Redesigned for 2011, the Sorento is a capable and pleasant SUV, straddling the small and midsize SUV categories. It's one of the few to offer a third-row seat in this class. The Sorento's V6 delivers smooth and quick performance with decent fuel economy.
There are 6 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Everything is great with this car."

James H., NC (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Poor acceleration. The transmission downshifts too quickly on minor inclines. Same as before, I only have one Kia."

Daniel N., VA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Handling is okay. Drives solid. Good acceleration."

Fred H., VA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Great gas milage in City and Highway and the power it has."

Anonymous, NC (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Great handling! Accelerates fast and stops fast! Important to be aware of speed because it doesn't feel like you're going has fast as you are going. Fun to drive!!!"

Anonymous, TX (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Poser engine very acceleration"

G F., QC (2011 Kia Sorento)

"The Kia handles beautifully, corners well, and accelerates well. It is a 6-cylinder vehicle."

Anonymous, NJ (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Have the V6 and it is very quick acceleration which requires serious handling to maintain control. Good traction even when wet."

Dorice R., TX (2011 Kia Sorento)

"It rides like a truck"

Robert S., TN (2011 Kia Sorento)

"All wheel drive, accelerates well"

Anonymous, CO (2011 Kia Sorento)

"suspension is very rough"

Anonymous, CO (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Four cylinder engine not powerful enough, transmission shifts too frequently"

PAUL S., VA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Awesome handling. Involved in head on collision at 45 miles per hour. Slight injury to myself."

Anonymous, VA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Technically this is an SUV with all wheel drive but it is really useless. Even though is has a dashboard "Lock" for all wheel drive, the reality is that one front wheel and the opposite rear wheel will spin so the vehicle become stuck very easily, like on my own wet grass lawn. It is rediculous."

HARRY B., NC (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Not great in states with mountains and only a 4 cylinder."

P K., IL (2011 Kia Sorento)

"I am very pleased with the acceleration and steering. It has the v-6 engine and is very peppy. The steering is very responsive and has a very close turning circle."

Anonymous, GA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Does not feel stable on snow and ice."

TODD S., PA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"I really enjoy the acceleration of the bigger v6 engine, it's very smooth but delivers a very powerful ride. The suspension and handling on the other hand, especially on windy/curvy roads is very ...jiggly. The suspension sort of feels like it's jelly and there seems to be a lot of cabin movement at moderate speeds through winding roads."

Anonymous, VA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"There is a good bit of road noise and the ride is rough."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"i feel it is very peppy and handles very well and the gas mileage at 75 mph is just as advertised."

Anonymous, AZ (2011 Kia Sorento)

"the ride is so bumpy never would have bought if testdrive was on an unsmooth road"

LINDA F., PA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"In today's world of expressways where acceleration is required to merge safely, the standard 4 cylinder is under powered."

Anonymous, FL (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Great: acceleration and handling. Smooth and quiet ride"

Anonymous, MD (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Rough ride"

D W., IL (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Handles really well - in the winter also (once better tires were put on since the all weather tires that come with the vehicle don't do well in snow)"

Anonymous, MN (2011 Kia Sorento)

"V6 has power to spare. AWD has never left me stuck in the deep Manitoba, Canada snow."

ALLAN O., MB (2011 Kia Sorento)

"The 4 cylinder engine does not deliver enough power."

MICHAEL G., SC (2011 Kia Sorento)

"quick acceleration and smooth handling"

Anonymous, GA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Excellent acceleration"

Anonymous, GA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"very good acceleration for passing. takes corners well."

Mike W., ON (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Handles great. Excellent acceleration for a 4 cylinder"

Lonnie B., NC (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Rates HIGH in my 65 years of owning & diving worldwide. Someone will get a great vehicle when I trade it for handicap one next month."

Victor D., TX (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Amazing acceleration, stays in eco mode even at higher cruising speeds, very quiet engine and drivetrain"

Vic M., CA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Once on the highway, it runs well, has a solid feel to it, and has stood up to road trips and family use. The car has great handling especially in traffic and can turn and park as well as just about any car I've had. You forget you're in an SUV. I would get the 6 cyl. if I were to buy this car again, although the engine is strong and the transmission works well, with the A/C on there is a noticeable lack of excelleration"

Michael B., VA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"It's a 4-cylinder and always feels under-powered. Accelerating from a stop or accelerating to reach highway speed it seems to work too hard. It also felt slow to decelerate, although replacing the suspension improved deceleration greatly. During acceleration it up-shifts at the right time but during deceleration it sometimes downshifts but then changes its mind and reverts. Handling is solid and the small turn radius is great."

