The Kia Sorento is a "tweener," playing in the space between small crossovers such as the Honda CR-V and midsized vehicles like the Toyota Highlander. Splitting segments like that allows the Sorento to be city friendly while offering accommodations, storage, and features akin to larger vehicles. For some shoppers, this Goldilocks package lands in the sweet spot.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Excellent acceleration and suspension.. Fun to drive.."

ROY K., TX (2016 Kia Sorento)

"2.0 turbo -- more than enough acc when needed. we must have the kph window visible to prevent speeding. 80 kph feels like 60 kph"

HOWARD D., ON (2016 Kia Sorento)

"The steering isn't as tight as I would like. That is, in highway driving it tends to wander a bit."

LEON K., FL (2016 Kia Sorento)

"it drive nice on the open road in town it nice to see out and move nice"

J M., NE (2016 Kia Sorento)


DON A., PA (2016 Kia Sorento)

"occasional stutter when starting from stop"

Anonymous, VA (2016 Kia Sorento)

"The transmission and motor work so well together. The turbo is excellent for this vehicle"

WILLIAM M., ON (2016 Kia Sorento)

"I have the inline 4 cyl and am very pleasantly surprised at its acceleration and manuverablitily"

MICHAEL K., CA (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Great acceleration and handling (ex-BMW driver). Comfortable driver seating. Quiet and smooth highway driving. Shifting is smooth. Convenient controls on dash and steering wheel. First oil change and maintenance check at the dealership were free at five months. The actual cost would have still been much less than the Lexus. Only criticism: The dash screen automatically pops up at start with split navigation/radio screen when I just want radio. Pressing the radio button at times gives me naviga"

Anonymous, TX (2016 Kia Sorento)

"good acceleration for a 4 cylinder."

Anonymous, NY (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Very comfortable ride except for the seat cooling system. During the hot Texas summer, the seat cooling pretty well sucks."

Anonymous, TX (2016 Kia Sorento)

"The small (3.3L) engine is quite strong for its size and acceleration very good. The transmission shift points are very good. I enjoy the short turning radius. The vehicle's ride is smooth and quiet."

G D., TX (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Surprisingly fast acceleration at high RPM, however still in doubt if there is really 290 HP in 3.3L engine."

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Kia Sorento)

"This my third Sorento. Had a 2011 and 2013. Both were very good automobiles and very good for the price. The 2016 is a step above both. Especially like the way it drives and feels!"

STEVEN S., VA (2016 Kia Sorento)

"runs great ..good pickup and sporty handling"

Anonymous, BC (2016 Kia Sorento)

"love the automate acceleration on hills"

Anonymous, TN (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Best vehicle I ever bought. The price was high but it does everything well. Rides well, accelerates well, quiet, high visability etc. etc. etc. etc."

ARTHUR W., NY (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Does not have a great excelleration"

PAUL F., FL (2016 Kia Sorento)

"It accelerates quickly and smoothly. Enables safe merging on major highways where speeds sometimes exceed 65."

BRENDA W., VA (2016 Kia Sorento)

"6 cylinder has excellent power & pickup"

JAMES C., MA (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Had it only for 6 months. Very happy so far."

VICKI S., IL (2016 Kia Sorento)

"the steering is too sensitive, quick turns at the slightest touch to the left or the right. could be a safety issue. the sound system is too low quality and the music info and starion print is too small, can't read it at a glance, could be a safety issue"

GEORGE H., CA (2016 Kia Sorento)

"You have to really gun it to accelerate fast. There is a hesitation if you don't"

LAURENCE M., CA (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Steering o sensitive on centre. over sensitive requiring constant correction"

CLAUDE P., MB (2016 Kia Sorento)

"We previously owned a 6 cylinder Kia Sorento. We bought a 4 cylinder this time with fuel injected turbo and do not feel any difference in the acceleration and handling! We get better gas mileage than before! We love our Kia!"

JUDY T., ID (2016 Kia Sorento)

"I like when I need to pass someone, I can do it with confidence"

Anonymous, MN (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Very peppy. Handling very secure on road, steering very good with good feedback"

J C., CO (2016 Kia Sorento)

"has a wide turn radius"

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Turbo has lab after stopping for traffic signal"

Anonymous, TX (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Very good handling and acceleration for a 4 cylinder."

DAVID R., WI (2016 Kia Sorento)

"The separation and handling are good. I particularly like the way it corners."

WAYNE C., MD (2016 Kia Sorento)

"acceleration and handling better than expected. pleasantly surprised."

