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Lexus CT 200h

Lexus CT 200h 2017 4-door hatchback Trim Shown: 2017 4-door hatchback FWD CVT
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This small hatchback has excellent fuel economy, but it's no Toyota Prius. Plus, its refinement isn't up to the Lexus standard. A recent freshening brought styling updates and mechanical tweaks that resulted in claimed improvements to ride comfort and noise levels, two areas we found to be problematic in our testing. Using the same powertrain as the previous-generation Prius, the CT's 40 mpg is 4 mpg less than the roomier Toyota's. The CT can drive solely on electric power at low speed. Handling is responsive and secure, but the ride is stiff and choppy. The cabin is well-assembled, with quality materials. But the rear seats are tight, cargo capacity is modest, and the view out back is limited. Reliability has been outstanding. A redesign based on the current Prius is expected.
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2011 Redesign Year
Lexus CT 200h 2016
An upscale sporty hybrid with Lexus-levels of reliability seems like a great idea. Though not a bad vehicle, the CT 200h doesn't live up to the promise, falling short of the Lexus standard for refinement. Powered by the same 134-hp, four-cylinder hybrid powertrain as the contemporary Prius, the CT gets 40 mpg overall. While commendable, that's four mpg less than the roomier Toyota, while delivering similarly leisurely acceleration. Handling is responsive enough, but the ride is stiff and choppy. The cabin is cramped and admits too much engine and road noise. Tight rear seats, limited hatchback cargo capacity, and an impeded rear view don't help. The interior has some nice touches, but falls short of being truly luxurious.
Average Retail Price Trade-in Price Reliability Verdict Owner Satisfaction View Local Inventory
2016 $25,275 - $25,275 $21,980 - $21,980
2015 $21,250 - $21,250 $18,130 - $18,130
2014 $19,075 - $19,075 $15,960 - $15,960
2013 $17,050 - $17,675 $13,910 - $14,510
2012 $14,575 - $15,150 $11,500 - $12,050
2011 $11,975 - $12,550 $9,030 - $9,580