Joe, MO (2011 Kia Sorento)

"I find that the steering is very easy and not stiff. When I turn I barely have to turn wheel to turn right or left. The speed is well adjusted and I can handle the SuV on the highway and see from the mirrors"

Anonymous, OH (2011 Kia Sorento)

"strong 6 cylinder engine. handles well."

Tom M., NY (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Handling is good but occasionally, when starting from a dead stop, like at a traffic light, there is a hesitation before the car moves forward."

Russ G., SC (2011 Kia Sorento)

"It handles so well and is so predictable to drive. The acceleration with the V6 is very satisfying. The braking system (for a large vehicle) is excellent. As a daily-driver, it really checks all the boxes."

Ricardo D., CA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"The handling and acceleration is phenomenal. I can stop suddenly if needed and judge with precision how much time I have to stop. I can move between lanes with ease, due to the vehicle having good center of gravity."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Should have gotten the 6 cylinder instead of the 4. The engine is too small for when the car is loaded or towing small trailer."

M Z., NC (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Four cylinders are extremely responsive. First engine died at 98k, but was under recall and was replaced without cost."

Cheryl C., TX (2011 Kia Sorento)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The vehicle rides very hard on bumpy road surfaces"

Anonymous, MA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"It has had continually occurring problems with the steering column locking up when you try to start it."

Pat S., TX (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Great comfort. Good ride. Could get better mpg."

Fred H., VA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Very comfortable, good visibility and good handling"

Ray W., MO (2011 Kia Sorento)

"have taken this auto on many a long trip, and it continues to be a fun and safe vehicle to drive. Overwhelming confidence when operating this car. Ample visibility 360 degrees, good power, minimal noise increase with road surface type being the factor. The trips we've done have found us going fill-up to fill-up and no riding discomfort."

Bradley D., OH (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Alk wheel drive. Bought after our 2012 sorento. Happy with both. Would like another 4 wheel drive to hit market"

Anonymous, CO (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Driver's seat is comfortable - front passenger is not satisfactory. I have usd a cusbkon to be able to ride more than 10 miles in relative comfort. The problem was we had to sacrifice the airbag because of the cushion on the seat. Luckily, after several complaints (and ) years of riding 'unprotected' we were to have the problem corrected."

Marie M., GA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Lots of road noise. Even the slightest bump in the road was felt. Note that I do not have 2 2011 Kia Sorentos. Looks like something glitched."

Daniel N., VA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Extremely comfortable cloth seats with manual height and rake adjustments for the perfect position. We live on a section of gravel road and after 7 years, still no rattles or creaks. Acceleration is more than adequate with the V6. AWD is perfect in NH winters."

Richard S., NH (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Decent ride, comfortable seating"

Anonymous, GA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Driver side seat. Same comment as the 2015 soul."

Anonymous, AB (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Everything is good except for noise and ride could be better"

Anonymous, MO (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Rides super smooth - like a luxury vehicle."

Anonymous, MN (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Seats are hard.Has a stiff ride."

Anonymous, MO (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Not a real comfortable ride. Tires on the car at purchased time were cheap. Slid in wet and snowy weather (scarey). When we purchased better tires, no issue with sliding and a little more smoother ride but they need better suspension."

P K., IL (2011 Kia Sorento)

"The Sorento is the perfect size, quiet, comfortable, and the best intermediate SUV value on the market."

ROBERT D., TX (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Noisy ride Electrical Problems with head and parking lights"

Anonymous, NC (2011 Kia Sorento)

"The back seat is not as comfortable during long rides."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Too much road noise"

ALAN T., GA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Seats are not the most comfortable; the fan/climate control needs to be on high- not much difference between 2-4 on the fan levels; ride is somewhat rough, even after replacing struts"

MARTHA W., CO (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Good on log distance trips"

VERNON S., FL (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Everything is made for a smooth ride and climate controls are in the back so they can adjust the air control."

GABRIEL P., TX (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Comfort in regard to seats is great but the ride is stiff which I knew going in but if I had one hing to change it would be to have a smoother ride that's less jarring over bumps and such."

MICK T., NY (2011 Kia Sorento)

"seats are great, road noise is my only complaint"

ALVAR S., FL (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Since my purchase of my Kia Sorrento, I notice the difference in the comfort of the ride now not providing the same ride quality as when I purchased it. Also, the increase of the interior noise distraction now, compared to when I bought this car."