LEN D., OR (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Good acceleration and handing for this large SUV. The ability to switch between normal, eco and sport modes allows for better response to the driving conditions."

MARTYN R., ON (2016 Kia Sorento)

"amazing tight turning ability"

SCOTT B., AB (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Slight turbo lag, but not really noticeable."

CLAY M., MD (2016 Kia Sorento)

"I find the engine at 3.3 displacement a little underwhelming-acceleration is a little slow, engine has to hit a higher RPM, kIA has tried to mitigate through transmission shift but you feel unit dropping down gears quickly to overcome lack of power. Most manufacturers I believe use a 3.6 size engine. I found Nissen V6 engines the best all round.performing and dependable.."

JOHN K., BC (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Shpuld have gotten the V6"

Anonymous, PA (2016 Kia Sorento)

"We only just bought the car, so it's hard to say. It handles very nicely, has good acceleration, and is very comfortable. It was rated as the #1 car by your rating system. That's why we bought it."

Anonymous, NJ (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Plenty of power when needed. Smooth gear shifting while in cruise control. Loads of cargo space and compartments to store items. The AWD holds the road removing worry."

ROBERT A., NS (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Concerned about the high revs when passing or accelerating. Almost all shifts are at about 3000rpm."

L B., ON (2016 Kia Sorento)

"The acceleration of the V6 is smooth and Powerful with very little sense of the shifting between the 6 speeds. The road feel is reasonable but you do have to be careful of accelerating past the speed limit. Handling for a tall SUV is very nice but it is not a sports car. Handled very well using 4 wheel drive in heavy derp snow and going up a steep hill with curves on ice and smow, using the standard all wheel drive, all winter long."

JOHNSON F., OH (2016 Kia Sorento)

"I love driving this car. We've had it 3 weeks only and it's acceleration and performance exceeds what we've owned before by a great deal. It was expensive, though, still coming to grips with that. There is no hesitation in acceleration whether it's merging onto a fast, busy highway or getting out of the way or around something, press the gas and boom, you're there. I typically like to turn sharp corners and it turns even better than the Rondo, which itself was very good at that. It's long,"

Anonymous, ON (2016 Kia Sorento)

"At higher speeds does seem to drift, wind seem to catch it from side gusts. Steering perhaps to loose at higher speeds"

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Kia Sorento)

"i have 4 cylinder turbo lots of power car handles very well only had car 10 months but no promblems"

RICK G., ON (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Its good to have 6 cylinders"

LARRY S., NY (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Can be a workhorse (we load it up pretty good with garden stuff)."

Anonymous, TX (2016 Kia Sorento)

"It has lots of power and feels like a V 8 from years ago. I've been been driving four cylinders since '91 and it's nice to have some real passing and merging power again. It is top heavy, but corners better than my trade in '13 Prius. Nice in the snow when winter tires are on."

MARK B., WI (2016 Kia Sorento)

"4 cylinder but acts like 6 cylinder. Smooth handling"

MICHAEL R., PA (2016 Kia Sorento)


ROBERT B., ON (2016 Kia Sorento)

"V6 offers excellent acceleration when needed. Handles very well. Takes turns like a SUV, not tight."

Anonymous, NH (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Quiet, good ride and handling. I am able to coax very good mileage for the size of the car. Commuting, I get 24-28 mpg, on interstate up to 30 mpg."

JOHN L., NY (2016 Kia Sorento)

"A lot of road noise power going up mountains"

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Although the steering is very light and devoid of feel, once I got used to it I discovered that tracking is excellent both in a straight line and in turns. For an SUV, it corners quite well. Acceleration is as good as expected."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Kia Sorento)

"The transmission doesn't seem to like going up a steep hill from a full stop. When it shifts gears going up a steep hill from a full stop it has a very hard shift in all 3 of the driving settings; eco, normal and sport."

KURT N., WA (2016 Kia Sorento)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"I like the 2 settings for the driver seat. Driver Window noise could be a bit better."

WILLIAM M., ON (2016 Kia Sorento)

"rides is smooth; noise level very low. would drive it all day."

MICHAEL H., GA (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Front passenger seat to low/sunken."

TINA R., TX (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Seats are comfortable."

MERILYNN R., FL (2016 Kia Sorento)

"The Sorento replaced a Buick Enclave. The comfort in the Enclave is far superior to the Sorento. The Sorento is NOT comfortable for long drives. Fine for short drives around town."

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Kia Sorento)

"The driver's seating area is not as wide as I would like."

