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2020 Infiniti Q50 Ratings & Reliability
The Q50 is a competitive luxury sports sedan, available in rear- and all-wheel-drive configurations. The standard 300-hp turbocharged V6 engine is very punchy and, combined with the standard seven-speed automatic transmission, makes the Q50 quick --but to the detriment of fuel economy, which is 22 mpg overall. Handling is quite nimble, and the ride is compliant. The cabin and backseat are relatively roomy, but the trunk is small, even for this class. Fit and finish comes up a bit short, and the level of amenities is below the curve. Infiniti's touch-screen infotainment system is slow and cumbersome to use, requiring multiple steps and extra distraction for simple tasks. A 400-hp turbo V6 is also available, as is a Q60 coupe version. Forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking are standard.
2014 Redesign Year
Infiniti Q50 2019
The Infiniti Q50 was intended to replace the G37 in the brand's lineup. But, unfortunately, it has taken a step back from its excellent predecessor. While the Q50 is quick, an underwhelming driving experience limits its sporty credentials. On the luxury front, fit and finish, ride comfort, and noise isolation aren't impressive. Handling is lackluster, mostly due to the dull steering. Ride comfort is unsettled and suffers from the run-flat tires. The punchy V6 powertrain isn't a model of refinement and fuel economy is not impressive. For the class, the cabin is quite roomy and the rear seat is hospitable, but the front seat has a short cushion. Even more frustrating is the agonizingly slow-responding touchscreen interface.
Average Retail Price Trade-in Price Reliability Verdict Owner Satisfaction View Local Inventory
2019 $23,325 - $37,625 $20,605 - $34,105
2018 $20,825 - $32,800 $18,205 - $29,505
2017 $18,700 - $28,825 $15,990 - $25,740
2016 $17,175 - $25,850 $13,685 - $22,835
2015 $15,175 - $18,700 $11,740 - $15,790
2014 $13,250 - $16,100 $9,895 - $12,495