HAROLD E., ME (2011 Kia Sorento)

"I am very disappointed with the ride quality. It has a very hard and choppy ride."

Anonymous, GA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Seats in back not very comfortable. Rough ride. Doors seem rather "tinny" when closing."

HEATHER R., ON (2011 Kia Sorento)

"seats are very comfortable- driver in particular. hugs you in. Car is noisy-road noise when driving"

Anonymous, MI (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Sits up high, ride is great!"

HEIDI W., GA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"This is our traveling car because it is so comfortable and quiet"

BARBARA D., CA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"The heated seats are so nice! I was happy to see the climate control vents for the back seat, but I wish they were a bit bigger. Overall, except for the color, I am satisfied."

SUSAN E., CA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"very uncomfortable ride, you feel every crack in the road, like riding in a horse and buggy"

Anonymous, IL (2011 Kia Sorento)

"There is a rattle that is intermittent but the dealer cannot locate and fix. I think it has something to do with the covers to the sunroofs."

JERRI R., CO (2011 Kia Sorento)

"seats are not that comfortable and front seat head rests force your head foward"

TOM M., NY (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Seats are small and uncomfortable to sit on for any length of time."

JOHN M., AZ (2011 Kia Sorento)

"I've got back problems and the back support is great. For the large size of the inside and the engine, I get great mileage and comfort on long trips, also great acceleration. Seems like everyone would like to buy my car as I've been asked not only by dealerships but personal friends if I ever wants to sell it to call them first."

JANE K., VA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"I'm constantly knocking my head upon entering the vehicle. Once in, it is extremely comfortable. The ride is not smooth, but now many SUV's do have a smooth ride."

Anonymous, MI (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Not very comfortable on long trips. Back and leg issues."

M Z., NC (2011 Kia Sorento)

"The seats are extremely adjustable because of specific adjustments I can make to the seat. I can tilt the seat to accommodate my back. The back of the seat and the bottom can be controlled separately. The seats are very comfortable,still! I love the seat warmer for cold days and to help relieve back pain. The ride is good, could be better or worse. The noise is minimal."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Initially, the ride was relatively comfortable but after approximately 20K miles, it seems that the overall comfort level degraded. Even after replacing the tires the seating becomes uncomfortable after 2 hours or so."

Robert S., ID (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Good lumber support, love how high we sit, great for long trips, lots of room."

E B., MD (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Rough ride, figured it would be a smoother ride than what it is"

Roger B., RI (2011 Kia Sorento)

"At highway speeds my vehicle sounds like I have an open window in the back of the vehicle. It’’s very noisey and irritating on fairly long rides on open highways."

Anonymous, AK (2011 Kia Sorento)

"seats are not that comfortable. vehicle front hits hard on bumpy roads."

Tom M., NY (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Smooth ride and driver's seat adjusts to fit either driver well."

Russ G., SC (2011 Kia Sorento)

"For a high-end car from Kia I would have thought the car would have been quieter and a nicer overall ride. That has been my main complaint with the car, it's pretty bumpy when I hit a pothole and not as nice of a drive as other high-end crossovers."

Kost I., OH (2011 Kia Sorento)

"The front end suspension is very rough, noisy."

Richard S., FL (2011 Kia Sorento)

"adjustable seats, quite interior, smooth ride."

Anonymous, GA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"noisy at speed. relatively comfortable.ride a littleharsh on poor roads"

Louis T., VA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"The ride is somewhat "choppy" and stiff."

Anonymous, GA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Too much road noise while driving"

Anonymous, GA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Shape of seat on sides too rigid and there seems to be a lack of padding. Not an issue unless riding or driving for more than an hour."

Anonymous, LA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Seats are comfortable. Do not care for the cloth fabric. It stains too easily. The ride is a little stiff but not unexpected in an SUV. There is a little too much road noise at highway speeds. Overall it has been a very good car."

Anonymous, GA (2011 Kia Sorento)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Far and away better value than it's competition for extras you most want"

Ray W., MO (2011 Kia Sorento)

"The resale value on this Automobile is above average. always getting requests from my Kia dealer and other Kia dealer to please trade, the low milage and the way I take care of this automobile makes it one that the dealers will have no trouble reselling."

Anonymous, NC (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Good value and overall a good deal on a good car!"

Marie M., GA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Great performance and handling."

