The well-proportioned 2014-2015 Sorento is sized between small and mid-sized SUVs, with plenty of interior space and easy maneuverability. It's also simple to climb in or out and it offers an optional, though tiny third-row seat to bring seating to seven.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"I have intermittent hesitation when turning to the right, meaning the car stops for a second when turning to the right then picks up and goes forward. Doesn't do it often enough for dealer to find out where the problem is. I've had the car for 2 months."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Kia Sorento)

"husband drives a lot of miles for work, and he finds this Kia to be incredibly comfortable for long distance/many hours of driving because it handles well in all types of weather, never hesitates when accelerating, and the steering is very responsive."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Kia Sorento)

"Amazing acceleration and performance. Do drive, on highways, faster than average and still pleasantly surprised by mileage and the ease that engine performs at 120 to 140 kph."

Anonymous, ON (2014 Kia Sorento)

"Not enough power. Constantly changing gears to reach a reasonable speed. Not smooth."

Anonymous, TN (2014 Kia Sorento)

"3.3L V6 is powerful and a pleasure to drive. Fuel economy leaves a bit to be desired, but perhaps that's to be expected with a large engine."

NICHOLAS L., ON (2014 Kia Sorento)

"The 290 HP V6 provides plenty of power for this size vehicle. The engine runs smooth and combined with the Auto transmission it shifts smoothly."

RUSSELL O., WV (2014 Kia Sorento)

"Acceleration is perfectly acceptable through the range. I speed, and this allows me to driver aggressively in Houston on the toll ways easily. I average 70 mph for an 30 minutes each way, and control and responsiveness is impressive. The adjustable steering options is a nice add on for different types of driving or just the way you feel that day. Handling is a dream, I can take parking spots and make u-turns easier and faster than in most the cars (sports being some of them) I've owned. 3 y"

MARK G., TX (2014 Kia Sorento)

"Best thing is that it handles well and accelerates well when fullly loaded"

JAMES B., MD (2014 Kia Sorento)

"acceleration, handling and size."

KIMBERLY R., NY (2014 Kia Sorento)

"My wife likes the driving and handling"

Anonymous, FL (2014 Kia Sorento)

"nothing really stands out. handling is very good. acceleration is good for a four cylinder engine"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Kia Sorento)

"The steering has no feeling whatsoever. There are three settings for steering: Sport, Normal, and Comfort. None are quite right. They don't translate what the wheels are doing, and what the road surface is doing. Just not very responsive."

GAINES J., MD (2014 Kia Sorento)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Drivers seat has an annoying squeak that dealer cannot seem to locate."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Kia Sorento)

"Front seats (both) have a section about 3'' in diameter on each side that sticks up keep you in the seat I suspect...and it is tough to sit on as you enter or exit. My wife is short and actually bruised herself getting in. We had to get running boards to aid in her entering and exiting. A smooth seat would make it so much easier to get into and out of. Perhaps this is a safety factor of some sort."

MIKE S., OK (2014 Kia Sorento)

"The seat comfort could be enhanced by making the seats a little larger and by adding additional padding to them.They are very slightly uncomfortable for larger passengers."

ROBERT B., FL (2014 Kia Sorento)

"Doesn't have manuel control."

BRADLEY C., CA (2014 Kia Sorento)

"Very comfortable ride and extra features like fold in mirrors are nice"

FRED E., TX (2014 Kia Sorento)

"Cabin is too narrow, not enough elbow room. Also, some of the controls on the steering wheel and above the central rearview mirror are not backlit, so they are impossible to use at night."

ALAN M., TN (2014 Kia Sorento)

"Seats fit me well."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Kia Sorento)

"Cabin Noise suppression is above average, Audio System is exceptional. The AC System is great, blows hard cold, and having the rear controls and 3rd row controls cools everyone off no matter how packed you are (3rd seat ac mostly gets used for 2nd set for 2nd Row passengers). Took a 2 week road trip in this thing with 15 year old daughter and wife, and comfort was never a thought, IE, we were all comfortable enough that it didn't even register as a thought to discuss further, which is the way"

MARK G., TX (2014 Kia Sorento)

"I don't like the seat headrests. I feel like my head is pushed forward. I have to recline the seat in order to get comfort. I wish it would adjust back."

