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Lexus HS Hybrid

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2010 Redesign Year
Lexus HS Hybrid 2012
The HS 250h is a bit smaller than the Toyota Camry, but uses the Camry hybrid's powertrain. Unlike other Lexus models, the HS feels unrefined. The car is let down by its jiggly ride, as well as intrusive wind and drivetrain noise. The steering feels vague, but handling is very secure. We got 31 mpg overall in our tests of the HS, which is quite good for a vehicle of this size. The HS 250h can also run for a short distance on electric power alone at light throttle up to about 26 mph. Inside, the HS is well finished and comes with a long menu of standard features, but the cabin is narrow and the protruding center console takes up too much room. Though pleasant overall, the HS doesn't have the refinement, quietness and ride comfort we've come to associate with the Lexus brand. Model year 2012 was the last for the HS.
Average Retail Price Trade-in Price Reliability Verdict Owner Satisfaction View Local Inventory
2012 $12,150 - $13,300 $8,825 - $9,875
2011 $10,225 - $11,225 $7,035 - $7,935
2010 $8,700 - $9,475 $5,595 - $6,295