Anonymous, AB (2011 Kia Sorento)

"low cost to buy, run, maintain, and insure. Reliable and durable."

Kelly H., NE (2011 Kia Sorento)

"I feel like I got a luxury class vehicle for a really good price."

Jerri R., CO (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Just a great vehicle for the money"

Duane F., IA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Dollar for dollar, you get more with the Sorento."

ROBERT D., TX (2011 Kia Sorento)

"We were very disappointed with the number for mpg on the sticker vs real world. Even on long trips this number was not achievable under the guise that 60 mph achieves the very best possible mpg with any car. This was misleading, and may have resulted in a different choice when buying this car."

PAMELA S., MI (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Fuel efficiency is less than Kia led us to believe it would be. Our Sorento averages about 20 mpg, ranging from about 19 to 21 mpg. We never get close to the 29 mpg the dealer said to expect. Other than that, the car is great - very good in snow, ice, and wet roads. The car sets up nice and high and is comfortable to enter and exit - this is hard for me to find at 6' 3". It is also great on rough foresr roads, etc - handles it more lime a truck than a car."

TIM R., WA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"We receive a good deal from the dealership plus a veteran discount."

GABRIEL P., TX (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Ride is very smooth and comfortable. The seats are comfortable, and have automatic control, and heated seats. The car is an excellent value for the money, and the long warranty is an added bonus. Its handling, drive, and features are somewhat comparable to some luxury vehicles, and noise is not noticeable. Very satisfied with this vehicle."

Anonymous, MD (2011 Kia Sorento)

"milage sucks suppose to get 39"

LINDA F., PA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Excelent value. 100,000 mile warranty is a great feature."

LONNIE B., NC (2011 Kia Sorento)

"This vehicle is one of the most trouble free cars we ever had"

Anonymous, FL (2011 Kia Sorento)

"The KIA was a good deal. Cost less and still had everything the competition offered. 100,000 mile minor warranty and 60000 drive train. They swapped out the short block at 59,600 due to a noise they didn’t like. 112500 on it now and keeping it."

Anonymous, MD (2011 Kia Sorento)

"No major maintenance problems. Few minor ones fixed in one day. 100 percent dependable vehicle."

Victor D., TX (2011 Kia Sorento)

"This car was amazing for years and it never seemed to break. Just needed regular oil changes and wipers. At 125,000 everything fell apart. Now there is an engine light that won't quit at 136000 miles, and the transmission, that was always really rough shifting even with software updates and new fluids, is kicking just like a horse. I was just offered a chance to take the engine apart for a minimum of $2000 to see what is wrong and that seems like a bad spend. Even though I am super interested in the Niro which has great efficiency and is the right size, I am terrified that it will fall apart all at once like this car. Neither the transmission nor the engine has been part of the recalls on the Sorento but it belongs to the groups immediately surrounded by those recalls. It's worth nothing with the engine light on, and trading in for another Kia seems like not smart. I am sad."

Anonymous, NY (2011 Kia Sorento)

"The price I paid at new purchase was well under the competitors vehicle of similar style"

Charlotte L., NC (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Good value for the features offered"

Anonymous, GA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Love the complete package, you get a lot for the money, & the handling is easy, & for a 4 cyl. it moves very fast& even tows well."

E B., MD (2011 Kia Sorento)

"good value at this price point"

Louis T., VA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"never a problem still looks good for many miles"

Charles S., OH (2011 Kia Sorento)

"As a daily driver, there is so much value within the details of this car/cuv. I love all the things it does well comparable to other automobiles costing so much more. Seven Seats, BU Cam, NAV, V6 engine, great MPG, so comfortable, starts every morning with out issue, low maintenance & low cost repairs. We are very happy and have had the KIA Sorento for many years and many miles. Regarding value, it’s a great, great car. This was our first Hyundai/KIA purchase, but very likely will not be our last. We are hoping they continue to offer excellent automotive options as our automotive needs inevitably will change."

Ricardo D., CA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Decent family car, but lots of little problems that require trips to the dealer. Thank goodness we got an extended warranty."

Brian W., CA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Great value"

Anonymous, CA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Excellent value. 100000 mile warranty can't be beat."

Lonnie B., NC (2011 Kia Sorento)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Love the styling: it stands out on the road"

VERNON S., FL (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Worth the money."

HEIDI W., GA (2011 Kia Sorento)

"Very good lines and great accerlation when needed."

Anonymous, CO (2011 Kia Sorento)
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