GEORGE R., NJ (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Exceptional sound system. Safety systems (backup camera, emergency braking, lane warning) all systems work very well. Seat cooling system works great. All infotainment systems are relatively easy to operate."

MARVIN H., AZ (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Great leg room and thigh support. Low road noise, and Air conditioner works fantastic. Love the 19 Gal tank and cruising range."

Anonymous, CT (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Quiet inside. Climate very satisfactory in all weather. Smooth ride"

MICHAEL R., PA (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Best seats ever no physical discomfort after ten hours of driving."

RICHARD Y., TN (2016 Kia Sorento)

"For a brand new car, the road noise is unbelievable! And the shocks are not that great either!"

Anonymous, FL (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Seats have no lumbar support and headrest pushes my head too far forward. Needed to turn headrest backwards and purchase additional back support. I'm disappointed I had to do that in a $30K vehicle."

PETER O., IL (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Dealer had the car for over a month trying to get the drivers side seat heater to work"

Anonymous, VA (2016 Kia Sorento)

"They could work on the wind noise. Steers great, seats are great, great transmission and power"

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Kia Sorento)

"The heated seats are wonderful. I only wish the seats folded back further. Seats are very comfortable overall. Wish I had gotten electric adjustments on passenger side not just drivers."

JUDITH D., AR (2016 Kia Sorento)

"I previously owned a 2014 Kia Sorento and the new model is head and shoulders improved over the older one. The outside noise factor is practically non-existent in the 2016 model."

PETER P., NY (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Seats are electronically adjustable, climate is good because there are several fans etc., noise is good, and the ride is smooth."

Anonymous, NJ (2016 Kia Sorento)

"The Kia's seats are fully adjustable and have two pre-sets, this is very important as my wife and I are different heights and the ability to finely adjust seat position once and then set to a button is important. The inside of the car is nicely finished and all seats are good for long journeys without tiring passengers out."

MARTYN R., ON (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Quiet, solid, comfortable ride. Handles great. Good acceleration. No rattles or wind noise. Love our KIA Sorento."

ROY K., TX (2016 Kia Sorento)

"It has a "big" car ride."

Anonymous, NJ (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Engine noise is more than I want"

Anonymous, KY (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Very comfortable driver's seat with memory. However front passenger seat has no other adjustment except recline and sliding back and forth. It should have height adjustment and lumbar support. Dual zone climate control is excellent with rear seat climate control. Ride is very good for a SUV and it is very quiet."

Anonymous, ON (2016 Kia Sorento)

"no noise heard -- easy controls -- most comfortable seats we have ever had in any vehicle -- no rocking or tilting when driving. just a joy to drive."

HOWARD D., ON (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Like driving in an easy chair. Very solid"

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Kia Sorento)

"WE WILL NOT BUYING ANOTHER SORENTO UNTIL THE ENGINEERS FIX THEIR MISTAKES, WE WILL NOT BUY ANOTHER SORENTO.. In 2016 they made a ridiculous engineering mistake by REDUCING THE 3RD ROW ENTRANCE FROM 12" TO ALMOST 6". We had a 2015 with very good entrance to the 3rd row seats but traded it for more option."

Anonymous, MO (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Seats are very comfortable even painful low back, they give extra support in low back area.Quiet ride. Wish I had climate control, only heat/cool dial."

PATRICIA H., MN (2016 Kia Sorento)

"The engine is too quiet, you have to concentrate on making sure the engine is off before getting out the car."

A T., SK (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Because of the fact that my husband is a large man, the seat configurations are not comfortable. The dealership arranged to have them modified. Not an uncommon problem, from what I hear"

GAVIN H., BC (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Very comfortable seats, front and rear. Ride very well attenuated. Ditto noise."

J C., CO (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Not enough leg room for the driver's seat. There should design it to allow the driver to go back farther when there is no one in the rear seat behind the driver."

KEN B., AL (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Over the last 3 months I have sat in about 50 cars and suv. Being 6'9'' I have long legs and the most important feature is leg room. Only one mid size suv fit and that is the Sorento. SOLD !"

Anonymous, KY (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Should have power seats for passenger"

THOMAS S., MI (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Road noise is worse than expected and radio sound is poor."

MURRAY S., AB (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Very quiet SUV, quieter than Q7 at lower speeds. Sorrento gets very jittery on uneven surface, for instance the wash board kind of pavement asphalt scraper leaves behind. Consumer reports should've tested that."

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Plenty of room"

Anonymous, ON (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Heated/Cooled seats"

Anonymous, NC (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Consumer reports was dead on when saying that the Sorrento was an excellent car and drives like a luxury vehicle, smooth and quiet"

TERRY A., IL (2016 Kia Sorento)

"the body is too long & there are blind spots"

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Kia Sorento)

"very comfortable seats, smooth ride and very efficient a/c."

