The GS is refined, but it's not the luxury sports sedan Lexus pitches; we didn't find it particularly exciting to drive. The steering lacks feel and the car isn't agile. The ride is comfortable, but no better than its competitors. The GS's well-constructed interior is luxurious and most controls are easy to use. But passenger room is tight and the driving position is flawed.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Handles like a dream with adequate acceleration."

MARK H., NH (2006 Lexus GS)

"underpowered. almost too slow to merge with full vcehicle"

Anonymous, ON (2006 Lexus GS)

"Handles superb and accelerations is excellent with the v-8 engine."

BILL C., TX (2006 Lexus GS)

"Easily gets up to speed of traffic"

CHARLES S., TX (2006 Lexus GS)

"Rides great, comfortable, solid"

Anonymous, PA (2006 Lexus GS)

"excellent auto"

J D., NM (2006 Lexus GS)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Comfort, quiet, dependable, easily accelerates in all types of traffic."

CHARLES S., TX (2006 Lexus GS)

"Car side steps on road cracks or minor variations in level. Slow response to heating.Takes several miles of driving before heat reaches comfort level"

Anonymous, TX (2006 Lexus GS)

"Gas mileage is very good, the ride is comfortable, but the Nav. controls are not easy to work and program. So do not even use them."

BILL C., TX (2006 Lexus GS)

"Extremely quiet and refined vehicle. Smooth, comfortable ride. Unbeatable car except for poor interior lighting at night."

ASOKA Y., ON (2006 Lexus GS)

"Seat adjustment seems to be somewhat random. Sometimes seats adjust when approaching the car, sometimes when turning on the ignition, sometimes not until the engine starts"

Anonymous, CO (2006 Lexus GS)

"The car tracks very well even though its 10 years old. The leather seats can be adjusted so you are very comfortable. The dual climate control is very accurate so both passengers are kept comfortable."

MARK H., NH (2006 Lexus GS)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"This a great used car to purchase; it has all the modern day technology features and a proven record of reliability."

Anonymous, IL (2006 Lexus GS)

"The overall value of this car is far from what I expected it to be. I have put over $8,000 into this car in only a little over one year. It is expensive to repair and it is not any better than any other used car of this age and mileage - in some cases, more work."

Anonymous, UT (2006 Lexus GS)

"Bought as a certified pre-owned vehicle, so the price was significantly lower than new and as a result, the value was tremendous."

Anonymous, OH (2006 Lexus GS)

"This car has 177K miles and has yet to need a repair. At 120K Lexus recalled it and replaced the engine valves rings and various other internal parts as they found a problem. No cost to me!"

PAUL B., OR (2006 Lexus GS)

"We bought this vehicle directly from Toyota as our son-in-law worked for them so we didn't have a dealer involved."

B C., CA (2006 Lexus GS)

"181,000 miles with no breakdowns makes me happy"

RODNEY O., SC (2006 Lexus GS)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"The design of the vehicle"

B C., CA (2006 Lexus GS)

"The car still looks current and great 10 years later."

PAUL B., OR (2006 Lexus GS)

"It is a very good looking car and does not look outdated at all even though it is 10 years old."

Anonymous, AL (2006 Lexus GS)

"Looks like new-very sporty yet classic design. I like it better than the redesigned Lexus GS."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Lexus GS)


CHARLES T., TN (2006 Lexus GS)

Would you buy this car again?

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