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Infiniti QX60

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The midsized QX60 is spacious, quiet, and well-finished, with room for seven but without the bulk of a full-sized SUV. The QX60 is based on the Nissan Pathfinder and has a comfortable ride, but handling lacks agility, making the QX feel rather soft and hesitant when taking corners. The Infiniti's 3.5-liter V6 and continuously variable transmission delivered adequate acceleration and returned a so-so 19 mpg overall on premium fuel. A family-friendly feature allows access to the third row even with a child seat installed in the second row. But the second-row seat cushion is very low, compromising thigh support and forcing passengers to sit with their knees high in the air. As part of a recent freshening, the V6 gained 30 more hp and towing capacity was raised to 5,000 pounds.
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2014 Redesign Year
Infiniti QX60 2017
Infiniti changed the JX name to QX60 from 2014 onward. An SUV large enough for three rows of seating without the bulk of a full-size model, the it offers a spacious, quiet, luxurious, and well-finished interior with room for seven. It has a comfortable ride, but its handling lacks agility. Power comes from a 3.5-liter V6, paired with a continuously variable transmission. This powertrain delivers smooth and adequate acceleration, while returning 19 mpg overall on premium fuel. However, towing capacity is a low 3,500 pounds. A family-friendly feature is the ability to gain access to the third row, even with a child seat installed in the second row. The surround-view camera system displays a bird's-eye view around the car when parking, this is an advantage given the impeded rear view. It can also brake automatically when reversing to avoid hitting something behind it. A hybrid version was offered for the 2014 model year.
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2017 N/A N/A
2016 $29,525 - $31,175 $26,280 - $27,880
2015 $26,925 - $29,600 $23,755 - $26,355
2014 $23,300 - $26,100 $20,125 - $22,850