While the Lexus IS has a plush interior and a relaxed driving manner, it lacks the sporty feel of some cars in this segment. Also, the interior is quite snug. Inside are high-quality materials, a hushed cabin, and a refined-sounding engine. Acceleration is quick, and fuel economy is commendable. However, the ride is stiff and the steering lacks feedback.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Handles extremely well cornering, and on freeways, smooth as silk."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Lexus IS)

"Acceleration from a standing start is a little disappointing, but great when passing."

KEVIN S., NY (2010 Lexus IS)

"I was aware of the shortcoming discussed when I bought it. But it continues as a low level annoyance. The handling is quite good for a vehicle providing a cushioned ride, But the car's acceleration is somewhat sluggish, owing to a distinct absence of low-rev torque. The engine must be revved high to get much torque."

JOHN G., NY (2010 Lexus IS)

"It seems to be a little underpowered. I had the same engine in an Avalon and it was strong."

GLENN D., GA (2010 Lexus IS)

"Handling in curves and corners like it's on rails. Acceleration is with a quickness. Nothing else compares for overall feel for the road."

Anonymous, SC (2010 Lexus IS)

"This is a 250isC and the handling is OK but the acceleration is slow because of the underpowered engine. The 350 would have been a better choice."

Anonymous, TX (2010 Lexus IS)

"Amazing road hugging handling and cat quick ecceleration, very stylish"

Mark S., WA (2010 Lexus IS)

"The car handles well in my opinion, but the acceleration is not what I would expect from a sporty car."

Johnny G., TX (2010 Lexus IS)

"My IS250 is a bit poky of the line but is amply powered and I love the 31 MPG I get with it."

Anonymous, MN (2010 Lexus IS)

"Very good handling and driving performance"

Anonymous, FL (2010 Lexus IS)

"It is ok but the 350 is much more powerful and fun to drice"

Brian L., FL (2010 Lexus IS)

"sooth, reliable and enjoyable."

John S., QC (2010 Lexus IS)

"Very quick and has an impressive turning radius"

Anonymous, CA (2010 Lexus IS)

"Never a problem and a joy to drive."

John M., NY (2010 Lexus IS)

"I drive like an old person, so anything over 2500 rpm seems unnecessary to me in normal traffic. That being said, on and off ramps are a lot of fun to hit the gas and let the car push you through the turns."

Samuel V., IN (2010 Lexus IS)

"Accelerates well for a small vehicle and ride is very smooth and also for a small sedan."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Lexus IS)

"I drive lots of other cars (friends, family members, test drives, etc.) and none of them match the handling of this car. Bigger engines? Yes, and they accelerate faster. And I notice the lower gas mileage. My 2010 Lexus is quick and gets great mileage to boot."

Walter R., NM (2010 Lexus IS)

"Vehicle corners very well."

Tom Z., MI (2010 Lexus IS)

"It really moves and handles quite well, at the same time being smooth."

Don T., GA (2010 Lexus IS)

"Great acceleration. It will get you out of a tight spot in a heartbeat."

Thomas G., TX (2010 Lexus IS)

"Very fun to drive. It's a little car with a pretty decent sized genie that's tuned just right. Acceleration is good at high and low speed, handles like a dream (AWD) and very responsive and tight. You always feel in control."

Paul M., NJ (2010 Lexus IS)

"Poor acceleration but good handling"

Anonymous, NC (2010 Lexus IS)

"great handling very responsive."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Lexus IS)

"Very strong acceleration and sporty handling"

Jim F., CA (2010 Lexus IS)

"It is a good car but accelerated speed is not that great. The drive is comfort."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Lexus IS)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"being a convertible, it has a lot of rubber seals and they get very squeaky and require frequent lubrication. Dealer did not solve problem I had to do it my self"

Anonymous, CA (2010 Lexus IS)

"Hard top convertible. Rattles are a big issue when the top is up. Had the Toyota Service Order performed to fix the issue. That lasted for 6 months. Just have to live with it. Not what I expected from Lexus."