DARIA B., CA (2014 Kia Sorento)

"The seats are relatively hard for long trips"

RON J., VA (2014 Kia Sorento)

"The ride is far better than the Jeep ( which I leased before the Sorento"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Kia Sorento)

"great for long trips - excellent touring vehicle-- a pleasure to drive"

Anonymous, ON (2014 Kia Sorento)

"We take long trips and the Sorento gives us the comforted needed."

Anonymous, AZ (2014 Kia Sorento)

"There are no controls for air or heat for passengers riding in the back."

DAN R., MN (2014 Kia Sorento)

"The A/C ices over on long trips in the hot and humid summer. It gets so bad that the air flow is totally blocked off. You have to turn it off, or warm it up to thaw it out. It's been this way since we bought it new in April 2013. Kia doesn't have a fix for this problem yet. I spent 5 hrs at the dealer last week while they worked on the computer. The factory said it should work fine in normal a/c, but will still ice up in max a/c. No cure for that yet. What good is a warranty if they can't fix it"

S K., GA (2014 Kia Sorento)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"$ for $ great value"

RICHARD G., IA (2014 Kia Sorento)

"This car was purchased in a hurry to replace my Previous car that was totaled in a wreck. My two major complaints are that I do not like black interior but was told that was all that was available. Also, unlike my past Toyato the paint scratches extremely easy.(scratches that will not buff out). I do not drive through bushes or trees yet the sides of this car are scratched like I do. I would never recommend this brand because of their paint on the car.b"

Anonymous, TX (2014 Kia Sorento)

"I don't believe any other vehicle manufacture provides all the bells & whistles that Kia does for fewer $$$$"

Anonymous, AB (2014 Kia Sorento)

"Same features included in the Sorento that you pay $10,000 more for in a Lexus."

T D., TX (2014 Kia Sorento)

"Functional multi-purpose vehicle that is practical and stylish."

JAMES B., MD (2014 Kia Sorento)

"Price point was very competitive and the value is above average, as is reliability. Nothing at all has needed repair."

DAVID R., ME (2014 Kia Sorento)

"One of the best buys I have made"

WALTER S., NY (2014 Kia Sorento)

"great price great styling lots of power comfortable ride nice appointments very good relliabilty record"

FRED U., ON (2014 Kia Sorento)

"Cost was way to expensive."

Anonymous, SC (2014 Kia Sorento)

"I paid considerably less than for another suv. No problems, 10 year warranty..exceptional value"

ROBERT W., FL (2014 Kia Sorento)

"I got more out of the vehicle than I ever expected."

KIMBERLY R., NY (2014 Kia Sorento)

"extremely well equipped for the price, compared to other models. Longer warranty adds to value"

Anonymous, OH (2014 Kia Sorento)

"Received accessories that would be considered upgrades on other types of vehicles."

Anonymous, OH (2014 Kia Sorento)

"good, nice drive not excellent. ok handiling"

Anonymous, MI (2014 Kia Sorento)

"This Sorento SX-L has the comfort with heated & cooled leather seats, in dash GPS & Bluetooth, excellent drivability, acceleration, braking and safety features + 5 star crash ratings & styling of SUV's that cost thousands of dollars more. Can't beat the value!"

WILLIAM M., FL (2014 Kia Sorento)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"It looks good. The lines of the vehicle are very attractive. The paint colour changes in the light and is really interesting. With the panoramic sunroof, the view from inside is awesome. It is just a good looking car and a joy to drive."

Anonymous, ON (2014 Kia Sorento)

"very nice looking car for the price. nice lines, inside is very well designed"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Kia Sorento)
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