Kia's latest minivan makes a better mobile lounge than it does a road machine. Its strikingly-posh interior is a standout for a minivan. That could make the Sedona a terrific people mover -- if all people did was sit in it. But, alas, the luxury impression vanishes as you pull away from the curb. We bought a relatively modest mid-level EX to test.
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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "For a large mini-van it handles surprisingly well with good acceleration."

    Denis C., CA (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "easy to handle on a long trip; smooth acceleration; overall comfort of driving experience"

    Anonymous, FL (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "Very fast response for a minivan and handles corners very well"

    Anonymous, CO (2016 Kia Sedona)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "Very plush and comfortable seating."

    Jim O., IL (2016 Kia Sedona)


    Leo G., CA (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "VERY comfortable second-row lounge seats in SXL 7-seats configuration. Front seats are also very comfortable in all trims."

    Oleg O., MD (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "Excellent handling, very comfortable and noise reduction."

    Anonymous, LA (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "The seats are wide enough for larger persons and long enough up front to support legs. Third row seats narrow and not having arm makes person feel unprotected during the ride."

    Anonymous, FL (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "We bought the Kia Sedona in large part because of the comfort of the seats (all 3 rows) and safety features. Kia has fixed at least one problem cited in your review - the floor where the left foot rests is not at an uncomfortable angle. Also, the handling is much better than we expected based on your review - it's as secure feeling as our previous 2005 Honda Odyssey. The ride is a bit rougher than the Odyssey's."

    JAMES S., NJ (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "the head rests are too large. They push head and neck in an awkward position. I am unable to change this on my own. Looked up on the internet how to move the headrests towards the back of the van. I was unable to do this. I am going to the dealer this afternoon. I hope they can fix this. Also the tailgate pops open when I walk towards the van from the rear. I have been to the dealer and he is unable to stop this. I have a scratch on the van from this happening in my garage!!! BTW, I am"

    FRED F., WI (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "It is a bit noisier than I would like, but it is better than some cars I have owned"

    Anonymous, TX (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "The mini-van was specifically purchased because the vehicle fit a wide range of driver sizes. My wife is about 5 and of the three minivans we test drove (Toyota sienna and Chrysler), the Kia was the only one her knees did not contact the dash when the seat was adjusted to reach the peddles."

    Anonymous, IA (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "bumpy suspension"

    Anonymous, WI (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "Vehicle is extremely comfortable for long distance highway travel, & versatile for local travel with multiple passengers & luggage (ie. golf equipment)"

    Anonymous, BC (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "We love the interior of our Sedona! The only annoying thing is the back liftgate squeaks on bumpy roads."

    Bryan W., TN (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "As a previous owner of a Caravan, the Kia is more comfortable and quiet than the Dodge"

    Anonymous, CO (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "it could have a quitter ride on the rid of the malbu it was too hard for my wife an myself to get into; plus the most uncomfortable seats."

    Glenn H., TX (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "seat comfort on a long ride; especially the second row captain seats"

    Anonymous, FL (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "Very comfortable and supportive seats in front and second row."

    David K., FL (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "Middle row seats are very comfortable, almost like sitting in a nice chair at home"

    Anonymous, UT (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "Like a living room on wheels. In the second row we have lounge seats (SXL trim) and they are incredible! Overall, the most comfortable car for long trips."

    Oleg O., MD (2016 Kia Sedona)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say

    "Much better value than previous Honda Odyssey. Has many features at better price and has been reliable and pleasant to drive and own."

    Anonymous, MD (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "good value, fun to drive, well designed and well built"

    Anonymous, FL (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "for the money I feel this is the best vehicle for space, warranty, ride, and reliability."

    ERIC H., FL (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "In my opinion, this is the nicest minivan made. However, it is also the most expensive. While that is "fair", it is pricey."

    JONATHAN B., TN (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "I'm very pleased with the 2016 Sadona LX as I did with the 2010 Sadona we had."

    LAWRENCE F., NY (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "Great value! Excellent performance! Good utility functions! Outstanding safety features! Quality materials, fit and finish! Fun to drive!"

    JAMES D., TX (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "I felt that I got more for my money than I could get with Honda and Toyota minivans."

    Anonymous, MD (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "Much cheaper than Toyota and Honda and with a better warranty."

    David K., FL (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "I comparison- shopped for several months before purchasing this vehicle. Not any other manufacturer could come within $ 8,000. (mostly much more) for a vehicle with comparable amenities."

    Lisbeth Z., NC (2016 Kia Sedona)


    How it looks inside and out

    What Owners Say

    "Looks sporty, not van like. Very attractive."

    JAMES D., TX (2016 Kia Sedona)

    "The overall looks of the vehicle."

    Anonymous, LA (2016 Kia Sedona)

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