PAUL M., CA (2010 Lexus IS)

"Rattles in doors and back seat very small for adults"

BRIAN B., CA (2010 Lexus IS)

"The seats are not comfortable. An hour and a half in the car and my lower right back is in pain"

CHERYL D., CA (2010 Lexus IS)

"a little small inside. wish seats were bigger. cannot see Nav with top down. Light drowns out picture. Auto volume on radio not adequate with top down."

DON T., GA (2010 Lexus IS)

"Seats are VERY comfortable and easily adjusted to fit whoever is driving. They are also heated and cooled. A wonderful feature"

Anonymous, CA (2010 Lexus IS)

"The seats are nearly infintely adjustable and I find them very comfortable. I have gone on trips of over 10 hours in it and never have had a back or neck ache and I am 74 years old and have owned a lot of vehicles in my life - this one is among the most comfortable. I love the seats they give great support"

Anonymous, MN (2010 Lexus IS)

"Have the hardtop convertible. Rattles terribly on rough roads when the top is up."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Lexus IS)

"the seats are not comfortable on a ride length of a few miles. The interior is crowded"

John H., OH (2010 Lexus IS)

"Rides a little rougher than I expect a Lexus to ride."

Anonymous, CO (2010 Lexus IS)

"Very smooth driving & handling."

Thomas G., TX (2010 Lexus IS)

"Top rattles like a 57 Plymouth when it is up. Toyota Service order repair was performed and it worked for about 6 months. Seats are not comfortable for me (6 foot, 250 pounds) on a long road trip. Wife loves them though."

Paul M., CA (2010 Lexus IS)

"noise too small inside"

Anonymous, NY (2010 Lexus IS)

"Aware of freeway noise when driving"

Anonymous, WA (2010 Lexus IS)

"For an 8 year old convertible, this car is somehow more solid, comfortable, and quiet than any car I've owned previously."

Samuel V., IN (2010 Lexus IS)

"Smooth, comfortable, quiet ride"

Anonymous, OH (2010 Lexus IS)

"The seats are uncomfortable no matter ow they are adjusted and the sat cushion is too firm. The vehicle ride is very stiff, but appropriate for a sport sedan."

Tom Z., MI (2010 Lexus IS)

"Didn't I do this ?"

Anonymous, WA (2010 Lexus IS)

"Seat are comfort./ Noise are not bad Ride is good."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Lexus IS)

"I ride in other vehicles, some much newer than mine, and mots or all of them are larger. They ride rough and noisy. I like the small luxury sedan I purchased."

Walter R., NM (2010 Lexus IS)

"The seats are very comfortable, lots of adjustments so you can get your perfect fit. Road noise is minimal with the right tires and the sound insulation is pretty good."

Paul M., NJ (2010 Lexus IS)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I always buy one year old pre certified cars. Best value for the car"

Anonymous, TX (2010 Lexus IS)

"much better value in terms of reliability and performance when compared to my previous BMW 335XI"

Anonymous, AB (2010 Lexus IS)

"not roomy enough and inadequate trunk space."

ROY K., CA (2010 Lexus IS)

"Purchased directly from Toyota HQ at port of entry cost. Had to sign an agreement not to sell for 12 months."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Lexus IS)

"After 7 years this remains a comfortable, quiet car, heated and ventilated front seats remain a plus for the original cost of the car. No major repair expenses, even though this car has been used on both long distance and congested urban driving. Being able to stuff 4 CDs into the player at once is a plus feature for long drives,"

Arthur F., CA (2010 Lexus IS)

"style, looks and quality built"

Anonymous, CA (2010 Lexus IS)

"It's one of the very few hardtop convertibles available, a safety factor. Unfortunately Lexus does not make it any more, so I will have to look elsewhere for the next one."

Anonymous, ON (2010 Lexus IS)

"No problems at all except a dead battery and new tires here in the Desert SW. Extremely reliable car. Only problem area is the driver seat and my bony butt. Especially like the ventilated leather seats here in the southern Nevada summer heat."

Anonymous, NV (2010 Lexus IS)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Design. Body lined"

Anonymous, MO (2010 Lexus IS)

"Great styling that makes it stand out from other similar cars."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Lexus IS)

"Simple design yet is eye catching because of the convertible style."

Anonymous, TX (2010 Lexus IS)
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