TED B., FL (2016 Kia Sorento)

"The front passenger seat is lower than the driver seat and not tall enough to be comfortable. And there is no adjustment for height."

Anonymous, TN (2016 Kia Sorento)

"One of the few vehicles that has a 8 way power passenger seat Like the heated and/or cooled seats"

FRED H., MB (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Front seats are like a bench seat and do not tilt high enough at front to support legs."

WALTER P., PA (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Wind noise is very low, but there is some noise from the tires on coarse pavement (not bothersome to me). The suspension is impressive in that it minimizes impact harshness but suppresses large motions (bounce and lean) very well; i.e., there is a good balance of ride and handling."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Seats are very comfortable, and allow for a range of settings/height/lumbar. Other climate functions like a heated steering wheel are great options. Car is a quiet ride."

DON B., PA (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Would love more leg room or a middle seat mounting location for a car seat in the second row. With our car seat it limits the 1st row leg room."

CHRISTOPHER K., TX (2016 Kia Sorento)

"very comfortable seats, love going on long drives, can tune radio from wheel also has bluetooth so make calls and my daughter can talk as well"

DAVID B., NJ (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Excellent heating and cooling. Seats are very comfortable. Surprisingly quiet and smooth ride."

ROY B., GA (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Excellent automated by temperature climate controls, sync or separate passenger vs driver settings. Controls for rear seat a/c, heated front seats, and automatic fan speed reduction when making phone calls are surprisingly nice features for this mid priced model, the EX. Seats very comfortable position and adjustments are excellent. Ride is comfortable and quiet."

JOHNSON F., OH (2016 Kia Sorento)

"We needed a vehicle to pull a 17 foot house trailer and this car fit the bill! Most comfortable, quiet ride, powerful and an attractive looking vehicle. Silver in colour. Very proud of it."

B S., QC (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Seats very comfortable, climate control pretty good , very quiet ride, smooth ride."

Anonymous, DE (2016 Kia Sorento)

"very comfortable seats and ride. Surprisingly little road noise"

SCOTT B., AB (2016 Kia Sorento)

"The driver and passenger seats offer a large variety of adjustments for the comfort of the most demanding. The acceleration is fantastic and allows merging wtih ease in 60 and over highways. The value beats most other cars. This car offers more luxury and features than competitiors."

BRENDA W., VA (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Lots of front seat leg room and very quiet cabin."

FREDERICK G., NY (2016 Kia Sorento)

"The heater gave out recently. I'm taking it in for warranty when it gets cooler."

MARK B., WI (2016 Kia Sorento)

"The power drivers seat is awesome, but the passenger seat sits way too low. I did't realize this when I bought it. Wish I had gotten the one where you can raise the seat."

Anonymous, AB (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Quietest vehicle I have ever ridden in! Seats are comfortable. Controls are easy to access and use."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Kia Sorento)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The driver seat could be more comfortable"

THOM K., WV (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Styling inside and out. For features and size of vehical it is good value. Toyota does not come close for price and features."

DAVID R., WI (2016 Kia Sorento)

"I set out to buy a new Equinox. Sorento had more features and was $10,000 less"

ROBERT D., WI (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Used Unhaggle through Consumers Reports and got a great deal but dealer was very unhappy and service at pick up was terrible."

LARRY C., ON (2016 Kia Sorento)

"negotiated an excellent deal since the 2017's were coming in. (good negotiator)"

DENNIS M., SC (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Kia grossly miscalculated when deciding not to include daytime running lights. No DRLs on a $40K+ car is an insult. It was almost a deal breaker for me. When my lease is up, I will definitely be looking for an SUV with DRLs. They have "position" lights that you can use, but only manually. I have auto-lights. What's the point of paying $43.6K for a car where you have to fiddle and defeat the auto-light feature just to have something that Kia thinks is better than DRLs? If you have to goof"

CHRISTINE M., CA (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Good value. I like everything about the vehicle except for the small backup camera screen. Handles and rides very well, it's comfortable and looks good."

JAMES U., PA (2016 Kia Sorento)

"The vehicle is so loaded with so many items such as tire pressure monitor, alarms for open doors and information center."

Anonymous, TX (2016 Kia Sorento)

"I am not unhappy with the price I paid. If I was I would not have purchased it. It was not purchased with a set price, or limit, in mind. Having said all of this, I would have been even happier if the price was lower. The model is "sx+", which you did not provide for."

