Kia's latest minivan makes a better mobile lounge than road machine. Its strikingly-posh interior is a standout for a minivan. That could make the Sedona a terrific people mover -- if all people did was sit in it. But, alas, the luxury impression vanishes as you pull away from the curb. We bought a relatively modest mid-level EX to test.
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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "Car does a fine job in traffic."

    Anonymous, MO (2015 Kia Sedona)

    "Excellent acceleration and handling for a minivan Always fun to drive and a very safe vehicle."

    Anonymous, WI (2015 Kia Sedona)

    "Acceleration can be a bit loggy when coming from a full stop or in passing. Once punched it accelerates smoothly and keeps the speed you have set."

    Cynthia J., UT (2015 Kia Sedona)

    "good acceleration and handling. Very happy with with vehicle."

    Ellen H., NJ (2015 Kia Sedona)

    "Consumer Reports initially recommended the 2015 model but later indicated that it suffered from suspension noise. I disagree. I test drove both the Kia and Toyota mini vans and can state that the KIA is very quiet and accelerates better than the Sienna. And that is the truth!"

    A B., BC (2015 Kia Sedona)

    "Love the backup camera display and blind spot sensor."

    ALAN Z., FL (2015 Kia Sedona)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "Front seats are large enough for a larger sized person. They are comfortable and surround the back for comfort and support even on long trips of 700 miles or more."

    Cynthia J., UT (2015 Kia Sedona)

    "Very comfortable vehicle for driver and passengers. High quality components and a quiet ride."

    Anonymous, NC (2015 Kia Sedona)

    "Good for long haul"

    Anonymous, CA (2015 Kia Sedona)

    "As the car has aged and accumulated mileage, a number of suspension noises has cropped up. Since the vehicle is satisfactory otherwise, I am planning to have some suspension work done at about 50000 miles."

    Anonymous, TX (2015 Kia Sedona)

    "Very comfortable Napa leather seats, heated and cooled. Fun to drive, very quiet, smooth ride. Middle seats have pop-up foot rests."

    Anonymous, WI (2015 Kia Sedona)

    "Can take a long ride and not have any sore spots in your bottom."

    Anonymous, MO (2015 Kia Sedona)

    "The suspension system is very stiff even after three years. It rattles my teeth sometimes."

    Anonymous, WI (2015 Kia Sedona)

    "My Sedona has an "air leak" sound emanating from the dashboard/A pillar area on the passenger side. The cause is unknown as the Kia dealership was unable to locate the source. It is not unbearable and modest radio volume masks the noise. I suspect it is an air conditioning duct that runs through that area."

    Frankie P., VA (2015 Kia Sedona)

    "We bought this version for the mid-row seats that are like home recliners, with foot rests. My wife can't make long trips in regular car seats, and we have family in TX and SC. We drove from TN to Houston in January with no problems."

    Anonymous, TN (2015 Kia Sedona)

    "Seats are comfortable and the handling is great. Good acceleration and good gas mileage. Only wished they had a cover for items in rear storage. Great vehicle."

    Ellen H., NJ (2015 Kia Sedona)

    "The vehicle is very comfortable. There have been recall/warranty related issues with the power sliding doors that have been taken care of. There is a squeak in the rear hatch area that is yet to be fixed."

    Anonymous, TN (2015 Kia Sedona)

    "Controls easy to access and use.SEats look good and feel good"

    Anonymous, ON (2015 Kia Sedona)

    "I need the seats itself to move back more and the steering wheel to extend more"

    BRADFORD G., PA (2015 Kia Sedona)

    "SEATS,to firm, for me very uncomfortable. Great A/C. Good ride. Good on noise."

    MARK M., AZ (2015 Kia Sedona)

    "The head rests on the front seats is not very comfortable. They angle too far forward and can cause neck strain."

    Anonymous, MN (2015 Kia Sedona)

    "I have no complaints with the confort of the car it self, other than this does not have seat memory (available as 4k package i didn't get) and i spend the next 3 days trying to get it back in position after my wife goes around the block to pickup the mail. The issue i do have with the car is the noise, there are a lot of squeaks inside the car that i have not been able to determine where they are from except for in the back; i guess it has to do with 3rd row of seats, but not sure, as it only..."

    Christian C., FL (2015 Kia Sedona)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say

    "The depreciation of this vehicle is astounding. It is significantly more than other mini vans of the same year, mileage, etc."

    MARY K., LA (2015 Kia Sedona)

    "My 2015 Sedona is worth every single penny I spent on it"

    Anonymous, MA (2015 Kia Sedona)

    "The value in this SEDONA EX is awesome, compared to similar siennas, pacificas, town and country, odyssey's that would cost 6k more, just because they have a Japanese brand logo on them or much crappy interiors in the case of the Town and Country. For starters there are all the soft touch surfaces, very confortable leather seats, confortable, 3 zone A/C, automatic doors, all the finishing is very nice, clean, and the controls are well distributed."

    Christian C., FL (2015 Kia Sedona)

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