The seven-passenger version of the Santa Fe is one of the most pleasant and well-rounded three-row SUVs on the market. It's functional, stylish, and easy to live with. Spacious and accommodating, the Santa Fe has a limo-like rear seat and generous cargo area yet it doesn't feel too bulky to drive or park. The comfortable ride and quiet interior make it a welcome family road trip companion.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Steering is too light at center so it tends to wonder and the wind from passing trucks or other cars pushes it around especially at highway speed."

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Much better performance than I would have guessed in such a big vehicle with a V6"

RICHARD M., FL (2016 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"excellent handling, acceleration, comfort. no changes needed."

MICHAEL W., ON (2016 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"don't like the way the transmission works. can't make up it's mind what gear it wants to be in at speeds 40 mph or lower"

Anonymous, NM (2016 Hyundai Santa Fe)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Very satisfied with climate control and the heated passenger seat."

Anonymous, IL (2016 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"with heated and cooled seats up front, power at my command and all wheel drive it is great . My mileage is better than I expected."

DAVID S., RI (2016 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Seats could be more comfortable"

Anonymous, FL (2016 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"The air conditioning is very noisy. Takes away from the sound system . They should utilize an acoustic expert to work on the balance between air handler and sound system."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Very comfortable except the sunglass holder is too small to hold a larger style pair of sunglasses. I have to use a visor clip. Also miss the little drawer that used to pop out of the front console. There is no easily accessible area to store coins. There is an awkward area behind the cup holders. The front passenger seat has limited controls for height etc & is not a full power seat. Otherwise a very comfortable experience. The display can not be set to just display the clock all the time which"

Anonymous, NS (2016 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"2016 seats much more comfortable than 2009 model. Greater leg support and longer seat cushon. Climate control automatic is great as is heated and ventilated front seats."

Anonymous, ON (2016 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"- Slight creaking sound above driver's head, near door seal, when hitting some bumps, becomes a little annoying at times. - rear end is soft; bounces too much when riding on uneven surfaces/bumps/dips; the shock absorbers could provide better control."

JON B., MO (2016 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"The bolsters on the seat bottom are uncomfortable on long rides and the seat doesn't rise high enough on the driver's side to allow my 5'2" frame to see above the dash to judge distance. My husband also says the seat bothers him an he is 6' tall. The seat cuts and presses into the back of my legs when I drive because it is too deep."

ALETA C., CO (2016 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"The front passenger seat will not go up and down so short people have a problem see out of the vehicle"

Anonymous, MD (2016 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"The seats and seating position is very uncomfortable for the driver in this vehicle. Needs improvement."

Anonymous, NE (2016 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"After driving more then two hours I get back pain."

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Hyundai Santa Fe)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The Buick styling has been great for the six years we have owned this car. We anticipate a change in 2017 and will purchase new. The two problems we had Alternator and fuel leaking from injector out of warranty. Good Buick planning."

RICHARD G., VA (2016 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Compared to the GMC Terrain we had we got a lot more room(seating), leather interior, safety features, and more head space with the Santa Fe."

RICHARD W., NY (2016 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"lots of bells and whistle for a good price"

DANIEL S., QC (2016 Hyundai Santa Fe)

"Best value compared to other SUVs"

LYNNE G., ON (2016 Hyundai Santa Fe)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I think design and looks are really good. Light features in front are really good."

RICHARD W., NC (2016 Hyundai Santa Fe)

Would you buy this car again?

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