JOHN G., BC (2016 Kia Sorento)

"excellent value, price paid versus the packaged features."

RICHARD Y., TN (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Compares favorably in all regards with my 2014 Audi Q5, for $20,000 less."

DONALD S., WA (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Examined & tested similar Toyota, Honda and Subaru. KIA was most comfortable, more features for price and was least expensive. Also, KIA was rated very high by Consumer Report."

Anonymous, AB (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Plenty of upscale standard items."

Anonymous, MD (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Did internet search for recent "used" Kia Sorentos. Discovered several 2016 low-mileage Sorentos that were being used as a "loss leader" at dealership. What's better than a 15,000 mile CURRENT model year vehicle? Don't pay new car price and it still comes with Kia's outstanding warranties and has been "broken in" with the mileage that it did have. Perfect choice. So pleased with its acceleration, highway mileage (i.e., 32 MPG), infotainment center, and Consumer Reports' top-rated reliabilit"

CRAIG W., KS (2016 Kia Sorento)

"I have the Sorrento SX Limited which has 4 external cameras and all of the current safety features available. I was unable to get the same features on the Lexus RX 350 which I actually preferred. I like the 10 year 100,000 mile warranty for about $15,000 less. The biggest negative is with the front seats. They are too firm and my butt hurts after about one hour of driving."

WAYNE C., MD (2016 Kia Sorento)

"A lot of nice touches for this price."

Anonymous, TX (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Used Consumer Reports vehicle buying service (True Car) for pricing. Even though the dealer added $300 processing fee at purchase (initially said they would not), felt it was a fair price. They also added processing fees for title and tag prep."

Anonymous, MD (2016 Kia Sorento)

"very good investment"

CHARLES M., CO (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Kia included many features that other manufacturers would have considered options. Power seats, leather, heated seats and rear view mirrors were all included with my front wheel drive Sorrento"

JIM R., MD (2016 Kia Sorento)

"You get a lot for the money and isn't that the definition of value? It is comfortable, safe, roomy, luxurious (in top trim), with helpful driver's assistance through the electronics. A great buy."

HELEN S., OR (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Excellent value for the money, as you get a mid-size SUV for a small SUV price. Lots of 'bells and whistles" for the money."

LARRY K., ON (2016 Kia Sorento)

"0% financing"

Anonymous, ON (2016 Kia Sorento)

"I feel like I bought dollar bills for 80 cents with this vehicle. Very good value for a good price."

DEAN K., ON (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Bought from Enterprise Car Sales for a very fair price and excellent guarantee and return policy. Better than dealing with a car dealer."

MERILYNN R., FL (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Probably $10k less than it's nearest competitor and with a much better warranty ie. 5 years comprehensive."

BRUCE B., ON (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Best 3 seat SUV for the $ available"

Anonymous, NY (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Great car for money"

Anonymous, NJ (2016 Kia Sorento)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Great styling"

Anonymous, FL (2016 Kia Sorento)


DIANE M., AZ (2016 Kia Sorento)

"love the new front grill. Larger for 2016. Made many improvements on the 2016 model."

Anonymous, NY (2016 Kia Sorento)

"The styling is great but we had a major factory defect that took 15 whole days to find and repair having to do with the front left tie rod suspension."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Lighting package"

Anonymous, NC (2016 Kia Sorento)

"it beautiful. Has the same profile as Lexus, BMWs,Acura's."

MICHAEL K., CA (2016 Kia Sorento)

"i love the style, paid upgrade to get alloy wheels and leather and it was worth it"

DAVID B., NJ (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Nothing negative. Overall a very nice vehicle"

Anonymous, TX (2016 Kia Sorento)

"The grill looks very smart. The rear deck (inside) could be better styled."

THOM K., WV (2016 Kia Sorento)

"good looking vehicle"

TED B., FL (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Don't much care for the high narrow widows now in style on almost all new SUVs"

Anonymous, CA (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Smooth lines"

Anonymous, NJ (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Tiger nose front grille!"

HANK D., NC (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Exterior very attractive look with ample interior space, seating and cargo."

ROY B., GA (2016 Kia Sorento)

"All chrome, front lights.interior seats."

Anonymous, TN (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Excellent styling, both inside and out. You feel more like you are driving a luxury SUV than a moderately priced one."

LARRY K., ON (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Not exceptional, not bad either."

MARVIN H., AZ (2016 Kia Sorento)

"Good looking car. I enjoy walking up to it."

F H., MD (2016 Kia Sorento)

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