be a smoother quieter ride"

JOHN W., AL (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"great on acceleration from a stop but then bogs down after a few seconds - maybe gear switching (Auto Trans)"

ROBERT M., AZ (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Love driving this car because of the ease in handling."

SUZANN D., PA (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"It is the small engine. The acceleration is not great but then what should I expect from the small engine anyway?"

EDDY Q., FL (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Top heavy and could possibly flip if you turn too quickly. Tire noise on rough roads."

GARY B., KY (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Malfunctioning and undependable fuel system and performance. Erroneous and malfunctioning fuel monitoring system."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Many positions of the seat and good back support"

M B., MN (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"The ride, even after 199k miles is still very good. Acceleration is deficient, but once it gets to speed, it's smooth and quiet."

JOHN W., MA (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Exceptional comfort on road trips. Suspension a bit firm largely due to the 18" wheels/tires but that improves the handling a bit as a trade off. Quiet with proper tires."

GLENN D., IL (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"It is a 2 wheel vehicle and the ride is poor. All seems in the street and bumps are felt dramatically in the car."

STEPHEN S., NM (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Front headrests push one's spine into a forward position with no lumbar support."

TOMMY H., CO (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Living in the midwest, it is cold in winter.. Cold air leeks in at the doors. Dealer tried to fix, could not. Always carry a blanket for the winter."

Anonymous, WI (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Totally satisfied!"

KEN F., IL (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"It nicely fits a 6' 4" body and driver leg room is not inhibited by the center console as in many vehicles."

BRUCE P., WA (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Good riding car. Easy to handle."

Anonymous, CT (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"We traded in a 1999 Lexus RX300 for this car and are blown away that the comfort & interior features on the Hyundai are as good as the much more expensive car we traded in."

P L., TX (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Great ride, comfortable and overall performance."

JOHN S., VA (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"80,000, still very satisfied."

THOMAS M., NY (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Sun roof takes too much headroom."

ANTHONY H., AL (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Good back support."

HELMUTH H., FL (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Has seat warmers if needed AC is also in the back row."

NEIL M., NJ (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"I am fairly tall and this vehicle was best fit for my height"

Anonymous, ON (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"reason I've kept it so long is the comfort,leg run and looks"

Anonymous, AL (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Very comfortable seats even for a heavy driver >250lbs"

Anonymous, ON (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I bought it to move my large-scale self made art work and provide a comfortable (although not plush) ride over relatively long distances. Gas mileage at its purchase date (2009) seemed okay and its higher seated ride I liked very much."

ROBERT W., FL (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Awesome value for the money."

JOHN S., VA (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Great car..No problems...We love it and it drives very well"

Anonymous, CA (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Just as nice as more expensive SUV's. Rides and handles well"

NEIL M., NJ (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"2011, still runs, rides like new"

THOMAS M., NY (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Have owned vehicle six days."

Anonymous, WA (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"I was disappointed by the gas mileage. 22-23 is low for such a small car."

Anonymous, MO (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"For the money, can't beat this vehicle, few problems very reliable"

DIANE G., MO (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Still hold good trade in value."

HELMUTH H., FL (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Just tires brakes and tune up. Needed refrigerant to maintain air conditioning"

CANDACE G., NJ (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Features that equal and exceed much more expensive cars."

P L., TX (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Almost all problems covered by warranty. Little out of pocket expense. The 2007 Santa Fe does not have any blue tooth, or navigation connections. I'm saying I don't care for those questions."

Anonymous, MD (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Vehicle was significantly less expensive than comparable models that fitted our needs at the time. 10 years old, but still handles well and has not been unduly expensive to operate."

H H., AB (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Great value. Reasonable purchase price with included features and has lasted over 130,000 miles without major issues so far"

SETH S., IL (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"I purchased the car used in 2009. Very good value for the price. Was like new."

Anonymous, CT (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"just right size and turns on extremely well"

Anonymous, CA (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Nice ride descent mileage. Just a good car"

CANDACE G., NJ (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Too curvy. Like newer styling better."

ANTHONY H., AL (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Rear window is small making vision to the rear difficult at times."

Anonymous, PA (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe)

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