While the Lexus IS has a plush interior and a relaxed driving manner, it lacks the sporty feel of some cars in this segment. Also, the interior is quite snug. Inside are high-quality materials, a hushed cabin, and a refined-sounding engine. Acceleration is quick, and fuel economy is commendable. However, the ride is stiff and the steering lacks feedback.
There are 11 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Drives well on acceleration and handling"

JUDITH H., CA (2008 Lexus IS)

"great engine, performance and handing are excellent"

Anonymous, CA (2008 Lexus IS)

"Responds well to acceleration. Quiet ride."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Lexus IS)

"Love how this car drives"

Anonymous, CA (2008 Lexus IS)

"Acceleration is less than adequate for highway merging, lane changing, etc."

ROBERT W., CO (2008 Lexus IS)

"Slower acceleration compare to similar vihecles."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Lexus IS)

"Sticks to the road."

John W., NH (2008 Lexus IS)

"Easy to park. Good gas mileage. Low maintenance. Plenty of power."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Lexus IS)

"Tightly strung. You feel every bump"

Anonymous, FL (2008 Lexus IS)

"Still going strong for a 10 year old car with 100K+ miles. Keep good care of it and it keeps going,"

Anonymous, CA (2008 Lexus IS)

"Considering that this auto has a relatively small six cylinder engine, I find that the acceleration and handling are very good."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Lexus IS)

"Handling is acceptable. Acceleration is inadequate for routine passing and merging."

Robert W., CO (2008 Lexus IS)

"great reliability and low service cost"

S C., CA (2008 Lexus IS)

"I love the driving modes (snow and ice, economy, performance). The snow and ice mode handled extremely well in an ice storm, coupled with all wheel drive. Other cars were sliding around, but my Lexus handled perfectly."

Brad B., MO (2008 Lexus IS)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Seats readily adjustable. Climate control good ."

JUDITH H., CA (2008 Lexus IS)

"A/C seats. In the Texas heat they are great"

MICHAEL D., TX (2008 Lexus IS)

"Well built car."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Lexus IS)

"Excellent interior, but as this is a sporty car, tighter suspension can wear on you on longer rides."

SCOTT K., CA (2008 Lexus IS)

"Just nice comfortable seats."

John W., NH (2008 Lexus IS)

"wonderfully reliable car. comfortable"

John H., WA (2008 Lexus IS)

"Just comfortable"

Cary M., CA (2008 Lexus IS)

"Very comfortable and quiet ride"

Robert V., CA (2008 Lexus IS)

"Sooo comfortable. Like a living room chair."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Lexus IS)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say


Anonymous, TX (2008 Lexus IS)

"great acceleration and a great looking vehicle."

Christopher P., TX (2008 Lexus IS)

"The car has performed flawlessly over the last 70,000+ miles requiring no repairs other than Lexus recalls and regular maintenance such as oil changes, wiper replacements, etc."

Craig O., TX (2008 Lexus IS)

"We purchased this car new in 2008 and have done all the service at the dealer to schedule. Lexus and the dealership has taken care of any and all defects in this car over the past 10 years. They recently replaced our entire exhaust system that rusted out (10 year old car in a salt state) at no cost ($2,500)! They really stand behind their products making them an excellent value."

Anonymous, MN (2008 Lexus IS)

"The interior which is black is getting dull and hazy and the car is garaged 98% of the time."

Richard P., AZ (2008 Lexus IS)

"All the oxygen sensors have needed to be replaced over time, the rear passenger window no longer opens and the vehicle burn excessive oil."

Anonymous, ON (2008 Lexus IS)

"I believe this car has been an excellent value; Up until recently I have only had to pay for one major repair (new water pump which cost about $1000). The car is 10 years old and still looks and rides quite well."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Lexus IS)

"It is a 10 year old car with low mileage in perfect working order. The Lexus dealer in Annapolis, MD, is wonderful. We've never been disappointed with the car or any service the dealer has performed."

Anonymous, MD (2008 Lexus IS)

"Extremely reliable, performs consistently well under variety of driving conditions, and a very minimal mechanical issues (i.e., battery replacement, alternator at 72K). Very good balance in styling, performance, and comfort/ride based on value."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Lexus IS)

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