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Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar F-Type 2018 convertible Trim Shown: 2018 V6 convertible RWD Automatic
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Jaguar's two-seat F-Type coupe and convertible are quick, sporty, and capable, with a distinct exhaust bark emanating from the V8. But don't expect tranquility in the mold of the old XK, which was a more luxury-oriented car. Rear-drive V6 models are available with a stiff-shifting six-speed manual transmission. A smooth eight-speed automatic is standard, and the only gearbox available with the V8. All-wheel drive is optional, and electric power steering has replaced the hydraulic setup. The F-Type also gets Jaguar's JustDrive smartphone app, which builds on the new InControl touch-screen infotainment system. The touch screen is rather slow to respond, and the automatic transmission's gear selector is unintuitive. A turbocharged four-cylinder model is new for 2018.
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2014 Redesign Year
Jaguar F-Type 2017 Trim Shown: 2017 AWD Coupe S
Jaguar's F-Type resurrects the brand's sports-car heritage. Three supercharged engines are offered: two V6s ranging from 340 to 380 horsepower and a 495-hp V8. The eight-speed automatic works well but the shifter is fussy. For the convertible, Jaguar chose a soft-top design in the interest of folding speed, lighter weight, and trunk space. In initial drives we noted that the body is solid and free of shakes, and open top motoring is free of wind buffeting. The exhaust note is quite brash. The ride is very taut and controlled and handling is responsive and capable, with communicative steering. The coupe bodystyle can be had in an R version, which features a 550-hp V8.
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2015 $42,825 - $61,000 $35,880 - $51,080
2014 $36,250 - $44,975 $29,950 - $37,550